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Title JADE: Just Another Directory Engine
Platform PHP + MySQL
Price GPL
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - JADE: Just Another Directory Engine
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Search Engines
Hits 614
Description Jade is a Directory and Search Engine application, it is simple and easy to use. <br>It works with templates for make easy your changes to the look and feel of your directory. <br>Require PHP and MySQL (ver 4.0.1 and up for advanced Boolean searches). <p> Another feature of the application is that it can run in


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Scripts Related to - JADE: Just Another Directory Engine

Script Name

maddogsplaceSearch Engine

Create your very own search engine for free. Takes about 1 minute to setup. php and mysql. <br><br> Features include: Fast search, see what people are querying, Most popular querys. Easy add a site. Last 25 search querys, 10 most popular querys on main site. <br><br> Many bugs have been fixed since 1.0.3 and earlier.


phpdig is a fully functional PHP/MYSQL search engine. it automatically spiders websites and stores the description in a MYSQL database. It's especially designed for site-internal search for sites with up to 10.000 pages.


SiteSearch is a dedicated search add-on that provides advanced search capabilities with a high level of ease-of-use, including automatic access control awareness, fast indexing based on Sitellite collections and not by spidering your web site (the traditional way), built-in usage statistics accessible via the Sitellite control panel, and best of all it requires no special PHP configuration, just like Sitellite. SiteSearch has three parts: an Apache Lucene-based server, a PHP front-end client for integrating into your web site, and the aforementioned statistics screen. The PHP front-end talks to the server, which is a small and fast Java application, through XML-RPC, thus eliminating the usual requirement of similar applications of either installing the PHP Java extension (which is still experimental), or one of various other dedicated search extensions, all of which require that you recompile PHP to run their application. With SiteSearch, we've brought scalable searching to where it should be, available to (just about) any web site.

Advanced Search Engine

Finally it is available. A Google-like search engine for any web application, or standalone that can do it all. Indexing files, web and database content. Many search engines are standalone search engines and run only on one platform. AST@NET's search engine is 100% web-based and can be deployed into any web application. Its powerful algorithm lets you search through thousands of documents in no-time. You can index files in directories, database content and web pages on the internet. All in one search engine. Index many document types like doc, pdf*, xls, ppt, txt, html, php and many more. Installation and integration into existing web environments is easy and rapid. Get Google-like search capability for your web application or use it standalone.

Free Search Engine with Portal like style.

ZeroBlast is a Free Web Portal with Emphasis on Search Engine Design. This software looks and feels like a very rudimentary yahoo layout. The software allows the organization of suggested links into categories ( directory style ). The Search Engine Management Page allows links to be removed or approved to the index. Links can be accesses directly threw the directory, or found via the search interface. Installation is fairly easy with the installation wizard.

Heathco Search Engine

Heathco Search Engine (HSE) is a richly-featured PHP search engine that uses MySQL as the database backend. This small, but extremely powerful search engine is ideal for almost any web site. From smaller web sites to larger corporate sites, HSE does it all. Not only can it index, spider, and search by meta data, page content, and titles, but allows for unlimited searches to be setup to index various web pages and portions of your sites. Search results can be customized to suit your site's needs through the use of templates driven by CSS styles. Setup and configuration is a breeze through an online password-protected web page. So simple to use, you'll have a search engine setup on your site within minutes! Statistics allow you to graphically view common search terms. Extensive settings allow you to completely customize how relevancy values are determined in results. More emphasis can be placed on page popularity, title, and more. Even index your database driven web sites. Check out the online demo!


You can make your site look like it has hundreds of pages of content. Just create some simple text files with your keywords and let the script generate all the links for you! Search engines like sites that have a lot of depth and with this script you can seamlessly turn a small site into a very very deep site in a matter of minutes.


Based on phpdig, phpdigplus is a modification that makes the script also work as a real web search engine.

Easy Row Search

This script is very easy to configure, by entering some basic mysql details and information about the table you wish to search, you can scan one row in your table for text. The results are then shown and the search text highlighted red.


This script read your website structure recursive and submit it to google

Google Search


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