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Title Ipowered IP Targeting Services - Realtime geolocating...
Platform Unix/Windows compatible
Price $29.00
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Website Visit Website of - Ipowered IP Targeting Services - Realtime geolocating...
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Redirection » User Based
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Description Ipowered basically enables websites to recognize the geographical location of visitors in realtime, e.g. at the instant someone enters a website, it is recognized that the visitor is from Paris, France. Based on that knowledge, content can be shown which is likely to be relevant to visitors from this country, region or city, ISP and more <br><br> To accomplish IP Targeting, the user's IP address is cross-referenced with our database. The database contains IP addresses mapped to the geographical location registered by that IP. <br><br> Ipowered accepts direct requests from the domain of your website. The information returned by a request is a set of configurable PHP variables like Country, City, or ISP - so you can organize the data anyway that you like. <br><br> Comes with free online trial.


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Script Name

PHP IP Traffic Filter

Manage your incoming traffic with PHP IP Traffic Filter. With this IP based Geo-Tracking package, you can easily manage and redirect your incoming traffic to optimize your profit potential. Have a trade that wants all country specific traffic With PHP IP Traffic Filter, you can send them directly to this trade without any delay. The hit comes in, the script looks up where you want to send them... and off they go, before the surfer even knows what happened. Redirect all no-cookie traffic.

ip2nation provides you with a table containing data needed to determine to which country an IP belong. This data is gathered from RIPE, ARIN and APNIC and updated monthly. It is also optimized for increased speed when querying. And all for free, along with a couple of code samples.

Ip to location

Download the first beta release IP TO COUNTRY REDIRECTOR V1.0 I.T.C.R. v1.0 allows you to redirect visitors from any country. It has an very easy admin and is very easy to install. The database includes more then 56.000 ip ranges The ip database is powered by! This script will get your visitor to the right spot! This script is tested on : php 4.0.6. and 4.2.3. Some of the options: -Adding redirects 202 countries -Edit / Delete redirects -Add ip ranges csv style for now -Edit / Delete ip ranges -Update csv files, Update csv to sql Lots more options comming We take options on request! if you want to now it all Check it out! See a demo here: Click here for a demo! Download ur free version here:! Iptolocation.rar! This is a free script with support only thru this board! If you want support and updates or a install we got to ask you 25 euro Please apply to me thru pm Greetz admin

IP Detect

IP Detect monitors all incoming traffic. If a redirection URL is set up for Germany*, it will redirect all German* visitors to a different URL before your website loads (* Germany is used as an example, you can setup redirection URLs for any country). Your website will load as usual if there's no redirection set up for the visitor's country. IP Detect uses an IP 2 Country database with more than 50,000 entries to decide where a visitor is coming from.

PHP Country Detector by IP for Plain Text Databases

This is a script designed to fit into your web site and redirect/restrict access to visitors based on their country and IP address, or to get the visitor`s country details, name,currency and flag image path. In this distribution is included a free IP2Country database. For each Redirection Node, each country (or IP database) has a Redirection Rule (a link associated with it). If the visitor`s IP is in an IP database, he is redirected to the redirection link associated with it, or if this one is blank, to the default redirection link. If this default redirection link is blank too, the page is loaded. If the visitor`s country has no Redirection Rule specified, he is redirected to the default 'reject' link or if this one is blank, the page is loaded.


LangDirect is a simple yet powerful Web-based PHP script generator that generates PHP code to detect the users browser language, and sends them to a particular page based on language. (NS, IE, OPERA and most known browsers are supported). The LangDirect interface is easy to use, and outputs easy to insert code that can be used in .PHP files and any file that can accept a php tag.

PHP S.E. Cloak

PHP Cloak, create millions of dynamic pages, each page changes all contents based on the URL the visitor goes to.

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