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Title IpLookUp
Platform Winá2000/NT
Price FreeáTrial/$275.00
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - IpLookUp
Category ASP » Scripts and Components » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 633
Description IpLookUp is an advanced Active Server Component that enables you to resolve IP addresses to a visitor's City, State & Country. There are many applications for this product including marketing, web site stats,d emographic information, and fraud detection.


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Scripts Related to - IpLookUp

Script Name

WebTracker Gold

A Web site statistics program. Features: configurable DSN name; ability to personalize the web tracking panel; No limits on shown data, you can configure the amount of entries you like to see displayed; Shows and logs demographics from visitors; Displays statistics in a graphical manner, and displays per page information; Referral statistics are displayed in a per page fashion; Enables the webmaster to remotely clean up the database if and when needed; and Will email the webmaster statistics if requested via the control-panel.

ASP WebTracker

Webtracker allows you to get clear statistics on which pages of your site are receiving the most hits on daily basis. It also keeps track of referring websites and the amount of times a website has referred visitors to your site. By just inserting one line into your pages you can see what is going on, which pages are popular and which aren't, who has referred the most traffic to your site, the total amount of visitors that visited your website.


ActiveTarget is an active server component that allows you to easily lookup countries by IP addresses and target your internet visitors geographically. Active Target can be used to: Quickly and authentically Target your internet visitors; Automatically target advertising by country; Filter non-valuable traffic and low your host bandwidth cost; Provide visitors dynamic content or automatically select language; Provide visitors automatically select the geographically closest mirror; Analyze and determine your website traffic; and Detect credit card fraud or fake registration.

Active LogFile

Active LogFile is a Hi-performance text file logging for ASP/VBS/VBA applications. Lets you create daily/weekly/monthly log files with variable number of logged values and extra timing and performance info. Features: Variable number of logged values; Daily/weekly/monthly log files; Variable date/time format, field and array separator; Encoding logged values; and Both threading model.


ScreenRes is an ASP script that allows you to check and analyze the screen resolution of your visitors. It writes the results to a text file. So you don't need a database.


This ASP Script logs the IP of everyone that passes through the page the script on to a TXT file. Though it is strongly suggested that you make an ASP Script that clears the IP Log every week if you get a lot of visitors.

Smart Referrer

Give those important pages of your site individual attention. Smart Referrer is a compact product that consists of only one optimized ASP page for all funtions including administration panel, comprehensive reports and help section. Very easy installation! You will just have to add an include file to your page to be monitored and add the page URL to the admin panel. Reports generated include: Brief Report; Today's Report; General Reports; and No Hits Report that gives all the referrers that have not accessed you page today and the details of when it was last hit.


aMonitor is a web site statistics application that analyzes traffic on any website. aMonitor is designed to track pages on any web server platform, even across multiple servers and platforms. The application will track multiple web sites and keep separate statistics for each site. Implemented completely in ASP, aMonitor can be loaded on any Windows 95/98 or NT/2000 computer running IIS or PWS. aMonitor does NOT use any dll's or COM objects, does not require a global.asa file, and does not use server logs. All data is captured to an Access database.


amStats is a set of ASP scripts that reports current web server information such as: current sessions, sessions for the day, average sessions, and much more. amStats' unique feature is the ability to transmit this information to cell phones, pagers, and PDAs that are WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) compatible.

Active Server Manager

ASM is a must have web site management software when away from your PC and do not have access to your web page editor and need to make quick changes. No need to have FrontPage, FTP or any other editor. With the Active Server Manager (ASM), you can do it all using your web browser from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Main features include: Directory/Site Browsing, Directory Creation, Directory Rename, Directory Deletion, File Creation, File Editing, File Copy, File Move, File Rename, File Delete, Limits Allocated Disk Space, Web Site Statistics Display, Specify Start/End Dates, Sort on hits or bytes, Include/exclude graphics files, Shows Referrers, Shows User IP Addresses, Total Hits by User, and Statistics Preferences (Daily, Weekly, Monthly to have logs cleared)

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