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Introduction to XML
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  • Philter's Flash/XML Tutorial asked well known Flash and XML guru "Philter" to put together a great introduction to XML and Flash. This tutorial is one of the most popular on the net today for combining these two great technologies
  • Practical data binding: Get your feet wet in the real world - Free
    Data binding, although commonplace in today's world of Java technology and XML programming, is still largely misunderstood. This column throws out all the theoretical claptrap and focuses on the concepts you need to get started with data binding. You will understand the differences between general data binding and data binding in the XML world, as well as round-tripping, semantic equivalence, and what to look for in a data binding package.
  • Tip: Use data dictionary links for XML and Web services schemata - Free
    When designing XML and Web services schemata you will often (and ideally) reuse data elements defined in pre-existing standards. If so, it is extremely useful to include links to such standards, providing precise data dictionary references. In so doing, you make processing and maintenance easier to automate. This tip illustrates this practice.
  • IBM developerWorks Live! Technical briefings in 2004 - Free
    The IBM developerWorks Live! Technical Briefings, which were a great success worldwide in 2003, have been expanded for 2004. The following five types of technical briefings, which include presentations and extensive demonstrations, will be held in cities around the world in 2004 (at no cost to you): e-business on demand, IBM Software Development Platform, Speed-start Linux applications, Speed-start Web services, Globalizing your applications.
  • XMLPitstop
    Provides a central location for everything that a developer needs to know about XML technologies (XML, XSLT, XLL, SVG and about 40 other categories). You will find examples with Source Code, Tutorials, Tools, Resources, Books, etc.
  • XML Matters: GUIs and XML configuration data - Free
    Over time, XML has permeated many niches. One area where XML is used increasingly is in the configuration of graphical user interfaces, especially in elements that are persistent but should not be fixed at compile-time. In this installment, David looks at the use of XML in Mac OS X's Aqua GUI, and in the K Desktop Environment (KDE) which is either standard or available in most modern Linux distributions.
  • Tip: Extend JAX-RPC Web services using SOAP headers - Free
    In this article, the author examines how JAX-RPC SOAP handlers process SOAP message headers. Specifically, he shows how a handler adds a SOAP header to an outgoing message and how a corresponding handler removes the SOAP header from an incoming message. In addition, he presents the JAX-RPC programmatic configuration and deployment models as they relate to this topic.
  • Use XML namespaces with care - Free
    XML namespaces are an imperfect solution to a difficult problem. From basic information architecture to difficulties with APIs, namespaces can open up rather painful gotchas if used carelessly. In this article, Uche Ogbuji covers some of the more important design principles which, if followed, can minimize problems with namespaces.
  • Tip: Message Roundtripping: Java coding conventions - Free
    Java APIs for XML-Based Remote Procedure Call's (JAX-RPC's) Java-to-WSDL/WSDL-to-Java mapping rules do not try to preserve Java constructs during roundtripping. Many constructs are preserved, but not all. This tip describes, in particular, why following Java coding conventions is very important to maintaining the ability to roundtrip.
  • A survey of XML standards, Part 4 - Free
    The world of XML is vast and growing, with a huge variety of standards and technologies that interact in complex ways. It can be difficult for beginners to navigate the most important aspects of XML, and for users to keep track of new entries and changes in the space. XML is a basic syntax upon which you develop local and global vocabularies. Previous in-depth articles have presented the most important standards relating to XML. This fourth article, provides a detailed cross-reference of all covered standards.
  • XML Schema : What You Need to Know and Why
    XML Schema is one of the most important facets of Web Services. It is the ultimate type system; however it is also really arcane to learn a figure out how to leverage. Drill into what's important for you understand in order to get the most out of specification. Learn about schema creation best practices, where to start and what tools to use, versioning, serialization and validation of messages. Walk away with a clear understanding on how and why to use XML Schema, .NET Framework support and how schema drives WSDL and Web Service message parsing.
  • Building an XML Architecture - Free
    This paper addresses one of the challenges faced by the companies participating in the eCommerce revolution: architecting an eCommerce solution that allows you to communicate with your customers on today's devices, yet will adapt to the devices of the future. This paper proposes such an architecture, one that is built using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technologies to provide an infrastructure that will protect your investment and ensure extensibility moving forward.
  • .NET - The XML and Web Services Perspective - Free
    This session will introduce you to the basics of XML. Additionally, it will provide you with an introduction to building and consuming XML Web services.
  • Herong's Notes on XML Technologies - Free
    This book is a collection of notes I wrote while I was learning eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and other related technologies: CSS: Cascading Style Sheet DOM: Document Object Model DTD: Document Type Definition SAX: Simple API for XML XHTML: eXtensible HTML XML: eXtensible Markup Language XQL: XML Query language XSD: XML Schema Definition XSL: eXtensible Style Language XSLT: XSL Transformation
  • The CTDP XML Guide
    This XML guide explains XML uses, categories, elements and types of XML documents. XML structure, document type definition, element attributes, and extensible stylesheet language (XSL) is explained.
  • XSLT/XPATH tutorial
    In this 28 page tutorial, you will go from not knowing much about XML/XSL/XPATH to finishing with a working knowledge of XSLT and XPATH.
  • An Introduction to XML - Free
    XML is the latest platform-independent and content-dependent technology available for Internet development. XML is the tool of choice for distributing structured information in this age. XML not only fulfills the needs of web authors but also those of anyone interested in publishing. Oracle, IBM and Microsoft are coming out with XML-related software and this gives sufficient indications about the future of XML in the IT industry. This article covers such topics as SGML, HTML and XML, What is DTD - Document Type Definition, Valid and Well-formed XML, Example XML Documents and analysis, and Software for XML.
  • A Guide to XML
    This article provides a technical introduction to XML with an eye towards guiding the reader to appropriate sections of the XML specification when greater technical detail is desired. This introduction is geared towards a reader with some HTML or SGML experience, although that experience is not absolutely necessary. The XML Link and XML Style specifications are also briefly outlined.
  • A Technical Introduction to XML - Free
    This introduction to XML presents the Extensible Markup Language at a reasonably technical level for anyone interested in learning more about structured documents. In addition to covering the XML 1.0 Specification, this article outlines related XML specifications, which are evolving. The article is organized in four main sections plus an appendix.

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