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ASP.NET » Tips and Tutorials » Introduction to Web Services.


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Title Introduction to Web Services.
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Category ASP.NET » Tips and Tutorials
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Description The label "web services," as broadly applied, has two levels of meaningłone specific and one conceptual. Specifically, web services are a stack of emerging standards that describe a service-oriented, component-based application architecture. Conceptually, web services represent a model in which discrete tasks within e-business processes are distributed widely throughout a value net.


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Scripts Related to - Introduction to Web Services.

Script Name

Migration from J2EE to .NET.

An article which discusses the similarites between different technologies of J2EE and .NET and helps you to move from J2EE to .NET. Quick tips to get you started, in case you need to migrate a J2EE based application to a .NET based application.

Introduction to C# Syntax Part 2 : Fields and Properties

The second article from William Fawthrop (aka Informant) will discuss in detail what Fields and Properties are and how to properly implement them into your applications. We will start off Discussing common coding practices and how they differ in .NET. Specifically property syntax. Informant has been a developer for about 5 years now and developing in C# for about 1 year. He has created a number of freeware software solutions(SQL X-ecuter,Simple ASP.NET Web Server, etc) as well as working fulltime for as Lead Developer. He specializes in .NET migration as well as creative solutions in the .NET framework.

File Uploading to Access Database using ASP.NET

A comprehensive tutorial on uploading files to Microsoft Access database using built-in ASP.NET server controls. Describes how to upload one or more file to Access database? how to insert and retrieve binary data from an Access database? how to view and delete files uploaded on the Access database?

File Uploading with ASP.NET

A comprehensive tutorial on uploading files to server hard disk using built-in ASP.NET server controls. Describes how to upload more than one file? how to upload only image files? how to retrieve other form non-binary field values? how to view and delete files uploaded on the server? how to force user to download a file without viewing it? how to expose correct file name to the user browser instead of a generic file.aspx? how to retrieve correct content-type for the file from system registry? how to set/unset max file upload size limit per folder of your application?

Using Dreamweaver MX for Consuming Web Services in ASP.NET

Explains how Dreamweaver MX can be used to consume web services in ASP.NET for the visual environment. In detail, the "Local Time" web service from XMethods will be utilized.

No ActiveX Server Registration Needed with ASP.NET

Need to create a wrapper for ActiveX and use it in ASP.NET? The advantage is these wrappers don't require registration of ActiveX on server. Just copy it, allowing for easy deployment on remote servers. Even run ActiveX on shared hosting.

Sending Mass E-Mails ( Newsletter ) using ASP.NET.

This is part II of a series of articles in which we'll learn how to send mass e-mails ( both text and HTML ) to a list of subscribers using ASP.NET. We'll also learn what are validation controls and how they can help us validate user input.

Visual Basic .NET Developer's Guide to ASP.NET, XML and ADO.NET : Page Fram

Sample chapter from "Visual Basic .NET Developer's Guide to ASP.NET, XML and ADO.NET" on ASP.NET controls, code-behind, Page object, web controls, HTML controls and Page object reference.

How to determine what server is given web site running on using ASP.NET?

This comprehensive tutorial will walk you step-by-step to create a single ASP.NET page by which you'll be able to retrieve the server name of any given web site. Explains all the code in detail. Very useful.

ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution

Sample chapter from "ASP.NET Website Programming: Problem - Design - Solution" on deploying the web site. Describes in detail how you should deploy your site once you've finished it, discusses deployment of database and application components separately.

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