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Introduction to ASP
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  • Introduction to Active Server Pages - FREE
    ASP is a set of software components that run on a Web server and allow Web developers to build dynamic Web pages. The advantage of ASP over static HTML Web pages is that an ASP page is like a computer program that runs on a Web server and can calculate results, process user input, read from or write to databases and files, and insert "live" updated content every time a user browses the page. This article walks you through the basic steps for building a dynamic web page
  • Control Structures in ASP - Free
    Conditional logic allows certain events to happen if certain circumstances are met. An easy example of this logic in play would be a password script. If the password is correct, go the members area. If the password is wrong, go the login page.
  • Replace Bad Word(s)
    This tutorial shows you how to replace bad words in a string in 2 different ways. Firstly you can remove the bad word(s) or replace the bad word(s) with the * character.
  • If Then Else - Free
    The If Then Else control structure can be used to run a line or block of code within your script when a certain condition is met.
  • ASP Installation - Free
    Step by step tutorials on how to Install ASP (IIS/PWS) on your computer. Includes instructions on how to get ASP working on the following operating systems -- Windows 95/98, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • Functions and Subroutines - Free
    Basic tutorial explaining how, when, where, and why to use a Function or a Subroutine in your code. Learn how to call subroutines and functions and how to pass parameters.
  • How the Querystring works. - Free
    The Querystring explained in easy to understand terms. This tutorial is written primarily for the beginner ASP developer and includes diagrams.
  • Array Basics - Free
    Introductory tutorial on the basics of arrays as well as the LBound, UBound, and Split functions that are commonly used with arrays. Tutorial includes code snippets.
  • Herong's Notes on ASP - Free
    Notes and sample codes collected while learning ASP. Topics covered include: IIS, Script Debugger, VB Script, Objects, Session, Cookie, Script Runtime DLL, ADO, and performance.
  • ASP: Getting Started
    This article describes how the author (Phil Baines) got started with ASP and how you can too. It also offers some scripts to try out yourself and links to the useful sites.
  • ASP & MS Access introduction tutorial
    Active Server Pages - What it is, why we use it and how to connect, post and retrieve data from a database.
  • ASP Installation tutorial
    Learn installaing and configuring ASP scripts and COMponants in your web server in easy steps. No need of programming knowledge.
  • If Then Else
    If you try to do any ASP programming, it won't be long before you need the If...then statement. This very simple tutorial talks you through the syntax used and shows you how can use it.
  • Intro TO ASP
    An introductory tutorial that covers the basic things one has to know about Active Server Pages, and the programming environment.
  • A Practical Guide to Active Server Pages
    This practical guide aims to be a complete programming guide as well as a reference for the serious ASP programmer. This guide does not assume any prior knowledge of ASP, and starts from the ground up. The chapters are organized according to the increasing complexity of ASP scripts that you will be writing. Simple scripts come first, and then the techniques needed for more complex scripts are covered. This is especially useful for the beginner who is usually inundated by long, boring technical dissertations in the first chapter of any book. Experienced programmers will also find this guide useful, for it contains the following references in one easy-to-locate booklet. The complete tutorial available for download.
  • Active Server Pages Tutorial
    This is a two-module tutorial that provides a step-by-step introduction to several ASP features. The tutorial shows how to build sample applications and demonstrates key concepts you'll need to understand when developing your own ASP pages. The introductory section explains what ASP is, how it works, and other technologies that can be used in conjunction with ASP to create active content on your Web site. The first module introduces the creation of an ASP page, and focuses on the collection and transfer of data. It covers: Write and Run an ASP Page, Send Information by Using Forms, Create a Guest Book, Display an Excel Spreadsheet in ASP. The second module covers: Rotate Information Randomly - Shows how to rotate ads on your Web page randomly, and Record Traffic with a Page Counter
  • Your first ASP program
    This is Part I of the "Start programming with ASP" article series by . It is designed for newbie web programmers. You will learn ASP with easy lessons, examples and exercises.
  • ASP Web Programming Email Course
    This is a 5 free lessons of ASP course delivered to you by email. You can ask your questions from tutors. You can also register for more advanced lessons with a small fee and a personal tutor will work with you to complete your lessons.
  • Basic Active Server Pages Tutorial for Beginners
    This is a basic tutorial on ASP for beginners which will get them started in writing Active Server Pages. Topics covered: Installing Personal Web Server, Your first ASP page, and Understanding ASP Objects.
  • Intro to ASP
    This introductory tutorial will guide you through the anatomy of an ASP script, define objects and components, and give you some sample scripts to get you started. Then it discusses good scripting techniques, get into common ASP scripts, and talk about databases.

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