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Title Install Installer
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Install Installer
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous
Hits 668
Description Give this script the names of the files and directories, the data for the files and file path, then it makes a file, that when run, will "install" the files and directories specified. Chmods and all. Comes with a mini template system at the head of Very simple use for the average programmer.


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Script Name


PeopleLocator, as the name suggests, is a powerful tool used to locate people via world wide web. It searches public records databases to attempt to locate information on a person(s) you wish to find. It even provides you with a map/directions to the person(s) address.


PrayerRequest is a script that allows people to submit their prayer requests. It also has an administrative area where admins can see exactly what's going on when and where.

WWWBoard to MySql Converter

Creates a MySql compatible output file from all the messages in a WWWBoard. Creates a "sql" "INSERT" command file that can be entered into a MySql database.

User Reservation System

This program is designed for a site owner that wishes to have users apply for a reservation. When a user applies for a reservation, the system looks in the database and if that is already reserved it returns a screen to the user with the times for that date that are still available. Upon submission of a reservation that is available, the personal information that they entered is written to the data base and a copy of what they submitted is sent to them in a e-mail and a copy is sent to the admin of the site.

Indexed GEDCOM Method

The Indexed GEDCOM Method is simple to operate and to use. When a new or updated GEDCOM is to be made available, the program IGMMak is run. This program creates an index file as well as several HTML index files. Once the GEDCOM is indexed by IGMMak, users can access the automatically generated HTML index files to find the person they are interested in. When they request info on any person in the database, the HTML index instructs the Web Server to run the IGMGet program. IGMGet opens the GEDCOM and goes directly to the person directed. It then loads all of the information for that person and his/her family, generates an HTML file, and sends it back to the user.

Stouk AutoDriveMap

Stouk AutoDriveMap is an automation tool, written in Perl for technical support personnel or advanced users in companies with multiple domains or multiple domain environments. It is designed to hold a list of remote shared resources, including username and encrypted password to access the remote resource. Binary executable and the source code is available.

1024 Yahoo Expired domains checker

A fast, server side, Yahoo directory checking script that helps you find expired domains in selected categories (or in all Yahoo) and comes with tools to find Yahoo categories.

1024 Dmoz Expired domains checker

A fast, server side, Dmoz directory checking script that helps you find expired domains in selected categories (or in all Dmoz) and comes with tools to find Dmoz categories.

Aaron's All Engine Expired Domain Finder

This script searches 11 of the top engines and directories for keywords you choose and then checks all of the domains and shows you the ranking of that domain on all 11 Engines.

Aaron's Yahoo Directory Expired Domain Finder

This script allow you to enter a category or sub category at any level in the Yahoo Directory and it will test all domains in all links in that category so you can target the traffic the domains you are going after.

Google Search


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