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Title Input and Output in C/C++
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Category C & C++ » Tips and Tutorials » Programming in C and C++
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Description Input and Output in C/C++. A tutorial covering Streams, C's Stream Functions, Line Input, Formatted Input, Screen Output and Redirecting Input/Output. A nice tutorial for beginners to start interaction with I/O devices.


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Data types can be a little tricky sometimes, and difficult to understand, this book explains how data types work, and also shows you how to use them by giving examples. Even someone with an IQ under 25 can understand C++ data types using this book.

Arrays in C/C++

A tutorial covering array declaration, accessing array elements, entering data, initializing arrays, and multidimentional arrays. This tutorial also includes code examples as needed.

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Functions groups a number of program statements into a unit and gives it a name. This tutorial covers how to write simple functions in C language. Then how to pass values to the functions, functions signaure and its return types etc...

Transforming a string into ASCII

Transforming a string into ASCII code using int() and the 'while' loop. Good for beginners in programming and C++.

Introduction to Classes in C++

To create more advanced and complete objects, C++ allows you to group these identifiers and create Classes. We will cover how to Define & declare a class, initialize a class, its constructors and destroctors, class member functions & private functions and finally how to declare objects from a class.

Adding Reference Counting to the Shared Source CLI

Moving to a garbage-collected environment in the Common Language Runtime has, for the most part, made memory leaks a problem of the past. However, the lack of deterministic finalization implied by the garbage collection scheme makes management of non-memory resources more difficult. The C++ community has found that the "resource acquisition is initialization" [1] idiom is very effective in managing those resources that need to be freed as soon as possible. We added reference counting to the Shared Source Common Language Infrastructure to regain deterministic finalization, and to find out what the penalties would be for this extra memory management.

C++ Threading - A Generic Programming Approach

This paper introduces primitive and some high-level thread programming concepts.

Platinum Player - A Cool CD-Player with Skin Support in Dev-C++

Platinum Player is a Cool Advanced CD-Player that features Full Skin Support! It contains all of the basic features as a regular CD Player like Previous, Next, Pause, Play, Stop, Eject, Playlist, and more... It contains some advanced features as well suchas "Set as Default CDPlayer, Repeat Track (Song), Repeat Disc, Always on Top, Key Shortcuts, and more..." This CDPlayer was Written and Programmed By Michael J. Hardy using Dev-C++ v5 Beta 8. It has been fully Tested By Mike Hardy's Wife (Kara L. Hardy) and has been Rated a 10/10 from Programmers Heaven. Please Download the Source and the program Email Mike Hardy at and give him your oppinions...

How-To Use CARDS DLL, the API for playing-card-based games and simulation

CARDS.DLL paints the fronts and backs of a deck of playing cards and animates the back of some cards. Look at FreeCell, Hearts and Solitaire games that come with Windows. If you're looking for the Cards DLL API, you can download it from Microsoft via this URL: It contains a basic tutorial from Dave Edson on using the Cards DLL API. Also be sure to read the information via the pop-up window when you click Figure 1. It contains a summary of the functions in the DLL, what the parameters are and also a function to shuffle a deck of cards. At the end of the tutorial page, there are also interesting details on card-shuffling algorithms, randomizing and seeds. From the site mentioned above, you can download this file:games.exe

How to Use HTML Help with Dev-C++

Hi, If you want to know how to use HTML Help in your Win32 programs developed using Dev-C++, here is an example program that you can download.

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