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Title InfoBar
Platform n/a
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - InfoBar
Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Miscellaneous
Hits 723
Description The InfoBar JavaScript script is helpful in case you want to give explanation and comments for the links on your page. It will display the info you need in a box on a specified place on the page (absolute positioned). It is really very easy to configure and may be used from amateur web designers. You've probably seen this type of pops on many web sites. Now you can have it for free. The supported browsers are IE 4+, Netscape 4+, Opera 4+ & Konqueror 2+.


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Scripts Related to - InfoBar

Script Name

JavaScript Ticker (using Tabular Data Control)

This JavaScript Ticker is an example of "Data Binding" using "Tabular Data Control (TDC)" which is a Microsoft ActiveX control built in to Internet Explorer.

Infix to Postfix

This is the "JavaScript" Implementation of converting an Infix(Inorder) expression to Postfix(Postorder) expression.

Postfix to Infix

This is the "JavaScript" Implementation of converting a Postfix(Postorder) expression to Infix(Inorder) expression.

Postfix Evaluator

This JavaScript evaluates a Postfix(Postorder) expression.

Text Box Ticker

A Javascript Text Box Ticker that ticks a number of messages on a Text Box. This ticker is very easy to customise. You can add any number of messages and their corresponding URLs. Messages must be added to the array ticker_msg and the URLs must be added to the array ticker_url. The ticker speed can be changed easily by changing the value of the variable ticker_speed. (Here it is 1, which means that the message would change every 1 second.) To use this script, you just have to copy the "script" section of the source and paste it wherever you require on your web page.

Fading Ticker for IE

This JavaScript is a "Fading Ticker" for IE. The Ticker uses the Microsoft 'Alpha' filter. You can add any HTML content to the messages. The entire content will fade. You can fade the messages 'IN' or 'OUT'.

All browsers fixed position on-top content

This script will display a box which always stays at the same position in the browser window even if you scroll. Works in IE4+, NS4+, Opera5+ and Mozilla1+.

Free Translation

This JavaScript/html page will help you translate your site to any language supported by the service. enables you to input your site's address in a pre-specified URL format, and translate it to the supported target language. The site supports separate text/image links to each supported language.

Image Error Finder

This JavaScript checks if all the images in the document exists. If a particular image does not exist, that image will be replaced by a custom image. Works with IE only. In IE, if a particular image does not show up, then its dimensions are 28 x 30 (without the 'alt'). So, the script checks all images with this size after removing the 'alt' tag. If such an image exists, it is a broken-image. The only drawback is that if your image has dimensions of 28 x 30, even if it exists the script will treat it as a broken-image. But there is a solution. You can prevent the script from checking for such scripts by placing an attribute-value pair nc="1".

Metatags Creator

Add your own JavaScript-based metatag creator on your website.

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