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Title Increase Web Traffic Script Over 100,000 Visitors per Day!
Platform Unix
Price 79.99
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Website Visit Website of - Increase Web Traffic Script Over 100,000 Visitors per Day!
Category Tools & Utilities » Web Services
Hits 816
Description It works by directing visitors to visit websites in exchange for joining and adding their site. A custom site is created for each new member with their ad in the top position, as the other ads move down the list. As administrator you reap the benefits of continued traffic to your traffic system site and the ability to direct the attention of hundreds of thousands of potential visitors.


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Emerging Technologies Toolkit

The ETTK provides an environment in which to run emerging technology examples that showcase recently announced specifications and prototypes from IBM's emerging technology development and research teams. In addition, it provides introductory material to help developers easily get started with development of autonomic technologies, Web services.

Tip: Always use an XML declaration

The XML declaration is optional in XML files, and defaults determine most of the information in the file. However, problems are common when these defaults do not match reality -- for example, the document could use an encoding other than one of the defaults. It's always safer to make the XML declaration. This tip covers what should be included in the XML declaration on all files.

Python Web services developer: Python SOAP libraries, Part 5

As with its sister project, ZSI, SOAPpy has enjoyed a recent increase in activity and is now in version 0.11.3. This version includes WSDL support and many other improvements. Uche Ogbuji and Scott Archer try out this new version with the same complex Web service they tried accessing with ZSI 1.4.1 and ran into a different set of difficulties.

Tip: Extend JAX-RPC Web services using SOAP headers

In this article, the author examines how JAX-RPC SOAP handlers process SOAP message headers. Specifically, he shows how a handler adds a SOAP header to an outgoing message and how a corresponding handler removes the SOAP header from an incoming message. In addition, he presents the JAX-RPC programmatic configuration and deployment models as they relate to this topic.

Service-Oriented Architecture expands the vision of Web services, Part 1

Today's Web services implementations are typically simple and often similar to a client-server model. However, platform-neutral interchange is supported, which allows a diverse range of client implementations to interact with new or legacy code as server functions. This article addresses the question of how to move forward from simple models to those that represent real-world business models of arbitrary complexity.

The hidden impact of WS-Addressing on SOAP

The WS-Addressing protocol might not seem like much at first glance. But it establishes message information headers that will make new Web services message flow patterns possible -- and that's something that will have a profound impact on SOAP engines and the future of the SOAP protocol itself.

Tip: Message Roundtripping: Java coding conventions

Java APIs for XML-Based Remote Procedure Call's (JAX-RPC's) Java-to-WSDL/WSDL-to-Java mapping rules do not try to preserve Java constructs during roundtripping. Many constructs are preserved, but not all. This tip describes, in particular, why following Java coding conventions is very important to maintaining the ability to roundtrip.


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Eaglecorpse Web Services

Eaglecorpse Inc. offers a wide variety of web services, such as web design, web hosting, meta tag generator, etc. All services are free except web hosting and web design(design can be free with ads or paid).

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