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  • Free Hit Counters - Free
    Get Your Free hit counter. Choose from different styles. Just copy and paste the scripts.
  • PHPSiteStats - Free GNU/GPL
    It can be used an any server as it can be either database driven or logfile driven so it does not have fixed requirements It should acomodate both small and big web sites and is not complicated to implement or going to clutter the website It allows the visitors of the site to see live status and the administrator to preform monitoring tasks for the site It features GD progress line and percentage pie graphs and statistics for the numerous types of data it logs
  • xCounter PHP hit counter - FREE
    xCounter is a cool, simple and effective graphical or text hit counter, unlimited individual counters from one install using counter id (each counter can use its own image set). Enable unique vistor feature to log only unique visits to page. Eight pre-installed image sets, ability to add your own custom image sets. Easy to install, add one line of code to any PHP or HTML page to display xCounter
  • Smilie counter - Free
    This is a very nice little counter which display the unique visitors (total) and the unique visitors (today). It has a unique smilie system built in, which displays your feelings about the number of users that have visited your site. Have fun!
  • PHPCountMe - Freeware
    Why not have a counter on your website so you can see how many visitors you are getting. PHPCountMe can be used as a text or image counter. With 10 different types of number displays, you will find one to suit your website. Extremely easy to configure with the usual step by step walk through installation. Try it out now and see the various counter styles you could have as your counter. You can even add your own digits very easily. Logs the hits to a flat file, so no database is required.
  • Simp Counter - Freeware
    A simple counter with options to use either graphics or text for the output and count either all hits or only unique.
  • FPS Counter Manager
    Add/edit/remove counters. Counters can be image/text based. Start with 12 Counter Styles. Add as many styles as like or need. Counters can be made hidden. Record complete information on visitors, including System they are using, Explorer and country they are from. Drive traffic to your site by showing your site states including country,system, and explorer used!
  • Counter Service - $ 1
    Our counter service website is a site that offers users the ability to sign up for a counter service for their website. Users can join for free which adds a counter to their site that displays Total Hits and Unique Visitor's, in addition to a link back to the counter service website and a rotating ad that the administration determines. Ads that can be a text based link to an advertisers website, or HTML for banners. Free members also have the ability to upgrade to a paid counter service. For paid counters, only unique visitor's and total displays. There are no link backs or ads. An advertising page is also included in this website to sell advertising space on the free counter service member sites and in the newsletter that features the option of mailing to all members, free members or paid members only. PHP mysql for a powerful, fast backend. Be up and running in minutes!
  • Counter and Referer Script - Free/Commercial
    This Counter and Referer Script provides two options. On the one hand you can count the page visits and on the other hand you can log the extern referers. The page visits can be displayed as image or text. When you log the referer (extern referring pages), you have the overlook about the referring pages and the number of visits from these pages. All data are stored within flat text files, no databases are needed. You can include the counter with SSI and PHP. You are also free to create your own number images.
  • Count170 - Freeware
    Count170 is a web counter that will keep track of all your visitors in one text file and display the results in a nice small area on a web page. Also dispays the estimated amount of time that has passed from visitor to visitor. It comes with several options, Text only or graphical( you can change the font of the numbers if you turn graphics on) and a hit or visit counter. You can see stats that have the date, IP, Browser Type and referral address (if the visitor clicked on a link to get to your web site).
  • KZ Counter (MySql) - Free (GPL)
    KZ Counter 1.2 (MySql) is a simple counter script written in PHP. It utilizes a MySql database for fast data retrieval.
  • statistics counter system, - 149.99
    This system is a membership based online statistics counter system, it allows you to provide your members and Website visitors with free statistics for their Websites, this assists with tracking marketing efforts , as well as referrers, and other usefull information about the visitors to the monitored Website.
  • Yacop - Free
    Yacop is a PHP counter.It has three modes of output (silent/text/images) and uses cookies in order to manage sessions. You can configure it to count page impressions (when someone reloads the page it is considered a hit) or page visits (a user session is a hit, no matter how many times the page is reloaded). All results are written in a single text file. It is fully customisable and each page can have its own settings.
  • Kys Counter - Free
    A simple counter with either graphics or text with an installer file and the possibility to choose your own graphics, support forums to help you with handling it !!
  • SCounter - Free
    Cool, simple and effective graphical or text counter. Can be displayed horizontally/vertically, can be added margins, can store visitor info an many others ... Real visits feature can also be enabled ...
  • Counter - Free (GPL)
    This counter allows you to display the number of hits with text or with the included image files. The counter can also be invisible.
  • Trivalent Counter - Free (GPL)
    A small function to count and display the number of hits to your website in graphical (3 options), textual or invisible mode. Written in Italian and instructions in English.
  • NeatCount Image and Text Based Counter
    A Real time Text or Image-Based Counter for Your Website! Several Counter Styles to Choose From, or you can easily decide to go just plain text. One of the most simple counter scripts developed, one line of code integrates it into your website, while 2 easy variables sets up the look and feel to match your website.
  • WorldCounter - Freeware
    A text and graphical hit counter script. No SQL database required, text file based. (php4)
  • Hit-Em - Free
    Hit-Em is a very simple hit counter. It can be set to show plain text, or show images. Hit-Em will only count new visits, not reloads or hits to another part of the site. Uses one text file, and very fast.

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