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Title Image Switch Menu
Platform Unix, Win32, Mac
Price Free Trial/$189.00
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Website Visit Website of - Image Switch Menu
Category Java » Applets » Navigation » Menu Systems
Hits 664
Description Image Switch Menu supports a host of layout options utilizing custom images and sub menus. All fonts, colors, sizes, menu properties, and more are customizable. Image Switch Menu is available with Applet Composer v2.0 (a completely visual design interface or with Web Effects Navigation. Image Switch Menu is a light, robust, and fast loading navigation applet designed for sites with high traffic.


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Scripts Related to - Image Switch Menu

Script Name

Image Navigator Menu

Image Navigator Menu utilizes a main image map with custom highlight images, associated sub menus and message boxes. All aspects of the applet are fully customizable in a simple to use visual interface (Applet Composer v2.0), or by creating the implementation using the Web Effects templates.

Menus & Messages

Custom position image placement in a horizontal, vertical or any staggered type layout. Pop up messages can be custom positioned and optionally made to transition in with an animation effect. Features automatic text wrapping, URL links, frame targeting, and more. Menus & Message is an ideal applet for tight spaces where navigation and presentation effects come together to optimize real estate. Available as part of Web Effects (Navigation and Gold).

Infinite Icon Menus

Infinite Icon Menu supports a host of configuration possibilities, Custom position individual main menu images and highlight images to create standard vertical and horizontal menu layouts, or use in conjunction with a background image to create an entire site map.


DJTextmenu uses the same menuing structure as the DJPopMenu, but allows the developer to show information in a traditional text menu structure rather than as images.includes support for multiple submenus and "3D" button action. All fonts,and colors can be configured by the developer. The border can be on or off.Text can be underlined for a "URL link" effect. Menu can be vertical or horizontal.This program gets you "out of the applet box" when displaying pulldown menu information. Notice from the examples that the menus drop down below the boundaries of the actual applet. Menus can be nested as deep as required.

Absolute Menu Java Applet

Absolute Menu is a Java applet that uses a cool fade effect for navigation buttons. Loads only two images. It's fast, cool, flexible and more.


Send your viewers to another page or another site using ImageMenu. Each image can have associated descriptive text. Images are highlighted for easy Link recognition. Turn applet border On/Off. Turn 3D effects On/Off. Border size, fonts, and colors are all easily adjustable.


This Java animated menu applet adds some zooming flavor to the menu. Customizable Parameters include: menu image filename, delay, text toggle, menu box option, text color, font size, zoom scale, menu box range, URL, and text.


This Java menu applet implements an IE-style button bar. Customizable Parameters include: button bar image filenames, delay, button bounding box, URL, and targte frame.


This Java menu applet takes one input image containing all the menu items and performs real-time moving light animation. Customizable Parameters are: menu image filename, delay, light radius, motion radius, light color, text toggle, menu box option, text color, font size, zoom scale, menu box range, URL, text, and target HTML frame.


This Java menu applet takes one input image containing all the menu items and performs real-time convex lens animation.

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