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Title Image Masking
Platform Anything with PHP & GD 2.0.1+ installed should wor
Price Free for non-commercial use
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Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Handling » Image Manipulation
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Description This is a class allows you to apply a mask to an image much like you could do in PhotoShop, Gimp, or any other such image manipulation programme. If the mask is smaller than the image then the mask can be placed in various positions (top left, left, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, bottom right) or the mask can be resized to the dimensions of the image. Requires GD 2.0.1+ Because of the nature of the class, masking large images may take some time.


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Scripts Related to - Image Masking

Script Name

Allayers TextPNG - storing text in images

This script demonstrates pixel based operations in PHP. It stores and retrieves text (like HTML) in truecolor PNG images. And it's pretty fast at it too. A demo is available as well as full source. I'd be very interested in knowing if it proves to be useful in any way.

Allayers TrueColor Full

Besides uploader and file manager TrueColor is a WYSIWYG photo and image editor based on PHP4/GD2/DHTML. Drag and drop images or text on an image and preview the result. Features include resizing, scaling, rotation, mirroring, cropping, colorizing, color adjustment, image merging , (angled) text insert and a visual color finder. Package also contains some sample TrueType fonts.


This class allows for easy creation of thumbnail images with a drop shadow effect. Images can be read from a file or passed as a string (as you might take the images from a database), and they can also be resized for easy creation of thumbnails. You can also change the background colour of the image and generate the correct colour shadow. You can also use this class just to create the thumbnail images without a drop shadow effect. Images can be resized in a variety of different ways, either as an absolute or relative value, to or by an amount, and as a pixel or percentage value.


phpMyThumbnail is a small PHP application that can generate site thumbnails like on and MSN search. It is very handy and is capable of caching any number of images in a database if desired, if you are a portal owner or just feel like offering your users such a service, you are now in the right place.

Crop Canvas

This is a class allows you to crop an image in a variety of ways. You can crop in an absolute or relative way (to a certain size or by a certain size), both as a pixel number or a percentage. You can also save or display the cropped image. The cropping can be done in 9 different positions: top left, top, top right, left, centre, right, bottom left, bottom, or bottom right. Or you can have it automatically cropped based on a threshold value. The original image can be loaded from the file system or from a string (for example, data returned from a database.) It will also compensate so you can use GD versions 1.x or 2.x (though obviously 2.x will produce much better results!)


phpWatermark aims to provide a simple way of marking an image with a digital "watermark" to prevent unauthorized use. It is implemented as a php class and should be usable inside most php scripts. Images are accepted either as a filename or as a reference to a php resource.

Dynamic Picture Frame

Dynamic Picture Frame is a PHP script which allows you to add a nearly endless variety of picture frames of any size to images on your website.

Extensive GD2+ image manipulation class

This class, designed for GD2+ effects numerous transformations on a target image and saves a compressed jpeg version on the server. It can easily handle proportional thumbnails with stacked transformations. Transformations include: bevel - greyscale - ellipse - round_edges - merge - frame - drop_shadow - motion_blur. note: php4.3.2 fubars with imagecopymerge (fixed in 4.3.3rc3) so some transformations may glitch. See link page for more details

Image Slicer

Just call it up with slicer.php image=http://www.yoururl.tld/yourpic.jpg and your on your way! Only works with jpegs! Be sure to check out for updates!


Simple PHP class for creating thumbnails or resizing images.

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