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  • IMS Pro (with Photo Albums) - $179.95
    The IMS Pro is a complete solution for webmasters who want to create their own image hosting service. The script includes many features such as PayPal integration, bandwidth/space tracking, photo albums (public or private), instant user signups/upgrades/cancellations, 3 simultaneous upload slots, PDF support, multiple image folders, image rotate/resize, a built-in support area with FAQ and contact form, customizable payment plans for users, image and folder descriptions, a "get code" feature for generating HTML or bulletin board links to images, a demonstration mode for showing potential customers what they will get, automatic thumbnails, an effecient MySQL/PHP image serving process, and much more. Installation is included for free!
  • Image Processor
    *Create image from: **Upload, **File on your server, **MySQL database, **any datastream. *Edit Image: **resize (fit into region,m cover region, resize to given height or width keeping XtoY ratio, resize exactly to given region, conditional resize etc) **Sharp the thumbnail to improve it!**Watermark in a few modes **Apply custom mask to higlight or frame the image **Write text (True Type and built in) -- differnt sizes, directions, colors etc **Crop to rectangular region or to custom shape **Rotate **Drop semitransparent Shadow --New functions keep being added daily-- see "change log" Manual and online demo are available for each function. Installation and Customization help available. Just click the link, you'll like it :)
  • Image Resizer
    Resize the image without altering or creating new resized image file. Display your image in thumb or specify the percentage size for fast loading displaying in the browser, no need to created another resized image file, this script will do the job for you, it will not alter the image itself, it will only resize once display in the browser. Sample how to use it : <img scr="resizer.php imgfile=image.jpg&percent=0.3" border=0>
  • Image Editor Class - FREE
    The ImageEditor class allows you to easily edit images using PHP on the fly. It includes basic image editing functions, such as resizing, cropping, adding text and adding lines. Now includes the ability to set a font and text size. Also includes the ability to include shadow text!
  • phpThumb() - Free (GPL)
    Very flexible thumbnail generator. Output larger/smaller than source, entire image or cropped section, with/without configurable borders and/or background color. Source can be local file, remote file or database source. GIF reading supported with or without GD support. BMP reading support. Optional watermarking, optional unsharp mask sharpening, optional caching. EXIF thumbnails can be extracted. Supports any input formats via ImageMagick if available. Works with any GD version, PHP v4.0.6+
  • Image Resizer v 5.2 - Freeware
    Image resizing code with demos and support in forums. There are lots of options on how to resize: Resize to fit given region Resize to cover given region Resize to given width (changing height accordingly) Resize to given height (changing width accordingly) Resize exactly to given width/height (in this case geometrical distortion can occur) There are two options on where to output: Output to file Output to browser There are two formats of output JPEG and PNG No GIF. GIF is copyrighted and so free software may not create it. Custom error messages in separate file -- translate the file to your language if you want.
  • Graphical Image Resize - FREE
    This script allows you to resize an image easily and quickly graphically using Javascript and PHP without the need to load a graphics editing program. It includes the ability to stretch and shrink an image using the mouse and a web browser.
  • Croptool
    Croptool is a graphical user interface (GUI) for online image manipulation with php and the gdlib. It allows a user to upload an image, then resize it by entering values, or use guides to specify an area to crop. You can also crop the image to values that are specified before upload. You can specify to which folder to save your images, and if a thumbnail also should be created. Croptool can be integrated in a website's administration section, to allow (non-technical) administrators to simply manipulate the images they upload, without the need for additional software.
  • Image_Toolbox - GPL
    Image_Toolbox is a PHP class that provides an easy to use library to the PHP GD-based image functions. It is compatible with PHP >= 4.0.6 and all GD versions. It features many smart and useful resize options, TTF text generation, merging of images with many photoshop-like blend modes, and the ability to save images to disk or output to browser. It is fully documented and written in the PEAR coding style.
  • Boosty's ASCII Artist - BSD
    This small class converts images into some kind of ASCII art. Black/white and colour modes for rendering are available. Requires the GD library. Source, Demo and API Doc available for download.
  • Write Text to Image
    Write a text to your image without altering the image itself. Normally if you have an exclusive pictures you normally place your domain name as a symbol that you own the picture, but if you have hundred or more pictures it will be time consuming adding a text on each of the pictures. This simple script will do the job for you by adding text in the top location of the picture once called and will not alter the picture itself, so you can change the text in the image anytime. example: <img src="img.php imgfile=IMAGEFILENAME.JPG&text=YOURTEXTHERE">
  • Image Hosting Script
    This is a great Image Hosting script, provides the users that upload with 2 (More can be added) outputs: A Direct Link to image, and a Message Board Code ([img]image[/img]). The script can be intergrated into any HTML, PHP etc page, or can be edited around to crate just one page of image hosting, like Image Shack. This is the perfect script for those that want to provide Image Hosting to there sites visitors.
  • IMGLIB - Freeware
    IMGLIB is a simple but efficient image library for PHP without using the GD library. It is capable of reading the width and height of a picture (GIF, JPG, JPEG, PNG).
  • class.resize_pic.php
    Create Thumbnails on the fly. You can choose between the GD-Functions(1 and 2) or an ImageMagick-Function.
  • Shiegege Iseng Resize Class - Free
    This is a class script that allows you to resize images or thumbnail on the fly. You can save the thumbnail too.
  • Automated Digital Printing System - 1499
    A complete PHP solution for online digital printing businessAllows adding templates, text, font, color, logo, background editing. Integrated with Paypal, very flexible. See online demo for more information.
  • MakeJPGThumb - 39.95
    Have you ever wanted to make thumbnails of JPG images, or resize JPGs using PHP Not sure how, and don't want to grok a whole image library to figure it out MakeJPGThumb does all the work for you! Using MakeJPGThumb couldn't be easier. It's provided as a function which takes care of all your JPG resizing dirty work. You supply the function with 5 arguments: The source JPG file, the target width (or auto-ratio), the target height (or auto-ratio), the output JPG file, and the JPG quality percentage to use. The innovative thing about MakeJPGThumb is its ability to automatically calculate the aspect ratio if you provide only one dimension. We stress that this PHP code is distributed as a function, meant to be used by PHP programmers who want to be able to resize JPGs within their own scripts.
  • 12cropimage.php - Free
    Script to crop uploaded images to a certain size. This size is variable/fixed. The user can resize a cropping window and decide for himself which part of the image he wants to use. Script uses DHTML library from, together with PHP and the GD (1 or 2)library. The script is an ad-on for other scripts.
  • PHP JPEG Metadata Toolkit
    PHP toolkit for reading, writing and displaying metadata in a JPEG image, including IPTC, EXIF, XMP, Photoshop IRB and more. It has been tested with images from over 450 models of digital cameras.
  • FastBanner - Freeware
    A simple banner generator using PHP and GD. It's very easy to modify. You just fill out the form and click submit and it makes the banner. Requires: PHP (It should work with any version on any platform. It seems to work faster on Apache.) The GD library with png support installed. Development has stopped. However it is still available for download.

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