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  • Linker IMG - Free/$150
    Linker IMG allows you to upload your photo (image) and auto resize and make thumbnails. You can easily make your YAHOO style photo gallery. It features template system, multiple language support, comment system, unlimited sub category, slide show, maillig list, complex keyword search and more. Includes an easy yet powerful management system such as data bakcup, import function, the data analysis
  • Exhibit Engine - Freeware
    Exhibit Engine is a PHP/MySQL application for smooth and versatile professional looking online photograph display. The public image browser is very feature-rich, yet fast and easy to use. EE can serve photos from any number of servers extremely fast. Each photo can have any number of size, sharpening etc. variations and each of those can be on any server. EE has News Editor, Copy/delete Editor with event logging, Exhibition Editor, Photo Editor, Size Path Editor, Multieditor. Exhibition delete makes backups of unique photos, detailed camera data can be hidden from public. <b>1.22 (major) update</b>: New style system, tons of fixes and new features.
  • AutoSlider - Free (GPL)
    A very simple PHP script for automating a slide show from a folder of images for presentations. Images should be named with number plus usual extension. Navigation via next and back buttons, a start button, and another button that brings to the presentation' Author home page, if supplied. Each presentation may be configured with title and author, and includes the ability to select subsets of the presentation.
  • DivePix - Free (GPL)
    DivePix is a PHP driven image gallery with easy setup. It is designed to work on any operating system, but using the Apache webserver. Beginning with v0.3 it now also has template support provided through the implementation of TemplatePower.
  • showPik - Freeware
    Linking to a picture with this script will automatically create a HTML page with optional title and description. Also includes the ability to change the returning link. The HTML design can be changed through a simple template, which should be easy for anyone to modify.
  • cimmer - Shareware
    Generates CIMs (Clickable Image Maps) automatically from directories of jpegs. The program has various options to make the life of an administrator of high quantity image servers easier. The advantage of CIMs is, that they dramatically decrease the load on the server in comparison to oridinary thumbnail viewing.
  • EasyGal - Freeware
    Easy to use and integrate thumbnail gallery script that uses no database, has page spanning, etc.
  • tsBildergalerie - Freeware
    tsBildergalerie is a litte picture gallery program. It creates thumbnails automatically, doesn't use any database. Written in German.
  • PhpPgGBox - Free (GPL)
    PhpPgGBox is a photo gallery system coded with PHP for PostgreSQL. PhpPgGBox provides previous - next links using database. It's code is flexible, one can easily modify error messages, and output messages. MySQL and Windows support available. The supported languages are Turkish, English and German.
  • Ewie's gallery - Freeware
    This script can automatically create a small, simple gallery. The only thing you have to do is to put the script in your directory with images. The script takes care of the rest. There are now two versions: one with thumbnail support and one without.
  • phpTOUR - Free
    phpTOUR is an Online Slide Show program using PHP and MySQL. To present an online tour of your slides, put the slides in a folder and list their names with descriptions in a MySQL database (supports ADODB, too). You'll need to modify the phptour.sql dump file for your picture data and set the site variables in file and install.php file, and the installer creates the database, slide and show tables and fills in the values from the dump. Works with both PHP3 and PHP4. Now with rudimentary Admin support and multi-tour capability. Optimised with a single db query. Alternative site is at
  • Schlick's Gallery - Free
    A simple gallery script for given images and thumb directory. Remove NOSPAM to email me
  • Simple Photo Album (SPA) - Free (GPL)
    SPA is a very easy-to-use PHP script that dynamically generates a Photo Album for your Web page. Simply put this script in a directory containing image files, and it will do the rest. It includes previous/next links for easy navigation. No database or metafiles are needed. No configuration is required. SPA can be used on a personnal Web server as well as on your ISP web server.
  • Image Navigator - Free (GPL)
    An image navigation script that lets you show full screen images in a directory. Easy installation and does not require GD. A working demo is available at
  • ComicPro - Free (BSD)
    ComicPro allows a Web comic artist to fully manage their comic strip over a web browser interface. Allows uploading, editing, deleting of strips all via http. Also includes an automatic archiving system for easy navigation by the reader.
  • EasyGallery - Free
    EasyGallery provides a very easy way to generate thumbnail galleries. It allows you to: Generate thumbnails from all images, Define the dimensions and look of the thumbnails, Add information text to each image, Upload new images, Delete images, Generate the HTML within a gallery folder. You can edit the HTML template online and generate the index new every time you do a change. The data needed is stored in an XML File.
  • JJ-Gallery - Freeware
    JJ-Gallery is a web based photo gallery, programmed in PHP, using MySQL database. It's very easy to install and use. Some of the features include: Automatic creation of dynamic thumbnail image galleries from existing directories and images, Site statistics, Counting each visitor clicks, Displays number of views for each image in your gallery, Let your visitor to write comment to each picture of your gallery, Users can also change the number of 'pictures per page' right from the website (good for users using fast internet connections), Script is still very fast even on site with more then 25.000 pictures, and more.
  • PGallery - Free (GPL)
    PGallery is a very easy to use Picture Gallery program for your homepage. The Basic Idea is: put your picture files on your webserver and PGallery automatically generates a nice looking album. Written in PHP. Features: Hit counter for each picture, Picture description, and more.
  • PiXfr Photo Module - Free (GPL)
    PiXfr Photo Module is a PHP software that generates massive web photo galleries (thousands of pictures). This software doesn't need a database. PPM runs with PHP 3 or 4 and is HTML 4.01 compliant. PPM can be used as a standalone software or as a Nuke module (PostNuke and PHP-Nuke). PPM can generate thumbnails with GD lib and supports advanced functions of GD lib version 2. PPM has a multilingual interface (English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch) and allows multilingual comments for categories, galleries and pictures.
  • WihPhoto - Freeware
    WihPhoto is an easy to install and maintain online image gallery program. It automatically generates thumbnail images, and images in different resolutions from existing images. It is also possible to store information of each image in a MySQL DB. It also includes an albumlist with a sample image and a description for each album. It also comes with language-pack support and an admin section.

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