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  • Photo Gallery Manager by DMXReady (100% Customizable) - 69.99
    The Photo Gallery Manager is perfect for the web designer looking to quickly and easily add a database driven "Photo Gallery" section to any website. The application Includes a customizable dynamic display page, pre-configured MS Access database & user-friendly content administration pages. Simply upload the files to your ASP web server and you are ready to add/edit/delete images through a content administration page. Finally, a practical and affordable way to give your clients the power to make changes to website content quickly and easily themselves.
  • ePhotos
    ePhotos is a community photo gallery where registered members can share and sell their photos. Non-members can browse photos, view slideshows, send e-cards, rate photos and buy photo posters and much more. This application is easily customizable by editing the stylesheet included with application and modifying the header and footer?/textarea> </td> </tr> <tr> <td align="center" bgcolor="#DDDDDD">Platform</td> <td align="center" bgcolor="#DDDDDD" nowrap="nowrap"> text </td> <td bgcolor="#DDDDDD"> <select name="funcs[Platform]" onpropertychange="return unNullify('Platform')" tabindex="23" id="field_4_1"> <option></option> <option>ASCII</option> <option>CHAR</option> <option>SOUNDEX</option> <option>LCASE</option> <option>UCASE</option> <option>PASSWORD</option> <option>MD5</option> <option>ENCRYPT</option> <option>LAST_INSERT_ID</option> <option>USER</option> <option>CONCAT</option> <option value="">--------</option> <option>NOW</option> <option>RAND</option> <option>COUNT</option> <option>AVG</option> <option>SUM</option> <option>CURDATE</option> <option>CURTIME</option> <option>FROM_DAYS</option> <option>FROM_UNIXTIME</option> <option>PERIOD_ADD</option> <option>PERIOD_DIFF</option> <option>TO_DAYS</option> <option>UNIX_TIMESTAMP</option> <option>WEEKDAY</option> </select> </td> <td bgcolor="#DDDDDD">   </td> <td bgcolor="#DDDDDD"> <input type="hidden" name="fields_prev[Platform]" value="windows" /> <textarea name="fields[Platform]" rows="7" cols="40" wrap="virtual" dir="ltr" id="field_4_3" onpropertychange="return unNullify('Platform')" tabindex="5">windows
  • Instant Flash Photo Gallery Using ASP
    This latest Flash Photo Gallery can be implemented in a breeze! The gallery runs off advanced ASP and Actionscript code. There is no database to update, no XML files to maintain. You simply drop your images in the gallery folder and shazam! This unique gallery shows your visitors a thumbnail image of the next image to be displayed as well as the previous after you click. The advanced Actionscript code written in Flash uses smart navigation principals and only shows users a next or previous image if it is available.
  • Simple Photogallery
    This code will enable you to include a simple photogallery for your website. It's very easy to update with new pictures, just upload the pics in a folder and the script will automatically include it. Folder and picture names are also automatically updated. Now also features paging and auto popup size.
  • ASP ListPics
    Listpics is a highly configurable ASP application that automatically generates fast thumbnail indexes of a folder structure. A licensed ActiveX Image control is included. Features: Database, Search, User/Admin passwords, Intermediate low resolution images, Run a slide show, EXIF info, Image descriptions, View counters, Comments, Ratings, Image overview. Full version: Web based configuration, Download & Zip, Categories, Send by Email, Effect filters, Language modules, Exif creation date, Upload, Rename, Unzip, Rebuild, Convert, Delete, Rotation (Lossless JPG), Mirror and Resize. New in 4.0: Timeline, Random image, Improved Multimedia support, Countless small fixes and improvements
  • i-Gallery - Free
    i-Gallery is a complete online photo gallery. Easy to navigate thumbnails with paging. Enlarged views offer print & email buttons. Secured backend features: create/delete folders, upload/delete images, add descriptions, move images, and much more...
  • Imager Gallery - Freeware
    Imager Gallery is an ASP based webbgallery that is really easy to setup using a webbased interface. It has it's own resizing component which supports JPG, PNG and GIF images and it also supports alot of other components. You can upload your images directly to the gallery via your browser! Check out the projects webpage for more info, a live demo and downloads!
  • Mxmania Album MX Basic (Free) - GPL
    |Upload (no upload comp. required) & Resize of GIF, JPEG, PNG, Tiff and BMP | Options like Zoom, Grayscale, Rotation and Mirror | Admin section for users and Admin | Share album with friends | Private and public pics | Email (aspemail/cdo) Pics to friends | ADD ONS (enhance your Album features) & lot more
  • Web Image Gallery WIG
    Web Image Gallery is a ASP search engine for pictures and images and has many features which make it unique.WIG is perfect for fun, school, business and family!Currently searching 987.833,819 filesNo dll.. and 100% FREE Code: ASP 2.0 & VBScript
  • Simplest online photo catalogue - GPL
    Simple ASP script to publish your pictures into the Internet in the easiest and quickest way possible. It uses the filesystem object to create a dynamic HTML image catalogue with the pictures found in the folder(s) specified. It works with in a recursive way indexing all folders and subfolders and creating a usable folder tree with all of them. It has a XML based comment system
  • Darkroom Gallery - free (see license)
    Darkroom Gallery is an ASP
  • Uphotogallery
    Features: Password protected control system, Random Images, THUMBNAILS, SLIDESHOW, Automatic SLIDESHOW, Comments, Categories, Rating, Lightbox. On-line Appearance Configuration (CSS), Email Component Configuration, Multilanguage Support, Anti-spam, On-line General configuration, Amend or Remove Images or Comments, Categories Management, Bad Words Management, Compact/Restore Database ( Access version ), Database driven (Access or MS SQL Server ).
  • ASP Ground :: Free ASP Image Galleries scripts
    ASP Ground is Large Database website Listing Free ASP Image Galleries scripts, asp tutorials, other tutorials, ebooks, webmaster tools, and more .
  • Keyvan1 ImageGallery
    A complete ImageGallery that does not require upload components. Create Categories and subCategories.Approve picture to be shown. Just change 2 pages and the whole system language will change! Current Languages:English,Farsi(Persian) Full administration.Easy to use.See the Hits of images. Rate pictures.Display all image Formats.
  • SiteBeater Image Gallery
    Complete image display system including auto-thumbailing, image upload, rating, searching, unlimited galleries and images, private & locked galleries, bulk import via .zip or ftp, products display (add individual products or use ANY database source), alternate images, unlimited heirarchical categories, My Galleries page. Multi-domain, load-balancing, multi-lingual, mailing lists, themes, unlimited accounts and much more! Uses ASP & MSSQL.
  • Folders To Gallery Script
    No database required for this script. Just one file that scans all the subdirectories under it and then creates categories and galleries based on the folder names. Script consists on one asp file and two image files. Uses the file system object to create the galleries. The script does have a few options, read the readmenow file to figure out how to set them.
  • Pixel8 Online Web Photo Album - 5 GBP
    Pixel8 is a web photo album which lets you share your photo collection online with friends and family. Key features include; Control photo file types; Control photos displayed per page; Reset users password; Backup database; Next photo preview; Add / edit users details; Update / delete photos; Hit counter added; Different levels of access; Password protect album; Block user option; Usage summary; Page counter bug fixed; Improved security; Adjust maximum file size limit; Album titles; Album descriptions; Auto E-mails.
  • Gallery MX (made with Dreamwever) - 69.00$
    Gallery Mx Online is designed to Serve as almost all possible combinations and types of Photo Galleries available on Web. Run your Foto/ Exhibitions, Publish/ Sell (Paypal add-on will be available soon) your Work Online or setup your own Online Gallery Community. You can Use it in Single-User or Multi-User mode. It is the only Online Photo Gallery Application available on the Web where you can have unlimited no. of Users. Every User can make and share there own Album Online. It solely depends on your setting whether you want your visitors to view/Upload/share your Photo Gallery with or without Authentification. The Powerful Admin Section has everything one needs to administrate the Gallery and Users. Flash Add-Ons Feature can be on one side used as a Flash Gallery or even for some Project Presentation. All you have to do is Upload Pics. PayPal Add-On will be soon available to sell your Pics online.
    Upload PICS, Html Editor for comments, Admin Section for Users (Edit account, Edit Album details, Add/ Change Cat/SubCategories, multiple CSS online), Super Admin section for Admin/ Owner (control all the users and Pics , configuration & multiple CSS online), Send a real Postcard, Email PICS, Set Private and public pics, Set Favourite PICS, Slide View, Thumbnail View, Rating System, Add Categories and Subcategories, Multiple CSS option, Login, Registration ( email Verification), Password Recovery No Upload component required Supports Email Comp. CDO,CDONTS, JMail,ASPMail,ASPEmail Supports Image comp: AspJpeg, AspImage,AspSmart,ImgWriter,AspThumb
  • Gchats Flash Picture Gallery - 50 $
    Add interactive flash picture gallery to your website. no database needed, just copy your pictures and Gchats Flash Gallery do the rest. there is no limitation is number of galleries and sub categories. Thumbnail view , Full screen View . Unlimited Categories , Next Previous Keys, 20 pictures in each page in unlimited page count.

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