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  • Inscripts Envision
    Inscripts Envision v2, a fully featured media gallery script boasts a brand new engine, 100% template support, ingenuitive new features and an all-in-all community builder helping you to boost your traffic! New features include user controlled templates and styles, hot rate, caching databases, auto-thumbnail building, comment posting, iptc support, exif support, advanced user-uploads management, unlimited levels of categories, advanced search- by keywords, username, captions and filenames, unique resize of images in browser, advanced administration centre, one click build of media and many more.
  • Album20
    Album20 is an album script that allows users to upload 20 photos to your site in multiple categories set by you. Viewers can rate albums and leave comments about the album. Requires member to create an account. Easy to install for anyone with a little experience installing cgi scripts. Novices who are good at following instructions should also have no problems with the installation.
  • emAlbum Standard - Free
    emAlbum is an online image content manager that supports an unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, and images. UPDATED: emAlbum has been completely rewritten with many new features including: template support, thumbnail support, language files, and on the fly folder/image detection. emAlbum is easy to install and we offer a support forum and detailed users documentation for assistance. Supports JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, and TIF images and will work with any OS/Web Server combo running Perl 5 or higher.
  • My Photo Gallery - Free (GPL)
    My Photo Gallery is a Web-based photo gallery with support for other filetypes. It is easy to setup and even easier to maintain. Slick-looking image/file galleries and thumbnails are generated on the fly from the directory that you specify. Creating an album is as easy as creating a directory and FTPing your pictures to that directory. A Web administration interface is available, and updating is just as easy. It also includes advanced features such as image logging, resizing, rotating (lossless), extracting EXIF data from digital cameras, and visitor comments. Many other file formats are recognized and given a special icon. The admin can specify the number of images per page.
  • Schlabo's Scripts - Show Picture (SP)
    When linking to a picture this script automatically creates HTML pages on the fly with the picture, a description and a link back to the refering page. Also features Display-Counting, guest-logs (also for Top XX pics), a comfortable administration interface, picture-uploading, easy-to-use custom templates, password protection, IP tracking and more.
  • allows you to browse a directory tree and display all the images in it through a customizable web based interface. Any new images added are automatically displayed in the photo album. can integrate with many forums such as UBB, SMF, etc to share users and passwords. Even cookies from these forums are used. Users can be permitted to upload photos directly into your photo album, if you wish. By using string tables, templates and style sheets, has been designed to be customizable in every way. You can also add descriptions to any file or directory to make it look more professional, run slide shows, generate static HTML for burning on to a CD-ROM and view thumbnails, edit, delete, move, configure and more.
  • Picture Gallery Maker - Free
    Use Picture Gallery Maker to display a group of photos on the web! Now with optional thumbnail graphic images. Features include: Makes thumbnails of pictures, Builds image pages if you want it to, Builds the gallery pages, Inserts meta tags for Search Engines, 6 built-in templates. User can make your own templates to use.
  • Auto Photo Gallery Pro
    Description Auto Photo Gallery Pro is a platform independent, web-server-based software that fully automates the process of publishing, maintaining, viewing, and marketing your web-based multimedia gallery. Say goodbye to the tedious, time-consuming task of manually creating thumbnails and HTML pages to display multimedia on your site. Whether you have a few hundreds to hundred of thousands of photos, Auto Photo Gallery Pro will help you create a thumbnail and static HTML pages necessary for your users' viewing. Features - Works with both Unix and Win32 Web Servers. - Support any numbers of photos. - Support only photos in JPEG format (.jpg, .jpeg) - Online configurations. No messy files to edit, ever!! - Program is very easy to use. - All actions are optional and customizable. - Design of gallery is regulated by templates.
  • Thumbnail Masters - FREE
    created with Adult Webmasters in mind: Thumbnail gallery generator (for TGP's), generates random thumb gallerys. Every photo is randomly chosen and outputted to html (15 thumbs per page) as well as TGP links and Paysite banners. banners and tgp links can be added to the array through the admin. thumbnails link directly to photos.
  • Image Gallery - Freeware
    A short but effective script which creates an image gallery web page from the directory specified in the HTML tag. It matches any caption files (text) with generated thumbnails.
  • PhotoAlbum
    Create online photo albums and allow users to post their pictures. Features: customizable header and footer; online album management; upload and delete images through the web; optional password for each feature; email notification for each feature; specify the allowed file types; limit the size of each photo; keeps all the photos neatly organized; requires only one common perl module: does NOT require ImageMagik, SQL or PHP.
  • Schlabo's Scripts - Picture of the Day (POTD)
    Schlabo's POTD gives you the power of professional Picture of the Day-Scripts for free. It has a very intuitive interface and is as easy to use as possible. Features include: Assign pictures for many years in advance, give each pic a description and if someone sent you the POTD, you can give him credit. The Admin-Script displays all the POTDs in form of a calendar which makes it easy to administrate and edit them, you can also add a picture at the next free day with just one click. Even visitors can view a POTD-gallery if you want them to. The script features a well thought-through database-system with an extra file for each month, IP-Logging and Password-Protection.
  • Crypta Potissimus (Best Gallery)
    A fully-featured Gallery and Website engine combined into an easy to install, navigate, and manage total web package. Power your website today with our very versatile software. Crypta Potissimus comes with a comprehensive array of administrative tools designed to keep your site ranking among the top of search engine lists and to make website administration as simple as possible. Upload site and install in just minutes with our highly intuitive installer that does most of the search work for you. We are certain you will enjoy the experience of managing your site with Crypta Potissimus. Buy it today and you will have your site up and running in just minutes.
  • CJ Archive Tool - FREE
    Built for adult webmasters that are serious about building their Circle Jerk site traffic. Just enter your CJ Url and how many rows of gallery links you would like (four columns per row. 50 is ideal) and the script takes care of formatting and randomizing all gallery links and link titles. This tool is designed to build an entire archive site (so link to previous page created is linked to the next page and so fourth.). Database of gallery URL's and Link titles are included in DOWNLOAD .ZIP file. You may edit these files to add more gallery URL's and titles as you like, though there are approximately 700 gallery URL's and 1600 link titles already in these Databases. look inside .cgi for setup instructions.
  • EZWebAlbum
    This easy to use program generates dynamic html pages on the fly using simple to customize html based templates. Multiple categories and unlimited albums allow you to keep all your images well organized. Optional password protection will keep snoopers out of your private photos! Enable the public posting option and you can let your visitors post their own images into your albums! Real thumbnails, unlimited image descriptions (including html), and online admin make this truly an "EZWebAlbum"
  • TGP Giveaway - 25.00
    Give your Adult webmasters what they want! Give away free TGP's to them. but wait, before you hand them a free tgp, they are required to link back to a site of your choice.
  • Schlabo's Scripts - Comic of the Week (COW)
    Schlabo's Comic of the Week can show multiple pictures (for example comic-episodes) on a weekly or even daily base, complete with archive. It features: Assign comics for as long into the future as you want - The script will only let the visitors see the ones he's allowed to, As easy to use as possible, just specify the number of seperate pictures for each day/week and that's it, IP-Logging and Password-Protection.
  • AdultDevil Directory TGP System - $399
    Spiders are capable of harvesting several thousand galleries within a short time. Script supports unlimited categories. Automatically groups galleries into movie and image groups. Takes submissions, partner submissions, rotates hosted galleries, includes a search feature and more.
  • CommunityAlbums - $199
    CommunityAlbums allows your members to create their own photo albums. Users upload photos to your site (limits set by you) and the images are automatically converted to thumbnails. Once albums are created, they can be shared with others through listings in a directory, or they can remain private.
  • AGIS (A Great Image Server)
    AGIS allows anyone with web access to completely administer the entire gallery. Setup unlimited image categories. You may add or remove categories and images at any time from the browser. After configuring 10 variables you can immediately start creating your image galleries. AGIS completely integrates into your existing website. You simply supply the template for AGIS to use and now the CGI flawlessly matches your website. No more changing scripts just because you want to change your site.

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