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  • Gmail Invite Sig
    Displays your currently remaining Gmail invites in a PNG image. Perfect for those forum sigs! It uses the libgmailer library and requires GD2.
  • Display visitor's IP Address in a graphic
    Display visitor's IP Address in a graphic on your website pages (or any other pages) with this simple PHP script. This script makes use of the GD image tools. Can easily be changed to match whatever colors you wish.
  • PHPCorners
    Ever thought pure CSS layouts were too boxy Many CSS techniques are floating around the web to do rounded corners, but all of them rely on static images that have to be hand sliced, or are browser-specific. PHPCorners gives you the flexibility of CSS3 borders with today's browsers. You can now define beautiful, professional looking rounded borders without touching an image editing program, and with just a couple lines of CSS. This PHP script generates a GIF for each of the corners of a rounded box using a specified set of inner and outer colors, border thickness and color, inner and outer radii (for elliptical corners). The images are smooth and anti-aliased, and otherwise identical to hand-crafted rounded corners, but with a fraction of the work, and far better maintainability. Several CSS/HTML examples are included to illustrate use.
  • Image Stats
    Want to give your visitors a image to display there infomation such as IP Well now you can using Image Stats, and you can also add your own text to it quickly!! Free & Flatfile
  • Image Verification - GPL
    There is only one true, proven method of preventing automated submissions of forms: the 'image verification' mathod. For those unfamiliar, a random code is generated and displayed in the browser, and the end-user is asked to duplicate the random code in a form field. If the entered code matches the code on the image, obviously the user is not a robot - robots cannot read text on images! Robots can, however, read text displayed as text onto web pages, this is why images are used. It's a simple process really, and here is an application that I have written using PHP built-in GD image library to create an image, with a random font, with a random x-character code on it.
  • JSig - Your online signature creation tools - Free
    JSig is your personal dynamic signature image (mostly used in the online forums and message boards) generated by the JSig Windows client. It captures the information like CPU, RAM usage, OS, etc., and sends the data to JSig server. The server will then generate an image based on the information collected by JSig program (+ your custom text) and display it as an image. You can use it anywhere: in online forums, blogs, guest books, on your page, and literally everywhere, where the image posting is possible.
  • SQL(s)2PNG - GPL
    This script converts MySQL , Postgresql or SQLite data to an image file using GD and PHP. (...) I "created" an Anti-OCR method: a random line that crosses the document, or the PNG image, in order to "damage" some letters ...
  • majin Dynamic Sig
    Ever wanted a Sig that all the cool people have on fourms well with this you can make one. Its as easy as editing a few lines and changeing the background pic then youll have a Unique Sig unlike the other ones people have.
  • Banner Builder - $40
    Create high quality looking banners in a matter of seconds using this powerfull PHP banner builder script. Simply choose your settings, click create and you'l have your very own professional looking banner.
  • Dinamic Quote - Freeware
    This script creates a dynamic PNG picture with random quotes and send the headers to the browser so you can use it as your signature in *some* web foruns. Also, you can especify the size of the picture, the border, text and last line color and the quotes that'll be displayed. English and portuguese readme files included. Now the height and width are dinamic(if you want) and you can specify all the margins and the line size. Download it if you want a fancy forum signature.
  • ThumbsUP - Freeware
    ThumbsUP allows you to create thumbnails of pictures in the GIF, JPEG or PNG format. You can configure the program to what percentage you want to reduce the picture.
  • txt2jpeg - Free
    You can pass a text string from a textarea to this function and it generates a jpeg file dynamically of the text. A great tool for stopping people from copy text from your site or to improve security on your site.
  • OIC - Free (GPL)
    OIC (oh i see) Online Image Converter is an onlime image proccessing facility for PHP compatible web servers. This will allow users to upload a picture to the server and have it processed into another format.
  • Image Create for PHP - Free (GPL)
    Image Create for PHP is a stand-alone script that allows you to create dynamic text images easily. Features: A Boolean flag for anti-aliasing, new PNG, JPEG and WBMP (for WAP phones) formats in addition to original GIf support, a Boolean flag for HTTP expires headers, autodetection and correction of missing image formats in the GD library, image dimensions and size fit the fonts better, and backwards compatibility with 1.0.0.
  • Seamless Background - Tiles - Free
    This is a little php script that does not need any more than GD library installed, and you can always get other background tiles.
  • EZBanner - Free
    EZBanner is a PHP script that allows you to offer your visitors a free custom banner. The visitor can pick out the background and text colors and enter two lines of text to appear on their banner.
  • Button Image Creation - Free
    This is a simple PHP script that allows yo to create buttons on the fly.
  • Mood - Free
    This is a small PHP script that creates an GIF image of labyrinths in 3D. It allows you between four resolutions for the image of the labyrinth: rikiki, average, large and panoramic. Image GIF is created by the extension GD of PHP.
  • Dynamic Button - Free
    This is a simple PHP script that allows you to create a dynamic button with integration of a TTF character font. It provides a variety of configurable parameters such as font size, font angle, border, image size, and more.

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