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Title IPN Commerce
Platform Linux/Apache W2K/IIS
Price US $89.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - IPN Commerce
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » E-Commerce » PayPal
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Description IPN Commerce allows you to automate your digital products delivery with complete security. Easy-to-use. Easy Install Setup. Supports All Paypal supported Currencies. Supports Unlimited Confirmed Paypal Email Addresses. Deliver Product as Email Attachment. Deliver Product as Email Download Link. Secure Download cannot be defeated. Product Download Tracking. And MUCH more...


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Scripts Related to - IPN Commerce

Script Name

Diesel Pay Plus

With Diesel Pay Plus you can run you own 'virtual' money to 'physical' money converter. You will allow your visitors to convert they PayPal money into MONEY ORDERS, CHECKS DELIVERY, BANK TO BANK TRANSFERS OR ANY OTHER PAYMENTS to their designated recipients who do not own a Paypal account. Using Diesel Pay Plus you will be able to own an online business with minimum effort. You just need to set up the fees for your services . Diesel Pay Plus has the same features as other scripts but is twice as cheap. For a demo please visit our site.

Lizard Cart

Lizard Cart CMS is a database driven e-commerce content management system using php /mysql on a unix platform. It has PayPal IPN, LinkPoint, Worldpay intgration with more to come. For those who have a merchent account at there bank it includes a way to store Credit Card info encrypted on the server using mcrypt. It uses a key for encrypting/decrypting cc numbers to and from the data base in SSL. It includes a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) online editor and you don't need any special knowledge of HTML code. You can even cut and past a Word Document right into your pages.


PaymentPal lets you accept PayPal transactions through your website automatically. Through PayPal's unique Instant Payment Notification (IPN) system, the included "post-back" script will be accessed by PayPal to let you know the status of a transaction. This enables you to take PayPal payments to the next level by automatically activating member accounts, delivering electronic products, etc. without having to manually log into PayPal to accept payments. All you do is add the code you want to be executed according to the transaction status and it will be automated.

IPN Development Handler

A free bare bones ipn handler that you can use to integrate into your existing scripts or projects. Features a dual posting mode where you can post a simulated ipn from our own IPN Testing Environment. This avoids the need for making live test transactions with your existing PayPal account. Comes complete with full documented source code, ssl version (requires cURL) and a non-ssl version, useful tips and mySQL variable dumps for those requiring the use of a database. Requires: php4; Optional: MySQL.

Order Form

This order form uses PHP & MySQL and uses paypal for the payment processor. This order form has a web based admin section to modify the plans and the links to paypal, the how you heard about us dropdown, plus the emailed messages to you and your client. This script also has a web-based login to the admin section so that you do not have to worry about customers entering your administration page or worrying about using directory passwords. If a client does not have paypal the script also provides a link to paypal to sign up for a paypal account.

PACPAY PLUS (Paypal to Money Order/Bank Drafts/TT)

'PACPAY PLUS' is a full featured online system which rides on the widely adopted e-payment facility - PAYPAL. Currently PAYPAL takes care of payment transactions on an account-to-account basis only. 'PACPAY PLUS' complements PAYPAL by extending the payment service from e-payment to 'physical' money delivery. In other words, 'PACPAY PLUS' enables your users to send money to their designated recipients via your PAYPAL account. This happens when your users want to send 'physical money' such as MONEY ORDERS, CHECKS DELIVERY, BANK TO BANK TRANSFERS OR ANY OTHER PAYMENTS to their designated recipients who do not own a PAYPAL account.


The first in our building block series, MultiIPN is a solution that allows an unlimited amount of programs to interact with a single Paypal IPN post. The problem at hand is that Paypal can only post to one server location since the Paypal control panel only has one POST location. MultiIPN is a solution that will collect the POST data and send it to the correct, or all locations as instructed. The script is open-sourced and very easy to use. Please visit the site for details.

EW Password Pal

A powerful IPN script that integrates with PayPal subscriptions and automatically adds or deletes users to the unix ".htpasswd" file. It features debug and test modes, error and fraud reporting, auditing of the subscription period, price and paid account, simultaneous multi-currency support, admin functionality and once setup is 100% automated. This script is custom built to your requirements using our unique click 'n' build self-service interface system.

PHP Paypal Digital Goods Solution

PMBB's Digital Solution includes a paypal integrated IPN page, a get file page, a bare bones purchase page with dropdown menu integrated to the products table, products and payments table schema, a config page, and a product input page. The license is a one-time fee based user license. Simply visit our site at for a preview. This solution enable location of digital files behind root directory.

PayPal Anti-Fraud Shield (PHP)

PayPal Anti-Fraud Shield uses IPN to offer 100% protection against unauthorized viewing of your PayPal return pages. It requires no database, can protect an unlimited number of url's, offers full anti-fraud functionality against price or account alterations, has an optional switch to allow pending e-checks, optional support to update a .htpasswd file on unix, optional ability to send your customer a thank you email, optional ability to send a digital file attachment and comes complete with test action capabilities. It is also multi-currency supportive of USD, CAD, GBP, EUR and JPY.

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