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Title IBuySpy
Platform n/a
Price Free
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Category ASP » Scripts and Components » E-Commerce » Shopping Carts
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Description The IBuySpy ASP+ sample application was built to show how you can use the new Microsoft .NET frameworks and ASP+ development framework to build a full-featured e-commerce application. It offers all the functionality of typical shopping applications including product searches, shopping cart management, user login and registration, even the ability to view and edit your own product reviews.


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Scripts Related to - IBuySpy

Script Name

ASP SimpleStore

This is a database driven shopping cart written in an ASP environment, VBscript and HTML. Features include: Access Database driven store, Confirms order and produces printable invoice, Calculates Tax, and Administration area to add products, update product info, view orders, etc.

VisualCommerce÷ Constructor

VisualCommerce Constructor is a wizards-based development tool that automatically integrates Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, Microsoftę SQL Server /7.0, Windows NTę 4.0/Windows 2000, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, and Internet Information Server 4.0 into a cohesive database-driven commerce site. Targeting developers who serve mid-sized businesses, Constructor is an easy and inexpensive way to build a site. Additionally, Constructor saves hours of development time allowing developers to focus on customization. Users simply select the features they want to include in their site, and VisualCommerce Constructor generates the entire store. These features can then be modified using Microsoft Visual InterDev.

Xtensible Shopping Bag

Xtensible Shopping Bag (XSB), which besides storing standard properties (product id, product name, price, quantity) allows you to add as many custom properties as you like. In addition, it contains more high-tech: internally, it is based on XML - therefore scaling to large numbers of users as Session state is stored as XML data, not as object.

Webstores 2000

Webstores 2000 is an ASP application that allows you to build very high end, smart looking, intelligent and powerful stores. Key features include: Promotion Manager, Coupon Manager, 4 level category hierarchy, Real Time Credit Card processing, Import & Export from files, Business to Business transactions, International Currencies & Taxes, Open Source code (ASP), Wish lists, 6 Shipping Classes/Options, Powerful search engine, Themes and objects layout for improved design of store, Cookies, Orders manager, Shipping & Tracking Manager, Customer Service, Members pricing, and Browser based manager.

VisualSoft Cart

This is a Cart component that provides store-front "cart-tools" which integrate with e-commerce sites for generic shopping cart manipulation. The technology used to create VisualSoft CART is based 100% on Microsoft Active Server Pages. The component enables adding to, removing from and replacing items in the shopping cart while the customer continues shopping or even before placing an order. Flexible shipping options including shipping by weight, total cost, number of items and more.

Shopping Cart

This is an ASP-based simple shopping cart script allows clients to select items for purchase from the product catalog. you can create a simple e-commerce system for your site.

ASP Shop Plus

ASP Shop Plus is a powerful ASP shopping cart system for your Web site. It features: Complete Management Backend, Scalable Architecture, Dynamic Product Pages, Use with either Access 7.0 or SQL Server 7.0 as back ends, Complete ASP Source Code, Automatic E-Mail Notification Sent in Seconds to the Site Owner and Buyer, Shipping charges calculated automatically on each order Ż total order, by weight and per item, Integrate with UPS, integration, Easily Implement Your Own Interface and Graphics, Built In Real Time Inventory Management, Stores Contest Entries, Club Memberships, etc. to the back-end database for easy export.

ASP 101: Shopping Cart

This ASP sample code will store a users product choices, calculate a quick total and pass the results to an e-mail, text file, or whatever other data source you feel like attaching it to. It is made to be fairly easy to add on to by keeping a lot of the code in self contained functions. You also don't need to use this to list your products. Simply call it to add and delete items and to check out. This sample does not do the actual order handling.

dsiCart 2000 sj

This is an Active Server Pages Based Shopping Cart and Ordering System. Features include: HTML Templates, Keeps track of customers' purchases with running totals, tax and shipping and handling, Ability to keep the customer in the store without going to the cart each time they add an item to the cart, Calculates Shipping Prices using UPS's Quick Cost Calculator, and Allow the customer to place an order using SkipJack IC Payment Gateway.


AceFlex is an easy-to-use secure business applications that can turn your existing Web site into modern online Web store/mall with advanced administration and sales lead/order management. Whenever, a merchant adds new items to the store or makes any modifications with price, functions, options, etc., information is published automatically in his Web store. Visitors of AceFlex software can either search or go to a particular store, pick items from different online stores and go to a main checkout. This main checkout reflects the pricing and shipping charges set by each online store owner. Other main features include: Management of sales representatives, E-mail notification about store sales available, Generation of sales reports, Secure SSL transactions and online verification of credit card, Binds to databases (MS SQL 6.x/7.x, MS Access 97/2000), Multiple merchant virtual hosting support and more.

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