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Title IBS Portal Footer (
Platform .net 1.1,, iBuySpy Portal
Price 9.95
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - IBS Portal Footer (
Category ASP.NET » Scripts and Components » Site Navigation
Hits 971
Description This iBuySpy Portal Enhancement creates a footer on the bottom of the portal pages and mirrors the top tabbed naviagation in the footer, you can also add text and images to the footer file. drop in, add one line of code to desktopdefault.aspx and compile. Easy as 1-2-3! Works with iBuySpy Portal Does not work with iBuySpy starter kit.


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Script Name

AspLib - Advanced button.

The advanced button which sets an icon, text, and an imitation of convex appearance when touched by the mouse.


EasyListBox offers far more features than the native listbox. Without any client scripting knowledge, EasyListBox developers have access to <ul> <li>Selection persistence without ViewState <li>Multiple columns <li>True combo box mode <li>N-tiered dependent lists <li>Modular linked (swappable) lists <li>Full HTML support within list items <li>Free add-on controls that dramatically enhance the EasyListBox experience</ul>


The GroupedCollection is an ASP.NET Templated Server Control for use in a Web Form page. The GUI is much like a collection of sliding stensils in Visio or like the Visual Studio ToolBox with sliding ToolBoxTabs. The GUI is configurable through several style objects from both within xml markup and code-behind file. The GroupedCollection support adding of Groups both manually and from a database and both ways at the same time within the same GUI entity. Since the GroupedCollection emit advanced dhtml to the browser client, the GroupedCollection also have a downlevel version (to secure that information will allways be available to the browser), the GroupedCollection will by itself find out which client to build depending on the browser making the web form page request.


ASP.NET DHTML Menu is a component (Server Control) for ASP.NET. It generates hierarchical DHTML menu for web sites. The component is based on XML and CSS. The generated HTML and client JavaScript is compatible with all popular browsers. ASP.NET DHTML Menu is a flexible, reliable, powerful and easy to use product. No HTML, JavaScript or special knowledge required. The Menu Structure is defined through XML and can be obtained from a static file or programmatically. Supports unicode. Also, there is a large number of ready-to-use menu styles. With ASP.NET DHTML Menu you can add a DHTML menu to your web site within a few minutes.

Karamasoft MenuSuite‘šů - ASP.NET Menu Server Control and Visual Designer

Karamasoft MenuSuite‘šů is a toolset to build your ASP.NET menu in a matter of minutes. It includes MenuBuilder, an ASP.NET application to design your ASP.NET menu visually, and UltimateMenu‘šů, an ASP.NET server control to render your ASP.NET menu from an XML file, an XML string or from database at runtime.

Karamasoft PanelSuite‘šů for ASP.NET

Karamasoft PanelSuite‘šů is a toolset to build your ASP.NET panel for website navigation in a matter of minutes. It includes PanelBuilder, an ASP.NET application to design your ASP.NET panel visually, and UltimatePanel‘šů, an ASP.NET server control to generate your ASP.NET panel from an XML file, an XML string or a dataset at run-time. PanelSuite‘šů has a lot of powerful features such as DataBinding, TreeView, ServerControl, Keyboard Support, ShowHide, AutoGroupHeight, MultiGroupOpen, GroupDrag, ClientPersistence, GroupSlip, AutoFillFrame, AutoScroll, Frames, HighlightPath, MultiLevel, AdjustHeightOnItemClick, Marquee, HtmlContent, Absolute and Relative Positioning, URL Navigation, Client-Side Events, Server-Side PostBack and more. Supports IE5+, NS6+ and Mozilla 1. Compatible with ASP.NET Web Matrix and IBuySpy Portal Framework.

ASP TreeView

Generate TreeView with single simple method. Dynamic loading. Cross-browser compatible. Can have HTML tags in the node. Change many styles with one property: Classic, MSDN, Web, XP, Explorer, etc. Many examples with source code.

Quick Tree View .NET

Quick Tree View .NET is a web server control designed to create treeview controls in your .NET applications. Works with Microsoft IE 4.0 up or Netscape 4.0 browsers.

deloittes.NET TabStrip

The deloittes.NET TabStrip is a simple solution that creates and maintains tabulated navigation within ASP.NET enabled web sites or web based applications. XML driven and infinitely configurable this light-weight, robust navigation control supports all popular web browsers, offers client-side script support and allows your users to quickly and easily navigate your content or application. Each tab can be targeted to a different URL or frame and supports individual images within each tab allowing you to display icons next to each link providing a visual reference to that links content. The tab is provided with two levels of navigation for small to medium size sites.

FlexMenu.Net - Free download menu component

The component is an dynamic menu building solution. It automatically detects and renders a tailored DHTML menu for Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 - 6, Netscape Navigator 4 ‘«Ű 7, Opera 5,6 and Mozilla/Gecko based browsers run on Windows, Mac and Linux.

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