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Title How to integrate an HTML Help system with a Visual Basic 6.0 Application
Platform HTML Help 1.4, Visual Basic 6.0
Price FREE
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Category Tools & Utilities » Miscellaneous
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Description When developing Windows« forms applications based upon Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 or Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 6.0, you may often need to develop context-sensitive help for them to enable your users to obtain help on the application's many graphical user interface (GUI) elements. Context-sensitive help is the type of helped that appears when users select (i.e., change the focus to) a particular screen element and then pressing the F1 key, which involves the Help common dialog displaying the help topic associated with the selected element. Context-sensitive help is used extensively by Windows forms applications, whether for applications developed by Microsoft or other forms-based application vendors. This article walks you through step-by-step on how to create just such a help system using the current HTML Help technology.


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