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Title How to create and access MySQL with PHP
Platform Unix, Win NT, XP, etc.
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Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Database-Related
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Description This tutorial will hopefully teach you some basics of how to access data with your PHP scripting to gather information with in a MySQL database. The first step you need to do is get a basic understanding of what MySQL is. If your site can handle or has access to a MySQL database you should try using the PHP Myadmin application to help you use and access your MySQL datases fast and easy.


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Scripts Related to - How to create and access MySQL with PHP

Script Name

Getting leaf items of the tree structure

Do you know what is a tree structure It is method of representing and storing some information. Sometimes in complicated applications you need to store data in this way. So find out how to print the leaf items of the tree structure using SQL and the general PHP features.

PHP and MySQL for beginners

Very Simple tutorial to get you start using PHP with the most popular MySQL database.

MySQL Tutorial

MySQL Tutorial shown in a variety of ways!

A Tutorial on Porting MySQL code using ADODB

In PHP every database is accessed slightly differently. To connect to MySQL, you would use mysql_connect(). When you decide to upgrade to Oracle or Microsoft SQL Server, you would use ocilogon() or mssql_connect() respectively. What is worse is that the parameters you use for the different connect functions are different also.. That's why a database wrapper library such as ADODB comes in handy when you need to ensure portability. <p> This tutorial has been translated into multiple languages, including German, Spanish, Polish, Thai and Chinese.

MySQL Efficiently using ADOdb

Learn how to use ADOdb and MySQL for a more efficient website.

Dreamweaver MX/MySql Jump Menu

This article explains how to make a Dynamic Jump menu in Dreamweaver MX with PHP. It was adapted from the tutorial at NewsId=3218

phpMyAdmin Tutorial: Transformations & PDF-Features

After having worked through this tutorial you will be able to: * know how the additional phpMyAdmin features using special seperate tables work and how to set them up * store pictures inside a MySQL table and view them from within phpMyAdmin * put specific transformations on any of your columns * create your own transformations, even with active PHP-code in it! * create PDF pages of your table layout, with relations and individually positioned ER-models At the end of this tutorial there's also some hints on getting the most out of your phpMyAdmin config file, showing you some configuration directives which seem to get less public attention.

PHP and mySQL Introduction

A detailed introduction to PHP and mySQL interaction. Includes detailed comments to help newbies get used to PHP and understand what is happening in each script.

Database connection in a class of its own

The usage of databases in larger web-based applications is essential. By using basic object-orientated techniques we can minimize the fuss of connecting and interacting with a database. We can also reuse this code in other applications: a huge benefit of 'OO' programming.

Storing binary data in a mySQL database using PHP

This tutorial shows you what is involved in storing binary files (images, pdfs, or whatever) in a mySQL database. It takes you through the steps of creating a database, uploading the files to it, and getting them back out again. The tutorial is broken up into two parts, the first part covering the uploading, while the second explains getting the files back out.

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