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Title HomeLog
Platform Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - HomeLog
Category Remotely Hosted » Web Traffic Analysis
Hits 621
Description View current visitors on your site. Displays referral URL, current page being viewed, pages viewed, time spent on site and individual pages, IP address, host address, country, browser, operating system, and more.


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Scripts Related to - HomeLog

Script Name

TERRAcount Free Invisible Hit Counter

TERRAcount is a free remotly hosted website counter and statistics service that will run invisibly from your site. Developed as a free alternative to the popular '' service. Stats include: unique hits, page views, referrers, search engines, browsers, operating systems and more including global stats.

PromotionStat helps e-businesses stop wasting money on artificially inflated, poorly targeted impressions, track which ads and promotions produce sales, easily monitor customer demand and interest, and calculate ROI. Features: Measure the effectiveness of a banner ad based on the click-through rate (CTR); utilize a special filtering feature to assign a reference number to each source and note how many unique visitors came from their web page exclusively; review detailed information about visitors, including date and time of visit, where on the Internet they came from, who referred them, their IP address, and the region they reside in; analyze which pages were visited, which product, department or category was of most interest, and which resulted in actual sales for each day of the week, broken down by referral source or tracked on an individual basis; and check for traffic abnormalities or whether artificial means of traffic generation were employed.

ServuStats is a free statistics service for your site. Simple insert a piece of code in your page, log in to your account and receive detailed graphical analysis of your webpage visitors.

HitsRecord is a free Internet service that provides valuable statistics to its users. The stats give you the ability to check how many visitors travel to your website daily and monthly, as well as where they are coming from on the Web. This service provides a detailed analysis including traffic reports, marketing reports, and visitor profile reports.


vioCLICKS offers an accurate and reliable Web site traffic counter and audience measurement tool that provides detailed traffic analysis for Webmasters in real time. The stats include: unique visitors, total impressions, reloads and return visitors with forecasts, averages and current statistics by date and time; Referrers including search engines, keyword phrases, and email referrals; User Paths - how visitors navigate through your site; User Profiles with demographic information - Browsers Used, Operating Systems, Plug-ins, Screen Resolutions, Languages Used, Countries of Origin, Time Zones, Domains, ISPs; and Wireless Site Tracking - Detailed traffic and navigational analysis of wireless users who access your site via PDA's or Internet enabled mobile phones.


HitsLogster is a free Web site traffic analysis service that is fast, easy to use, and displays your traffic stats in an easy to read, printable format. It does not require any counter image linking back to its site. Its display formats come in a variety of colors, fonts and sizes for you to custom configure. Once its code is placed into your page(s) you will not have to edit anything else, it can all be done from our web based interface. It collects Multi-page Hits, Referrers, Current online users, Browser, O/S, Screen Resolution, Search Engine Search Terms, Time spent on your website, Host/IP, Country and more.

IndexTools :: Live Web Site Traffic Analysis

This might be an ideal solution if standard aggregate reports are just not enough for you to understand your visitors. IndexTools' Visitor Path reports let you take a close look at every action of your visitors within your site. IndexTools Statistics is a hosted web traffic analysis solution, it's easy to implement and requires no download.


Estats4all is a free statistics service for your Web site. As a Webmaster you need to know who is on your site, how they got to your site, how long they stay, and what pages they are looking at. We offer all that information in an easy to use, easy to understand format.


TulipStats provides real-time web site tracking information and comprehensive detailed text and graphic statistics reports detailing every aspect of your site's traffic, including page views, multiple page tracking, referal domains and URLs, unique visitors, daily access logs search engine keyword reports, browsers, plug-ins, operating systems, countries, daily access logs, and more.

Gumball Tracker

Gumball offers you much of the information you need to determine the focus of your marketing plan and design of your site. But, not only is Gumball a powerful tool for any Webmaster, itĘs invisible, private, and can track an unlimited number of pages.

Google Search


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