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Title HiMail Free
Platform Any Win 32 platform or Unix/Linux System
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - HiMail Free
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Forms Processors
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Description HiMail Free is a free cross-platform form mailer, with strong emphasis on security, with new defenses against header substitution. Also includes JavaScript input validation, and sophisticated checks to ensure the form was successfully mailed, presenting suitable options to the user if not. Easy installation, free support.


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Scripts Related to - HiMail Free

Script Name


A very basic website form processor script that comes with comprehensive form templates. Packed with powerful features but very simple and quick to install. Form results are sent to your e-mail address and the customer is directed to a fully customizable on-the-fly results page. Optional text or HTML autoresponder provides excellent customer service and allows your customers to easily come back to your website.

Website Form Handler

Website Form Handler is a complete and highly customizable form processor that will work with any website hosted on any platform. Send form results to multiple e-mail addresses, optional text or HTML formatted autoresponder, and dynamic on-the-fly- results page. Includes comprehensive templates that allow you to rapidly create a form, autoresponder, and dynamic output page. Website Form Handler will work with your existing forms and simple to install. Demo Now!


CGI html email formmail that allows user to export senders emails, view stats on messages sent from the web form, auto reply, full web based administration. ApplyContact dynamically generates the proper html code for you to just cut and paste. Also stores your messages in case your email is down.

CGI Form Maker

Form maker is the ultimate in CGI form generation. Create your order forms, contact forms, upload forms, feedback forms and more. Built in search engine, email autoresponders and templates, option to preview submission, reply to all submissions with one click. And attach files to autoresponders.

#01 WWS Feedback

This script allows you to send form data to one or more email addresses, mobile phones, PDA or pagers. The script use the customer's templates and included ANTI-SPAM and ANTI-AUTO FILLING protection.

The ACFormMailer

The ACFormMailer ver 2.0 PRO has over 11 customizable options for you to fit your site. You can have 1 or UNLIMITED fields in your form. You can have either 1 or ALL fields required. You have the ability to have the fields emailed to you in a specific order. You also have the ability of sending an customized autoresponse to the user and redirecting them upon completion! Now with SPAM control!

The ACVerify FormMailer

Have you ever wanted to verify your users email address before recieving there information? Well now you can with the ACVerify FormMailer! With over 11 Customizable options to allow you comfort and ease!


Nether-Mail is an easy to install, yet powerful form mailer. It features: Unlimited recipients, Easy to modify Variables, The ability to log every sender/recipient, Specifying the recipient by use of a FORM tag, Specifying the redirect URL by use of a FORM tag, and You now can choose how to sort the data when it is sent.


IntelligentForm is a form processor / autoreponsoder written in Perl. Features: multilingual, visitor info collection, and automatic language selection depending on the user browser/OS.

HiMail Pro

HiMail Pro is a fully featured cross-platform HTML form mailer, with strong security, and new defences against header substitution. Also includes JavaScript input validation, and sophisticated checks to ensure the form was successfully mailed, presenting suitable options to the user if not. Free installation, free support.

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