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Title Herong's Notes on Perl
Platform Win NT, Unix
Price Free
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Website Visit Website of - Herong's Notes on Perl
Category Perl & CGI » Tips and Tutorials » Introduction to Perl and CGI
Hits 595
Description This collection of notes and sample codes are based on my personal experiences with Perl on both Unix and Windows systems. Topics covered include CGI, DBM, binary file, IIS, reference, package, object, class, XML, Web Service, etc.


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Scripts Related to - Herong's Notes on Perl

Script Name

Sulfericacid- Oil of vitrol- Acid cleanup for code on the web

Go over everything from variable types, loops, file manipulations, complete step through in creating mailing forms, etc!

CGI Tutorial

If you are looking to learn Perl CGI database programming for your web site, this tutorial is an easy way to do it. There are pictures to guide you and it is designed for someone with only minimal html knowledge. Covers perl syntax, cgi script installation, relational database concepts and design, the DBI module that perl uses to talk to the database, and four sample cgi scripts with line by line explanations.

Perl: Data goes in, Files come out

Learn how to read from and write to files and how to use STDIN and STDOUT to collect and output data. Then download the example: 'Prime number finder' and improve on it.

Introduction to Perl

Goes into how to obtain and install a copy of Perl, creating and executing scripts and some basic syntax.

Perl Fast Training Course

Each part of this tutorial is related to the different subject covering a specific area of the Perl language. From the start any newbie can learn the basics, while amateur users can advance their skill level.

Learn Perl

Learn Perl statements, variables, operators, boolean, conditional, looping, and more through this comprehesive online tutorial.

CGI for the Total Non-Programmer

This tutorial walks you through the basics of creating CGIs with Perl on a Unix platform. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to create Perl programs for counting hits, storing and retrieving guestbook information, and processing secure passwords. You will also gain an understanding of how the Perl programming language works, and you will learn to use variables, IF statements, and loops in Perl.

Perl CGI Web Database Programming Tutorial

If you are looking to learn perl cgi database programming for your web site, this tutorial is the easiest way to do it. There are pictures to guide you, and the language used is friendly to non programmers. It is written in a sequential, step by step format, to make it easier to understand and follow. You will have the skills you need to build web database applications after reading this!

About Perl Online Class

A free, and self-paced online class. The homework is optional, and you're free to complete the assignments when you're ready. If you have questions or would like some feedback, you'll have lots of help and support from myself and your classmates in the About Perl/PHP Forum.

Introduction to Perl

This tutorial will go through the basics of Perl starting from the very beginning. Learn how to use variables, arrays, control structures, conditionals, file handling subroutines and more.

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