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Title HandySecured
Platform n/a
Price $1,000+
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - HandySecured
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Security
Hits 577
Description HandySecured provides a solution to secure your web/database applications. Seamless encryption and digital signature for records of your database. Alert support (including SMS alerts to cell phones). Manual database startup after crash or shutdown, no passwords stored on disks or memory. Virtually no way to steal encrypted data.


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Scripts Related to - HandySecured

Script Name

GuardMe professional

GuardMe pro is a professional anti-leech program with many features. It makes it impossible for any websites other than those you specify to link to your images,files, or documents. So stop paying extra bandwidth charges, get GuardMe Pro today.

Bandwidth Bob

What this script does is make it so "unauthorized" websites can't use images on your server. This will reduce the ammount of bandwidth being "leeched" from you. This can be a very valuable tool for webmasters who have a limited amount of bandwidth on their server.

Master Theft Resister

Master Theft Resister is designed to resist theft of graphics from your web site. The Master Web Graphic Theft Resister Kit includes: Instructions for making browser "save image as" features unworkable for the graphic on your web page, and utilizing the META "no-cache" browser directive in your HTML source code, and Master Theft Resister, the script which dispenses your graphic only when authorized web pages ask for it.


This script is developed to help websites fight the battle that bandwidth thieves have been waging on them. Have you been confronted with a huge bandwidth bill Do you want to protect the integrity of your images If so you have found the script that will help you win that battle. StealThis! will make it virtually impossible for anyone to locate where the images are located on your server hence making it impossible to source them off your server.


AntiTrader provides an easy solution to the problem of password theft and trading. AntiTrader will sit and watch the traffic on protected areas of your web site quietly and transparently in the background.AntiTrader will watch every hit from every member who's logged in and counts their Class C subnets. AntiTrader watches subnets as well as IP addresses. If the number of subnets a user accesses the site from exceeds a configurable amount in a set time period, AntiTrader kicks in with your preset instructions. You have the option of setting AntiTrader to either notify you by E-mail, automatically disable the abused ID or do both and it will do it automatically.


This is an easy to setup antileech cgi script. This Antileech script only has 5 easy variables to setup: Location of your data directory, the url to antileech.cgi, the url to your website, the name of your website, and your password. It also allows you to add as many sites as you want to the leech list.

SplitCam CGI

SplitCam CGI is a web-cam-feed protector. It is a system wide program that can protect any number of feeds. The Split-Cam web-cam protection system was designed to help the web-cam owner prevent other web sites from stealing his or her feed. At the same time, it also automatically times-out users who have left their computers on while they are away. These two problems plague most web-cam sites and force them to shut down due to irritated ISP's and/or high bandwidth bills.


filter.plx is a fairly rudimentry spam filtering system coded in perl. When a piece of email comes in, two separate sets of rules are executed, one batch on the message header, another on the body. Of the second batch, one of the rules is a list of regexes that are matched against the body of the letter. It's pretty configurable to those comfy with unix and perl. You can adjust the threshold, or individually disable various rules.

The E-Mail Protector Script

This script protects your e-mail addresses from being grabbed by the most widely used e-mail collecting robots. The emp.cgi script works by checking whether an e-mail collecting robot accesses your web site. If this is the case the script hides your e-mail address. If the script is configured to run in bellingerent mode it also prints out a list of 10,000 invalid e-mail addresses, thereby rendering the database pretty much useless.

Cliff's SpamBot Killer Script

This script lets you get revenge on spammers who grab your e-mail address off of your web page. This script generates fake (but real looking) e-mail addresses. This means that when a spammer's harvester comes, it happily returns a couple thousand e-mail addresses, all of which will bounce.

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