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  • Simple Proxy Blocker
    Blocks most HTTP proxies that use HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR, HTTP_PROXY_CONNECTION or HTTP_VIA http headers. Simple include the proxyblocker.php file and set the message variable.
  • Browser Emulating fopen functions - Free (GPL)
    Some web sites (like IMDb) prevent external scripts from parsing their contents by denying request without a user-agent string. You open a socket connection and send the headers, or you can just use be_fopen and be_file, which wrap the fsockopen calls and return a file handle usable with any PHP function. Features: may also be used to circumvent allow_url_fopen; completely transparent wrapper for fsockopen; PHP-like interfaces: BE::fopen (corresponds to fopen) and BE::file (file()); usable with all PHP file handling methods (fgets etc.); can send GET or POST requests; custom header lines can be sent; POST data can be sent; HTTP authentication; custom destination port.
  • HTTP Proxy Finder PHP Version - Free/Membership
    Getting everyday problems with filtering firewall Just simply find a HTTP proxy server and manage your web browser work behind it. We offer free solution for visitors asking where net proxies are to be given anonymously. You can select IP range and port to scan for proxy servers on the whole net. Only members can access full featured application.
  • WebPost Module - Free (GPL)
    HTTPPost is a very simple include script to show you how to send data to a website using the HTTP POST method. The most important part of this script is the fact that the User-Agent and Referer headers are set, to make the script you're connecting to think this script was connected to by a real web browser.
  • HTTP WebDAV Client - Free (GPL)
    Net_HTTP_Client is an almost complete HTTP Client, implementing all HTTP methods and a subset of WebDAV (web publishing protocol). Features: handles data posting, handles HTTP/1.1 persistent connections, connexion through HTTP proxies supported, and possibility to add any header. Supported methods are: Head, Get, Post, Put, Move, Copy, MkCol, Delete, PropFind, Lock, and Unlock.
  • HTTP Post Class - Free (GPL)
    A PHP class that posts an array of data to a given URL using rfc2616 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1.
  • HtmlSource - Free (GPL)
    The HtmlSource class is a simple way of retrieving, and stripping, HTML source from any website, given a URL. It features properties for all of the possible request headers you can send (including Referrer and User agent), and also support for both GET and POST (POST requests are made up automatically by the class), and also cookies. The class also has properties for stripping the html and removing the Response headers that are returned after a HTTP request.
  • eZ httpbench - Free (GPL)
    eZ httpbench is a simple benchmark program written in PHP. It fetches a web page and measures the time elapsed and does some calculations based on that. eZ httpbench calculates: Total time alapsed, average time per page, data throughput, maximum number of pages served per minute, hour, day and month.
  • HTTP Compression with PHP - Free
    Speed up your HTTP downloads with this code by compressing your HTML. Most newer browsers since 1998/1999 have been equipped to support the HTTP 1.1 standard known as "content-encoding." Essentially the browser indicates to the server that it can accept "content encoding" and if the server is capable it will then compress the data and transmit it. The browser decompresses it and then renders the page. Requires zlib.
  • Sockhead - Free (GPL)
    Have you any idea why your network program is not giving you the right answers, or how come you just got redirected Sockhead enables you to send a simple HTTP/1.1 request to a server and view the response from the other server. Sockhead allows you to include additional request headers in your response as in RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1). Required is PHP and the ability to create a connection to the desired server.
  • Yahc - Free (GPL)
    Yahc is an HTTP connection class. Yahc is used in PHP when you need to connect to a server on an arbitary port to execute arcane commands. It offers much more flexibility than the fopen() and other file related commands in PHP.

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