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  • PHPMyOneLiner - Free (GPL)
    An easy PHP/MySQL oneliner message system for your page where your friends can write a short and plain message in your page. Features: Admin Page, log date & time, ip from visitor, bad words filtering.
  • PHPGuest Book - Free (GPL)
    A simple and pure html template based Guest Book featuring: edit and delete posts, Stats on posts, single page for admin's action, etc.
  • Guestbook tr3.a - Free
    An easy to use guestbook with the ability to delete a series of posts, delete an entire archive, block full ip addresses, remove an ip address from the "blocked ip addresses" list, add/remove a word from the "bad words" list.
  • YAFGuestbook - Free (GPL)
    Easy to install PHP/MySQL guestbook script. Features include: Option to display image on message listing page, Basic auto-correction on homepage syntax, Optional automatic smilies (images included), Results displayed x per page, Colors and fonts handled through CSS, Header and footer template files to quickly drop in your own look & feel, HTML automatically disabled, ability to post as "Anonymous", Helpful error messages.
  • DevNation's Guestbook Script
    A guestbook script featuring: smilies, admin section with md5 protection, dn-code, nice layout, easy set up and more.
  • FriendlyBBS Guestbook - Free (GPL)
    FriendlyBBS Guestbook is a simple guestbook using flat files that allows for you to have your very own guestbook. Taking up only 23.13 Kb, it allows for speed and reliability.
  • EddiesGB - Free (GPL)
    EddiesGB is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program. Feautures include smilies, bad word filter, maximum character count, administration area where you can edit and delete unwanted comments, flood protection, customizable display and easy installation script.
  • Gestway book - Free
    Gestway book is a guestbook written in PHP that uses MySQL database to store the entries. It is simple to install. The admin panel allow to edit, delete, and modify the messages.
  • AllMyGuests - Free for non-commercial use
    PHP/MySQL-based guestbook script. Features: Spam controli; Admin panel; comment functions (sent e-mail to writer optionally); showing different Browser & OS images; User image upload; easy smilie/topicsmilie function; special code to emulate html if it is disabled; easy setup via browser; easy one click design switching; ICQ web functions; e-mail control (by syntax and DNS lookup). Written in German.
  • The Ideal Guestbook - Free for private use
    A completely configurable guestbook script written in German. It does not need any database, and includes many functions like IGB-Code, smilies, picture-code, deleting, commenting, edititing entries. You can administrate IGB completely online.
  • Gastenboek - Free
    A mysql and php driven guestbook script. Features: admin to delete and edit posts, admin to create database and edit colors, all texts are stored in one seperate file for easy edition. Written in Dutch.
  • Logan tagwall - Free (GPL)
    This is a tagwall class with example script. Works both with plain text files and mySQL databases. Very easy to set up and use, and very easily customizeable design.
  • AvBook - Free for non-commercial use
    A full featured Gusetbook written in German. Featires: Multi-administrator, Delete guestbook entries, change every aspect of the design online, secure Login and User System, only one mySQL-Table It includes smilies and the BB like hypercode. Reqiures mySQL and PHP 4.xx.
  • kv Guestbook - Free
    A simple php/mysql-based guestbook script with customizable colors.
  • OpenBook - Free (GPL)
    OpenBook is a fast and lightweight PHP/MySQL-based guestbook web application.
  • Tiny Smart Guest Book - Free
    It is just a pretty simple guestbook for tracking feedback or comments from site visitors. Very small in size. Very easy to setup. Just one simple PHP script. Version 2 update: ability to display message from newest to oldest.
  • BBooK - Freeware
    BBooK is a fully functional PHP polish guestbook. Simple and easy to use. Easy to customize. Features: HTML tag stripping, ICQ online status, 46 Smileys, 24 Avatars.
  • PostIt - Free (GPL)
    PostIt is a small, but fine Guestbook, which stores messages in a text file. You can define the amount of viewed and stored messages. PostIt generates and shows a TopTen List of the most active users. It will also generate a seperate small HTML Code for including in an external document and shows the "LastMessage". With E-Mail notification to Admin. Available in german and english.
  • CBook - Freeware
    CBook is an easy to setup PHP guestbook script that uses a MySQL backend. New in 1.0.1: New design / layout and changes in AdminCP.
  • Widgy Guestbook - Freeware
    Widgy Guestbook is a fully functional PHP guestbook. Simple and easy to use. Requiring minimal setup to run on your server. Features: HTML Tag Striping (protects guestbook from abuse), ICQ Online Status (Online/Offline/Disabled), Smileys, IP Address Logging, and Time Stamp.

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