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Title Guestbook (Pavol Srna)
Platform n/a
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Website Visit Website of - Guestbook (Pavol Srna)
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Guestbooks
Hits 805
Description This guestbook does not require a mysql database, it uses just simple txt file. You can insert smileys into the comments. In admin modul you can change colors, fonts, width. You can setup how many comments will be displayed on one page.


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Scripts Related to - Guestbook (Pavol Srna)

Script Name

amygdela's Guestbook

This is a plain and simple guestbook. It stores the messages in a PHP file, so there's no need for a database. The last message is posted on top, and it's template is driven by CSS. TODO:: Create an admin control panel, Create userlevels. Add smilies. UPDATES:: Removed some bugs from the index.php file.


phpBook is a PHP/MySQL guestbook program. Features: Nice interface; Fast and stable code; Language templates (english, german, italian, potuguese, french, dutch, swedish, chinese, japanese, danish, etc); Location templates (world, europe, belgium, etc); IP logging and banning; Browser logging; Pagebreak's; Smilie's database and help (over 90 included); Message security feature; URL-Code such as URL-Link's, URL-Picture's; Dirty word and long word filter; Flood-protection, Web-admin panel; Moderator comments; and e-mail notification. Includes a DB installation script.

Ridwank's GB-TEXT

This is very simple script, a TEXT BASED Guestbook's data Need only one PHP file program and one TEXT file for data, No need for MySQL database. Featured with: - Record Paging - Duplicate Entry Check - HTML Code Parsing - Long Words spliter - and much more. Just try it, and you'll know what I mean :)

Eclipse Guestbook 1.0

Eclipse Guestbook is a full-blown Guestbook which will allow people to very simply put a text message of feadback on your website. Eclispse Guestbook is easy to install and is ready for use in just one minute, and the biggest advantage: it's totally free ! The only thing is that there will be a small text and button link to this website as a copyright but you are free to alter the script in any way ! Also, I would like some feadback / suggestions e-mailed to me so I can make the script even better, please do also email me if you are using the script on your site because I would like to know who's using it. NEW ! VERSION 1.0 RELEASED !

YapGB - Yet Another PHP Guest Book

YapGB is a free guestbook written in PHP, it features: - no database needed, just a plain text file, - allows modification (*new) and deletion of entries, - fully customizable appearance through a template system. - custom timezone. YapGB is released under the terms of the Gnu GPL License. Latest version is 0.4.2 which adds a custom timezone option and the possibility to notify administrator of new entries.

Php Guestbook Script

This is a easy to use guestbook program for your website. Approve entries before posting. Optional bad word filter, clickable smilies, IP banning & flood control. BB Code. Receive notification if someone signs your guestbook. Send 'Thank You' message to visitor. Easily add text link or banner in the header. Support for multi language files. HTML formatted e-mails and auto responders. Nice clean interface. Easy to install. Browser output via CSS. Requires MySQL database.

OoApp Guestbook

This is a free php based guestbook for your web site. Easy to setup, no MySQL necessary. Uses a basic flat file. Includes managment area, and general area where users can sign the guestbook.


Xeobook is a customizable, easy to setup, secure guestbook script based on PHP4 and MySQL. If you like a clean and customizable layout this script might be worth a try. Besides its convenient setup and online maintenance, you'll get your own headers/ footers/ themes/ comments/ searches/ languages. All passwords are transmitted md5-encrypted. You can allow/ disallow specific html-tags, get email notification of new entries, set dynamically adjusted next/ previous-links. New entries are checked for valid text and flooding based on your settings.


this guestbook is very easy to understand and has all you need: no mysql table is needed. all the data is stored in one *.txt file. in the archive, you have just to modify ONE file. more details of guestbook: email check, url check, wordlength check, bad words filtering (make your own rules), admin area with edit and delete functions, admins can give a comment to an entry, ip tracking (only available in the admin menu for the administrators), *new* email notification, *new* translated to different languages. i will update this guestbook permanently with new functions...

Simple emotion PHP Guestbook

This is a simple php guestbook that allows people to add emoticons to there message and it uses a text file for a database.

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