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  • Phonebook.php - Free (GPL)
    Phonebook.php is a PHP/MySQL-based online phonebook system designed for large companies with multiple locations and departments. It features searching by site, department, or name, a Web admin interface, online paging, and more.
  • phpSched - Free
    phpSched is a application for creation and managing shift based schedule for several departments. Current features included: Template creation, Managing multiple departments, Multiple shift types definition (regular shift, Supervisor shift etc).
  • WebAPPlications (wapp) - Free (GPL)
    wapp means WebAPPlications, and is a suite of applications made with PHP4 and include WebMail, Instant Messager, FtpApp, Schedule, Notes, Bookmarks. wapp uses a MySQL database on backend.
  • BHC Intranet - Free (GPL)
    BHC Intranet is a PHP and MySQL-based office intranet suite similar to phpGroupWare. It includes a news page, calendar (WebCalendar), rolodex, contact log, network status page, task list, time sheet, office survey, and more.
  • Mozart - Free
    Mozart is a Web-based contact, calendar and case/project management system. Each defined user can have his/her own address book, calendar and (eventually) any number of cases/projects. You can also track multiple cases/projects for each contact. Additionally, by viewing a case/project, you can see every contact associated with that case.
  • phpProject Management - Free
    This is a PHP/MySQL application that allows you and others to keep track of the simple development projects. It allows you to submit updates of hours worked and status, and track if a particular project was ready to be billed.
  • Gestion des T‘ches (Management of Tasks) - Free
    This is an PHP application that makes it possible to manage the tasks of a service on a workgroup environment. The users are allowed to assign tasks to the others with such info as the date of the request, the task object, the desired person, the expiration date, priority of the task, and more. It also features: User authentication, Session management, Uses cookies to remember the last login user, Task manipulation (Adding, updating, and deleting), and Allows users to change their passwords.
  • KBshare - Free
    KBshare is a PHP3/MySQL-based database system that allows you to keep track of information in the form of Technical Information Documents (TIDs) and associate them with locations. It allows you to add, delete, and search using a set of user pages and admin pages.
  • Webtasker - Free
    This is a set of PHP scripts designed to manage tasks for a group of workers in a company. It allows you to have control over all existing task, and the worker of the task. Main page displays the task of each worker where you can create and delete a woker. Each worker is allowed to see his/her assigned task, modify the state and the priority, and provide his/her task's information to all the other workers of the same task. Webtasker uses a PostgreSQL database for storing and processing data. Version 2.0 adds subtasks, e-mail notification of changes, authentication, multilanguage support, and superusers.
  • kidSister - Free
    kidSister is a web-based application that is a cross between a to-do-list and a time-book. It is called kidSister because it has some "Big Brotherish" features which allow it's users to spy on one another. However, kidSister gives its user the power to limit which information it lets "the man" see, thus the less-threating name.
  • Timesheet.php - Free
    Timesheet.php is a PHP application designed to keep track of the hours worked by multiple people on multiple projects. It allows users to log in through their web browser and managed the times that they are checked in or checked out. Currently, it uses a MySQL database back end, and also offers some several administrative functions.

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