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  • Bills Image-Uploader & Resizer - Free (GPL)
    With Bill's Image-Uploader & Resizer you can upload JPEG- and PNG- or GIF-files to your server (depends on the installed GD-Library). It automatically resizes the image file and creates a thumbnail. Optional the file also can be renamed while uploading it. New since Version 3.0 is the possibility to overwrite existing files. Optimized for use with phpCMS ( - requires GD-Lib - free/GPL - german/english. New in version 3.1: Some bugs fixed, language-files in italian, dutch and turkish.
  • Nemein.Net - Free Trial/$1,500 - $7,500
    Nemein.Net is a Web-based Professional Services Automation suite including project management, time tracking, document management, sales force automation, direct marketing, help desk, and a group calendar. It runs on the Midgard application server.
  • Incyte Project Manager (IPM) - Free (GPL)
    IPM is a simple project management solution. It is built in PHP4 and requires Apache 1.3.x and MySQL 3.2.x. Inside a project you can add tasks as well as estimated hours. IPM keeps track of a project specific todo list and finished list.
  • IdeBox - Free
    Ideabox is a web based suggestion box software written in php. Every employee will have access and may drop his/her new ides into this virtual suggestion box. This way an idea may be followed from inception to adaptation with this exciting software. The package is very easy to install and easy to use.
  • Outreach Project Tool - Free (GPL)
    OPT (Outreach Project Tool) is a PHP general-purpose virtual commonplace for customers and developers to collaborate in developing projects. The system provides documents archive, e-mail archive, request tracker, task management, knowledge base, news administration, newsletter support, and a lot of other features (some project-based, some system-based). Requires LAMP. [Incremental upgrade from 0.946b]
  • MyDMS - Freeware
    MyDMS allows users to store documents, share them with other users and keep track of different versions. Documents are automatically converted to HTML when uploaded. So you can view Word- or PowerPoint-Documents for example online with your favourite browser. For security reasons MyDMS offers ACLs (Access Control List) that allows to control access to documents and folders on user and group basis. Users can be notified on new or expired documents via Email. A powerful keyword based search-function allows quick access to all documents. MyDMS uses PHP (with gd) and MySQL.
  • ProProject Project Accounting
    Workers submit timesheets, expense reports, managers get notices and approval requests. Produces reports for payroll and billing. Template based for easy look-and-feel customization. Available as ASP and for installation on your own server, free for individual use (independent consultants). This system has been used by a public company since Jan. 1, 1999.
  • Coherenet - 99 for 100 users
    Coherenet is a powerful information management system for multiple users and groups where users can exchange ideas and create free from the constraints of the office. Features include chat, diary, forum, file sharing (with nt-style group-based security), address book, multilingual and many more.
  • Infosuite
    Infosuite integrates event/notes/reminder, a calender, message board complete with admin, an address book, real time chat, email and newsletter manager which allows you to upload emails in csv format and send multiple mails and files to your clients, allows unsubscription and sending attachments with multiple management levels. Customisations are done on request but charged seperately.
  • OPES Groupware Collaboration - Commercial
    Groupware application with such key functions as: Web based Email, To do List, Memo Pad, Personal Address Book, Business Contact List, Staff Directory and Project Discussion Board, File Sharing, Bookmark Management and more. This application offers users access to the system anywhere around the world. It has one of the most user friendly GUI and supports multi-language. The GUI is designed specically to allow modules to be added easily.
  • Extra-Works - 99 for 100 users
    This system is a powerful office replacement which enables people to collaborate together wherever in the world they may be and exchange information (be it files, appointments, messages, etc.). Features include chat, diary, forum, file sharing (with nt-style group-based security), address book and many other powerful systems.
  • EPIware Web Based Project Management - Free Restricted Demo/$500
    Epiware is a secure web-based project management application with tools for document storage, multi-level administration, and project collaboration. Ideal for organizations that need a secure way to share information and manage projects. It runs on Linux with Apache, PHP, and MySql. It is specifically developed for fast track and user-administered collaborative workgroups and offers powerful and proven customer-driven capabilities. Epiware can quickly establish a private, secure intranet, that allows users to share documents and information, set deadlines, and manage projects from anywhere. Access to your project site is by invitation only. You decide who can use your site, and the appropriate level of security for each project.
  • Sherpath Groupware - Free (GPL)
    Sherpath Groupware is a Web-based (HTML and a few JavaScript), high-performance groupware package. It features email, schedules, contacts, a file explorer, email rules, notes, tasks, bookmarks, and fax and SMS support. It requires Apache, PHP4 and MySQL. This was a commercial project, but it has been under the GPL by its authors.
  • O.A.T.S. - Freeware
    A web-based timecard that allows users to input their hours and then print their hours out at the end of the time period (in PDF/HTML/Text format). It also has support for creating a template if the user works the same hours every week. After submitting his/her timecard, the user can start a new timecard, and the old one is archived. OATS has a well-developed administration center to make it easy to log in as another user, clean out tables, and update the FAQ.
  • Moregroupware - Free (GPL)
    Moregroupware is a Web-based Groupware written in PHP4. It includes modules like calendar, notes, WAP, todo, contacts, and more. It is database abstracted and uses a template engine for output.
  • dotproject - Free (BSD)
    dotproject is a PHP/MySQL beta level web based project management tool that dotmarketing started in Dec. 2000 then left fallow for about 10 months. It is about 50% there (there being a high quality product, not some half-baked simple form-into-db pages). With a little open source love, dotproject could be an MS Project killer. While dotproject was specifically designed for dotmarketing's needs, it could probably be extremely useful for any sort of service agency that requires the ability to track a project to completion. Features include: User Management, Email based trouble Ticket System (Integrated's ticketsmith), Client/Company Management, Project listings, Hierarchical Task List, File Repository, Contact List, Calendar, Discussion Forum, and Resource Based Permissions.
  • Internet Task Management System - Free (GPL)
    ITMS uses PHP and MySQL to track and manage the delegation of tasks in a business environment. An LDAP directory can be used to store user names and passwords, or they can be stored in the Database along with all other data. Users of ITMS can belong to multiple groups, and can delegate private tasks or tasks that are owned by groups which they belong to. Task assignment notifications are sent out via email when a task is assigned, and reminder emails are sent out every night based on each user's preferences.
  • proManager - Free
    proManager is a php based project mind-map / manager / todo list with a recursive task tree, task-related forums and an user hierarchy. It runs on a database abstraction Layer (MySQL, PostgreSQL and Oracle). It will soon suport task related attachments and a contact list.
  • Meeting Room Booking System - Free (GPL)
    MRBS is a PHP/MySQL-based application for multi-site booking of meeting rooms. Rooms are grouped by building/area and shown in a side-by-side view.
  • TWIG - Free (GPL)
    TWIG is rapidly becoming a very useful intranet/groupware tool and application framework. TWIG intends to be a simple, cross-platform, fast, and browser-independant way to access or share almost any kind of information, without the complexity or costs of other intranet/groupware packages. Main features include: E-Mail (via IMAP), Contact Manager, Scheduling, Usenet Newsgroups, Todo Lists, and Bookmarks.

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