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  • WebAsyst Workflow Management Software
    WebAsyst Issue Tracking is a web-based Workflow Management Software system designed for workgroups to orgranize client requests and work orders into distinct issues. Customize workflow individually for every job. Assign responsible person. Keep track of issue flow. Print reports. Send reminders. Multilingual and template based interface. Browser (HTML) or Windows (SOAP) client. Buy hosting (30-day free) or sources.
  • Free Expense Report Software
    Track and approve expenses for your workforce with free web-based expense report software. Users can log in and create expense reports and then add expense items. Admin user can then log in and approve items, or leave comments in the report. An email can be sent to the user when an expense item is approved or not approved. Easy to configure, add users, categories, and setup the email text all in the admin control panel. Uses PHP and MySQL.
  • Construction Management Software for Builders and Contractors
    A solution for builders and contruction groups to manage construction projects. Let your clients stay up to date on their projects online with this construction management software. Create a project, add tasks, clients then log in and can place comments on each task, view estimated completion dates and the status of each task. Keep your client satisfaction high, by keeping them informed of the project. Contract management software will help your construction business running smooth.
  • PHProjekt - Free (GPL)
    PHProjekt is a groupware suite which supports communication and management of teams and companies via Intranet and Internet. Components are: group calendar with resource booking, time card system, project management, request tracker, mail client, mutual filesystem, contact manager, mail client, forum, chat, notes, todos, voting system, reminder and more. An API allows the integration of available addons (e.g. web-shop, cms WAP suite a.o.) or own applications. Extensive help system, language files are available for 37 languages.
  • Group-Office
    Open Source Office suite with modulair design. Featured modules: Addressbook, Calendar, E-mail client, File manager, Project management, Website management module.
  • Willow Job Tracking System - Free/Pro
    Willow is a highly-customizable job tracker that can manage any type of workflow. It comes with a custom field manager, powerful reporting capabilities, a security system to control what users can see and do, and a flexible filtering mechanism to control what appears in job listings. Once a job is created, users can follow its progress, add comments, attach files, search and sort, and much more. All job changes are recorded by Willow's
  • Free CMMS Maintenance Software - Free
    Free CMMS is a simple and easy to use product to manage and maintain your important business equipment. this free cmms product is built using php and mysql, design is very flexible. Add categories and sub categories to keep your equipment organized. Two user levels, export to excel, and complete vendor management as well. maintenance software's free cmms was build to meet all the needs of the small to medium sized business maintenance needs.
  • WebOffice - FREE for QA
    WebOffice is an online Office allows you to store and retrieve information anywhere in anytime such as Microsoft« Outlook« or Oracle« Collaboration Suite«. <br> <li>Event manager help you to create an event, a appointment or a meeting, add attendees and create multiple instance of your event (Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly). <li>Address book help you to manage all your contact and Business Contact. <li>Email system help you to manage all your email from your POP3 or IMAP Account and Send / Reply / Foward a email to a contact from your address book or someone else. <li>File system help you to manage all your file to keep them in safety and Share with your business Contact. <li>Note help you to manage all your personnal note. <li>Task manger help you to manage all your task. <li>Favorites help you to manage all your bookmark. <li>Memo board help you to manage all your memo. <li>PhotoAlbum you can manage all your picture (JPEG, GIF or PNG format supported and Zip format supported for batch upload). <li>Birthday Reminder help you to remind your familiy member or friends birthdate. <li>User can set Notification on a event. <li>Set S.M.S. to receive information if not available.
  • TUTOS - Free (GPL)
    TUTOS, stands for The Ultimate Team Organisation Software, is a PHP based grouware or ERP/CRM/PLM tool to manage the organizational needs of small/medium groups, teams, departments. Some of its web-based tools include: a calendar for team and personal use, address manager with links to fax and SMS product repository, bug tracking system, email notification for appointments, bugs and notes, a task management for projects or personal needs, a document management system with versioning and a timetracking system. TUTOS is multilingual and currently supports 18 languages or dialects. Supports four different database systems: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Interbase.
  • Eridu - Free (GPL)
    Eridu is an open-source web-based groupware application similar in functionality to Microsoft's Outlook and Outlook Web Access products. Current features include: E-mail - Connect to IMAP or POP server, MIME/Attachment support, Multiple file attachment support, Inline attachment viewing, Link to Address Book; Address Book - MIME/Attachment support, Link to Email and Calendar; Global Address List - Searchable, Link to Email; Calendar - Event recurrence support, Meeting request support, MIME/Attachment support, Inline attachment viewing, Link to Address Book; and ToDo List - Sortable.
  • TeamFolio
    TeamFolio is an innovative browser-based system for collaborative working and information sharing. Use TeamFolio to manage day-to-day events, form a broad knowledge base of information and organise short and long-term projects. The interface has been engineered for usability. It provides colour-coded areas containing sortable lists and graphical chart views, streamlined data entry forms, global and contextual searching and latest information reports for catching up on new developments. TeamFolio is designed hosted to be hosted on your own network and the license fee includes a commercial license for the MySQL Classic database server.
  • XenIntranet - Free (GPL)
    XenIntranet is a modular intranet/extranet solution based on the Ampoliros PHP web applications platform and taking advantage of Ampoliros features, like very fast deployment of solutions, a standard user interface, complete control and so on.
  • phpTimeSheet - Free (GPL)
    Timesheet / Timetracking based on Darren McClellands PHPTimeSheet using php and MySQL, you can manage workers, projects, and companies, logging every-day come- and go-times, contracted hours, overtime, workspace and project-hours, attendance-time, holidays
  • Plan Project - Online Project Management - Freeware gives you a professional online project management service at no cost. With a fully-featured calendar, streamlined payment process, and project-task management, keeping track of all your projects has never been so simple. Are you a freelancer looking for an easy way to manage your tasks streamlines this process by allowing project managers to assign tasks to you. You can easily interact with notes as well as keep track of time spent on projects. Staying organized and getting paid has never been easier.
  • Obliquid - Free (LGPL)
    Obliquid is a PHP/XML framework for building groupware Web portals. It provides Lego bricks that may be composed to build an Internet application. It has multilingual support and themes. Modules include user management, calendar, news, documentation management, messaging and project management.
  • IRSR - Invisionix Roaming System Remote - FREE - GPL
    Your own portable/invisible PC system. It was built by integrating existing Open Source components. This mobile metasystem utilizes the internet's web hosting resources and is accessed via any web browser enabled appliance from your home, work, school, library, cafes, etc. The Invisionix Roaming System Remote (IRSR) is a new metasystem from Invisionix Systems. This Open Source program provides its users with a personal PC capability that operates in a distributed WAN environment. The metasystem is built with PHP, Javascript, and mySQL. The IRSR is a personal, general purpose, and modular mobile PC system -- built by integrating existing Open Source components. This generic portable system can be installed anywhere in the world and used from anywhere in the world. The system utilizes existing web hosting companies and can be accessed from anywhere: home, work, universities/schools, libraries, friend`s place, cafes, kiosks, wireless, etc. All you need is a web browser, any computer/pda/misc-device, and an internet connection. The IRSR essentially allows its audience to use any Internet enabled device in order to access the full functionality of a virtual supercomputer, with practically unlimited processing and storage capacities, and at an embarrassingly low price. The IRSR through its built-in ability to utilize the many existing computer system architectures readily available on the Internet today, provides ultra high performance via its inherent use of the InternetÆs many computational resources. The concept is relevant to both loosely coupled systems based software applications and tightly coupled processor based applications. The metasystemÆs environment combines multiple administration domains, heterogeneous computing platforms and built-in security features. For more info please contact Ilon Dalon (id) or Dr. Sam (drsam)
  • ePersonnel - FREE
    ePersonnel was designed to replace the bloated, overcomplicated and aesthetically challenged Personnel Manager that many small companies use. With it's simplicity comes ease of use and clarity. Designed to help the everyday user feel at ease, it has a familiar XP style interface, even though it's completely web based. Features include: RTF document generation, absence management (full days and half days) and statistics, employee management, user authentication. More features to come in further versions. Added features to new RC include RTF document generation for automatic reference requests, error-trapping on employee forms, employee statistics, including probation & pension dates.
  • Willow Issue Tracking System - free (GPL)/pro
    Issue tracker is a highly-customizable issue and task tracking system. It comes with powerful reporting capabilities, a security system to control what users can see and do, and a flexible filtering mechanism to control what appears in job listings. The pro version adds a custom field manager and a faq system to help you customize the system to suit your needs. It is MUCH nicer than bugzilla -- you should try it! Online demos available at the website.
  • SmoothWebcam PHP
    A script that allows you to include your webcam in your page - via an iframe. The script has an automatic refresh feature, allowing you to specify the refresh rate of the image and sizes up at less than 0.5 KB - a great little script for your webcam images.
  • Wikiwig : the first Wysiwyg Wiki
    An advanced Wiki with a Wysiwyg interface. User friendly and powerfull. Features are : wysiwyg online editor (htmlarea), user management, lock system to avoid 2 users edition at the same time, file management (attachement), image management(upload+online modifications), versionning... Compatible webbrowsers are : IE5.5+, Mozilla 1.3+

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