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  • @Mail Groupware - from $250
    The system provides a complete Web-based Groupware system for users within your organization. Optionally, the Groupware module provides a Outlook to Web-based synchronization utility, allowing Contacts and Calendar data to be shared between Outlook 2003/2000 and the Web-client.
  • uReserve Online Resource Scheduling System - $199.00 per script installation
    uReserve is an online resource scheduling system that allows members in your organization to reserve virtually any type of resource such as conference rooms, computer systems, electronic equipment, company cars, and more! User-friendly, web-based interfaces make it easy for people to check the availability of resources and reserve the resources online. Now available with Dual Resource Scheduling. This edition of uReserve will allow two different resources to be scheduled together from just one reservation form. Checks the availability of both selected resources before accepting a reservation.
  • uSignIn Web-based In Out Board and Personnel Tracking System - $99.00 per server license
    Easily track in out status of employees with uSignIn In Out software.Provides a centralized place where members can lookup phone numbers, email addresses and other contact information. An Integrated Message Center feature allows members to leave and read messages without use of any email accounts/servers. Easily communicate with and track employees via a user friendly electronic in out board! Now available uSignIn No Passwords Version designed for use when a single individual is responsible for keeping track of everyone in your organization.
  • Webbooking
    A Low cost database driven resource tracking system. Keep Track of resource and timelines. Add new reources and manages them based on projects. Graphical and tabular output for easy visualization. Key Features include graphical output, multiple projects, easy resource tracking and archiving. A must have for businesses of all kinds. Supported Databases: mySQL, MS-Access and MS SQL Specific customization services are available.
  • WebTR
    A highly efficient database driven Trouble Report and Change Handling System. Keep Track of open and completed change requests or use it for bug tracking. Assignement to various resources or different queues possible. Features also include adding attachments and email notifications(corporate edition only). This product features highly robust administrative interface. The supported databases include, MS Access, mySQL and MS SQL. Specific customization services are available.
  • WebCC - Version Control System
    A Low cost database driven version control system. Keep Track of all latest and old verions of documents or software. Key Features include checkin, checkout, history and archiving. A must have for businesses of all kinds. Supported Databases: mySQL, MS-Access and MS SQL. Specific customization services are available.
  • Corvine Projects - Free (GPL)
    Multi user Web enabled interface for recording of progress against user defined projects. User decides reporting parameters. Useful for organisations where no one knows what anyone is doing. Database is populated with my self sufficiency entries but I also use a version at work where I'm employed as an Accountant.
  • IN/OUT Board - $10
    The Lund & Lund IN/OUT Board works just like the IN/OUT board you had in your office, only this board is much easier to keep current, and you don't need to leave your seat to find out who's IN or OUT. The board's appearance is easily customizable, and no knowledge of Perl is required.
  • IN/OUT PRO - $40
    This is the professional version of the IN/OUT Board. It includes all the features of the basic version, plus sorting, logging, lots of configuration options, and more. A separate Administrator's Module makes configuration and adding personnel simpler and more secure.
  • AB Online Web Review Tool And Workflow Management - Free
    A tool to easily manage Web teams and projects. Includes the ability to add/review comments for use in web projects during development. The tool allows reviewers to read existing comments made by others using the tool about the current page, and also will let reviewers add their own comment to the list. The content developers can read the comments online and print the comments in a report. Also, the developers can mark each comment to indicate whether the commented issue has been addressed. Packaged with MS Access Database.
  • Isogest - GPL
    Isogest is a multi-user web-based groupware suite written in perl to make a virtual office by an useful API. I put in Isogest all I have had need during my job! Calendar, Contacts, Wiki pages, Todo, Projects, HylaFax client, Web Filemanager, digital documents archive
  • The Project Channel - $49.95
    The Project Channel is a cross-platform, cross-browser interactive collaboration module establishing one access point for all your client and project team communications accessible through your Web browser 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The complete module is configured through only 1 file making it a snap to set up. The module can also be cloned for an unlimited number of clients. Self-contained areas with full administrative control include Reviews, Status, Resources, File Upload, Project Member Contact Database, Calendar.
  • MimerDesk - Free (GPL)
    MimerDesk is a Web-based groupware environment designed for a wide variety of uses such as personal management, computer-supported collaborative learning, carrying out projects, and setting up communities. Its main strengths include a very customizable group system which allows many groups to work simultaneously on a shared database with tools like Calendar, Tasks, Forums, Projects, Links, Chat, Reviews, Voting, Files, Instant Messages, Profiles, and many more.
  • @Organise Project Manager - Free/$399
    @Organise is a project management software for your business. The software allows administrators and employees to post tasks to themselves and other workers with varing levels of urgency and status. Organise your employees time and resources via a web interface. Including project tracking, statistics, admin interface and more, @Organise is designed to increase your company's efficiency. Written in Perl, and supporting an SQL database backend, @Organise runs under both Unix and Windows platforms.
  • WebTodo - Free
    WebTodo is a web-based todolist system. It provides multiple views of open tasks and allows tasks to be assigned to groups or individuals. There is a request script that presents customers with a form to fill in which then submits it to the todolist. Customers will be notified about their task by email if one is supplied. Updates to the task can also be emailed automatically - the frequency is selectable.

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