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Title GraphViz Java API
Platform any
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - GraphViz Java API
Category Java » Applications » Miscellaneous
Hits 695
Description It is a simple Java API that facilitates the usage of the graph-drawing dot program (which is part of the GraphViz project) in your Java programs.


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Scripts Related to - GraphViz Java API

Script Name


CalendarComponent is an innovative graphical user interface for picking a calendar date correctly and quickly. Apart from normal navigation by month and year, CalendarComponent lets the user navigate by week of year and quarter of year. This facilitates quicker navigation to a desired calendar date. CalendarComponent lets user pick a correct date by providing a) more information about a calendar date b) call backs to DateValidator: 1. User can select,say, 167th day of the year by switching over to day of year mode. 2. Validity of a selected date is often dictated by the application contexts. CalendarComponent enables applications (of which it is part of) decide on correctness of selected date. (This is done by implementing DateValidator interface. Download demo from and refer to Developer Section in docs/ index.html). It is common to refer to a calendar date by week of year.With CalendarComponent, user can quickly navigate to week of year and make selection.


DateChooser is a Java class that allows a programmer to present the user with an input dialog for easily choosing a date and feeding it to the program. The calendar input dialog show the "day of the year" and "week of the year" data for the selected day. It also catch the mouse wheel motion to scroll through months. Finally DateChooser can run as an indipendent application, simply executing the JAR file. Updated (version 1.2.4): now you can set the starting year and month to be shown when the dialog window is opened; Tv API

Allows you to download and perform a number of functions on the TV feed. Functions such as programme duration, programme searching, Caching of XML feeds, etc. The API allows you to easily create an cmd line or gui application to view the tv listings.


JShutDown is a utility to automate the shutdown process of your PC. Need to go now but want to close your PC in 30 minutes ? No problem ! With JshutDown you activate the timer and the rest is just count down !

Cherry Picker

Cherry Picker is a Java application that "pulls" Gifs and/or Jpegs from a Web site (or linked sites). The production version allows images to be scaled and different scaling algorithms to be selected. Also allows pages with certain extensions to be ignorned i.e. exe, zip, etc. The included Run.bat must be used to run Cherry Picker.


Logger is a thread safe class useful for use in Java applications that make extensive use of logging to text files. The logger class uses 2 vectors to store log data. It automatically toggles the use of these vectors, so that while one is being flushed to disk, the other can accept log entries. The class has two simple methods, both of which are synchronized (To ensure that they are thread safe).

Favorites Editor

Favorites Editor helps you to manage your saved favorites. You can easily check for dead links, remove, and edit your favorites with an easy to read and use interface.


DictionarEase is an easy to use computer Dictionary. To look up a word, just start DictionarEase, type in as much of the word as you know, and hit enter. All matching words will be displayed. Just click the word you want to see the definition of, and it will be displayed for you. <td>

United States Flag

This is a Java 2 application that displays the United States Flag. Resizing the flag by dragging the corners keeps the flag proportions in-tact. <td>


FstxTime is very flexible time clock, time sheet and calendar manager for your business. It includes comprehensive security, a complete web interface, and a highly customizable look and feel.

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