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Title Google site search
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Category PHP » Tips and Tutorials » Searching
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Description In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to let users search your site, without building a search engine. This can be useful if your pages are all html, or you do not have the time to build your own website search engine.


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Scripts Related to - Google site search

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Creating a Search Application

In this tutorial, we will discuss a method of searching web pages for keywords. We will provide methods for exact keyword matching and a type of fuzzy search. Also included in this tutorial is a overview of using databases in PHP and a heavy concentration on classes.

Create Next and Previous Pages for Search Results

This code covers the steps required to create Next and Previous links and pages for Search Results limited by a certain number of results per page.

Build a Search Engine in PHP in 30 Minutes

At some point in your career you might get a task to build a search engine that runs on PHP. This article shows you how to quickly build an internal site search engine for your site using PHP and MySQL.

A Simple Web Search Engine

This article shows you how to use PHP and a MySQL (or any SQL database) to create your own basic search engine. Covers creating SQL tables, Using regular expressions to match keywords, Connecting to the database, and Returning the results.

Getting and Using Meta Tags for Search Criteria

Searching a Directory of Files

This tutorial shows you how to dynamically compile the list of files in a given directory. You can then conduct keyword searches on the compiled list for finding matching files.

Searching External or Internal Webpages

This tutorial explains how to conduct keyword searches on a given Webpage. It basically shows how to count and display the number of times a specific keyword appears on the Webpage.

Slapping together a search engine

ht://dig will take care of indexing and searching your html pages, but if you have very few html pages, and must of your "content" resides in BLOBs in your database. You can't do anything useful using a like searchword query, it just isn't coming back relevant. Here, you will find a way to get around this problem.

Quick and Dirty Search Engine with PHP and MySQL

For your site search engine, you may use the open source C++ program, ht://dig to index and search your html pages. But if you have very few html pages, and most of your "content" resides in BLOBs in your database, you can't do anything useful using a like %searchword% query, which will result irrelevant. This tutorial provides a solution to this by using a technique called 'Noise Reduction'.

Search This!

This tutorial shows you how to add search capabilities to your site using PHP3 and ht://Dig. This tutorial will cover the following steps needed to get these two great Open Source applications working together: Installing ht://Dig, Configuring ht://Dig, Indexing the Site, Building the Search Page, Performing the Search, and Parsing and Displaying the Results.

Google Search


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