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Title Get Detailed Information About Your Site Visitors In Real Time using ASP.NET
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Category ASP.NET » Tips and Tutorials
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Description Have you ever wanted to see who is viewing your web site in real time? how many of them are there? what browser they are using? where have they come from? what are their host addresses and host names? and exactly what pages they have read? all in detail? In this article we build an ASP.NET application to do exactly that.


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The author writes "With ASP.NET you can configure the 'ASP.NET engine' to automatically restart itself when certain criteria are met. For example, if the Web server has 100 requests queued up, you may wish to have the Web server restarted, assuming that some script or DLL is hanging the Web server. Additionally, you can set requirements on restarting the Web server on the memory usage, the total number of requests, or by the total time the Web server's run. This proactive approach was implemented by the ASP.NET team in order to increase the overall uptime of a Web site running ASP.NET: if the memory suddenly shoots through the roof, the Web server can be restarted, reigning in the memory usage and starting anew. The information regarding the life cycle of the current (and past) ASP.NET processes can be examined through the use of the ProcessModelInfo class." This article examines how to retrieve and present such information.

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ASP.Net's introduction of the web.config file went a long way to filling the configuration hole we had to deal with in classic ASP. We actually went from having very little (global.asa was the closest thing) to a well-structured, change on the fly XML file. For the most part, the web.config file does the trick fine. However there are some limitations and constraints with using it, which you are probably already aware of. What you might not know is how easy is it to surmount those issues by creating a far more flexible alternative.

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