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Title Ganttproject
Platform n/a
Price Free (GPL)
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Category Java » Applications » Development Tools
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Description Ganttproject lets you plan projects using a Gantt diagram. It can export HTML Web pages and calendars as PNG images. Projects can be subdivided into tasks with dependencies, and notes can be assigned to tasks. Users can interact with the calendar directly by clicking on it. The file format is a XML-based. It supports several languages, including English, French, and Spanish.


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Script Name


Jbillboard is a development tool for creating professional banner Applets for your web pages without programming. It provides you with a variety of special effects that are customizable by simply choosing the properties and parameters. Its wizard-like interface is very easily to use. By using this tool, you can create your banner Applets in just minutes.

Java Source Obfuscator

One of the main purpose of any obfuscator is to: make the end-user program binaries hard to decompile/debug with external debuggers; perform "reverse engineering". There are many of programs which provide this ability, but most of them works with BINARY files. This tool is designed for obfuscating the SOURCE CODE.

Thin-Client Framework

Thin Client Framework is an architectural pattern that defines how to write Java client applications. It separates coding concerns and responsibilities. Its high degree of modularity provides for maximum re-use. It is compatible with multiple data and server and network models, and it enables clients to be as thin or thick as needed. It supports a process that provides a formula-based approach to estimating development costs, and it enables parallel component development on the client while supporting concurrent development of client and servers.

Logging Toolkit for Java

The architecture of Logging Toolkit for Java includes loggers, handlers, filters, and formatters. Loggers generate the data to be logged; there are message loggers for end users and administrators and trace loggers for developers. Handlers process the event data generated by the loggers and correspond to a physical device, such as a console, file, or socket. Filters control which log records are written to the output devices controlled by the Handlers. Formatters present event data in a desired format and recognize specific types of events; multiple formatters may be attached to a handler, which allows the handler to process diverse event types.


Create interactive, plug-in free and very compact Java presentations and product simulations for the web. Development is done by visually connecting preprogrammed objects or by coding in Java. Several add-ons are available, for example a realtime 3D engine, where textures can be replaced with interactive 2D presentations. Other add-ons are an MPEG video player, slide show viewer and an MP3 player.

Documentation Enhancer for Java

A tool that enhances Javadoc documentation files with semantic information. The product's operation can be divided into three phases: Information from the original Javadoc files is processed and stored in XML files. Static analyses are performed on classfiles and its results are stored in XML files. XSL transformations are applied on the XMLs generated in stages 1 and 2, re-creating the Javadoc look-and-feel with the analysis results added.


RefactorIT is a powerful refactoring tool. With RefactorIT, a developer can take source code of any size and complexity, and rework it into well-designed code by means of automated refactorings such as Rename Field/Method/Variable/Class/Package, Extract Method, Extract Superclass/Interface, Move Class, Encapsulate Field, etc. RefactorIT provides a comprehensive set of smart query functions that make it possible to analyze and track large volumes of code. RefactorIT comes as a standalone tool or integrates seamlessly with NetBeans, Sun ONE Studio, JDeveloper, JBuilder.


HttpRevealer is a utility program for web developers, Webmasters, Flash developers, and Network Administrators. It reveals the communications between a web browser and a webserver at the HTTPlevel. You get to see all the HTTP request/response headers. It helps you to debug your web applications, Flash applications and web server.


compactHTML is a configurable command-line tool for reducing the size of HTML, PHP etc text files. By removing extra white space, tabs etc you can get significant reductions in size. If pages are downloaded thousands of times then this reduction become even more important - saving on bandwidth while improving speed. Over 20% size reductions have been seen, average is between 10-18%.

IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA is an intelligent and ergonomic Java development environment, delivering dozens of new usability features and concepts, not found in other products. It proves that the routine process of coding can be made pleasurable and very efficient at the same time. Among the standard features of a modern IDE like syntax highlighting, simple code completion, integrated compiler and visual debugger, IntelliJ IDEA offers a wide range of productivity features like: Highlighting of unimported class usages and easy insertion of required import statements, "Introduce Variable" code refactoring, Global usage search of any code element, Advanced code completion (3 types), Navigation to a class' source by its short name, Navigation to a super method, element's type and declaration, Auto-indentation of pasted text, Insertion of necessary import statements when copying code fragments between different files, Navigation to the source from exception stack traces while running/debugging, Renaming/moving of packages, classes, methods, fields, method parameters and local variables with reference correction, and more.

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