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  • Tyrant - GPL
    Features intricate randomly generated landscapes, towns and dungeons. It is written in Java with a highly extensible game engine
  • BBMF Java Mobile Games - 3.00
    Developer of premium java mobile games for cell phones. Also produces custom games for companies.
  • Oids - Free (GPL)
    The gameplay of Oids is a lot like Asteroids, but with some twists. Your spaceship is circular, flies like an Asteroids spaceship, but when it hits the sector wall, it does not come out the other side. It bouces. You also bounce off of other players as a billiards-ball does. Another big difference is that gravitational pull has a big effect on your flight. There are black-holes that you do not want to be pulled into. They also pull your projectiles, as shown in the above picture. There are also worm-holes in Oids. You go in one and come out another. <td>
  • J.Maze The Java Maze Game - FREE GPL
    Java Maze Game is an example of object orientated programming using Java∆s Swing. (*Note Download Link Fixed 12-10-03) You can download the source or compiled version of the game for FREE. By reviewing the source for this game you will learn: Java∆s Swing Design including using a Jprogress Bar, Java Timer(), Accept keyboard input for movement, work with java∆s I.O. system including bufferedReader. This is all available totally for free.
  • Source for Caculation Card Game - FREE
    Download the java source or class files for the Calculation card game. This card game is much like solitaire. Requires java run time environment. This is a fun game to play, as well as an excellent example of object orientated programming with a graphical user interface.
  • Source for Bunco Dice Game - FREE
    Download the java source or class files for the Bunco Dice game. Requires the java run time environment. This is a fun game to play, as well as an excellent example of object orientated programming with a graphical user interface.
  • PenguinCards - GPL
    PenguinCards is a java-based card game. You can either play against computer or another player. On the board, there are card pairs and your aim is to find out these card pairs. The one who finds out more card pairs is the winner. Have fun!
  • A220 Mission 1 - $5.00
    A220 Mission 1 is an arcade style game ( Java Midlet for your Mobile / Cell Phone). Fly through mountains and cave systems eliminating multiple enemies before finally destroying the Pirate Base. Pick up weapons, shield and fuel power ups along the way. Multiple levels, terrains and enemies - also includes High Score table.
  • Chess Club online - 99
    Chess Club script is easy to install and to use web application that allows everyone to create online chess players community on a website. Unregistered users can see active games list and boards of each game. Registered users are able to login, create/delete games and make moves. Moves are saved and sent to both players.
  • CubeTwister - Freeware
    CubeTwister is a highly configurable editor for cube scripts (aka maneuvers). Features: Accurate 3D models of Rubik's Cube, Barrel, Diamond and Octahedron - All models can have individual color schemes and can even be disassembled; A configurable parser for all cube notations there are - Supports quarter-turn twists, half-turn-twists, rotations, permutations, inversions, reflections, repetitions, conjugations, commutations, and macros; A database for scripts, maneuvers and pretty patterns - Cubes, Notations, Scripts and Texts are organized in a tree structure. The documents are saved in XML format and can be edited using other XML tools; Solver for optimizing your scripts. Features a Kociemba Two-Phase Solver (derived from Greg Schmidt's KCube program). The solver generates scripts which are only two or three twists longer than the optimal solution.
  • Alien War - 24kb
    Alien War is an arcade style game ( Java Midlet for your Mobile / Cell Phone). The Alien Armarda has entered the galaxy heading for Earth ! Whilst we do not expect you to stop the armada single handed, we do expect you to shoot and destroy as many as possible before you die.
  • Cubewar2003 - Freeware
    Cubewar2003 is a 3D worms clone for two players that takes place in a cubular world in space. Every player has six bases and must destroy the bases of the other player. The players shoot after each other and not simultaneously. You shoot from the point of view of the different bases.
  • Fifteen - Freeware
    Fifteen is a well-known mind game with fifteen number stones and one free square. The player must line up stones according to numbers. This Java-application requires JRE 1.3.
  • Building Bricks - Freeware
    Building Bricks is a clone of the original Tetris game with a nice look and feel and several MIDI compositions. "Building Bricks" was written in Java. You need Java Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.3 or 1.4 to run this application.
  • Tetris JBuilder - Free/$19.95
    This is a clone of famous tetris game written in Java. The application is free to download and play. The source code and programming services are available for a fee.
  • vcc - Free for non-commercial use
    This Java stand-alone application package is designed for people to play Chinese chess on the Internet through a TCP/IP client/server socket connection. Message window and text fields are used to communicate with your opponent and monitor activities.

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