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Title Game CP
Platform Unix, Linux, Win NT
Price free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - Game CP
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Games and Entertainment
Hits 1266
Description This is a simple to use Game Site Control Panel. It lets you upload flash games that are freely available from sites such as and create your own virtual arcade site.


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Scripts Related to - Game CP

Script Name

PHP Magic 8 Ball

PHP Magic 8 Ball Is One Of The Best PHP Driven Magic 8 Ball's On The Net But Best Of All Its Free For You To Put On Your Site.Here Is A List Of Some Of The Things It Dose. Image Preload Animated & None-Animated Reply Massage Board Button 8 Ball User Stats Log Script Processing Time Saves Last Questions Asked Tell A Friend Hit Counter Shows Users Online Your Own Random Quotes Auto Update Check And Notification Auto Maximise Browser Window Easy Install Badwords Filter Administration Panel And Lots More So Join And Download Now!

E-Gold Game Pack

Here is your chance to start that E-Gold game site you have always wanted to start. This package contains 11 of the most popular E-Gold game scripts. All scripts are written in PHP and easy to set up and install... Included in this package: E-Gold Batch Game Script E-Gold Bubble Script E-Gold Heads Tails Game E-Gold High Lo Game E-Gold Raffle E-Gold Number Guess Game E-Gold Odd Even Game E-Gold Card Scratch Game E-Gold Black Jack Game E-Gold Bird Hunt Game E-Gold Dice Game

The Celtic Origin

This is a planned game in which the users can make the game. Source avaible on request.


phpFootballPool is a manager for your home or office pool. You make you picks for who will win thier NFL football games that week. The winner for the week is player with the most correct picks. The over all winner is the player with the most picks over the 17 week season. Includes: Admin section for adding scores and managing users Click and Pick schedules complete NFL schedule for all teams and much more


Small, yet powerfull joke script. You can add unlimited categories, umlimited jokes. Script is fully template driven. You can change it how you want, to fit your website. This version is a beta and free version. All you have to do is dump the *.sql file in your mysql db, edit conect.php and trimitemail.php.

medieval based multiplayer online game

Game 1 is a multiplayer game built with PHP and MySQL. Ready to be installed and played on a server with just a few small adjustments, it provides an addictive wargame to challenge your friends on, or is a great learning resource if you wish to programme your own game!

Hole In One Golf Club!

Our Hole In One Club script lets Golf Courses, Country Clubs and Golf related businesses post their members' and clients' aces on their web site for all to see. This script is the perfect marketing tool for any golfing site.

Chess League

Chess League Features: Keep Chess Club contact details; Add teams to each club; Add players for each club, and team. Create matches per season automatically or individually; Set up league divisions, boards per match and points; Enter and edit results; Automatically create division tables; View club details; and more, much more... latest release features a completely rewritten automatic game scheduler that is much more portable and usable.

Only Chess

This is a database driven online Chess script. Features : Ability to invite users, sign up, email players, approve / reject invites, modify the invite emails , player invitation withdraw emails. It uses MySQL database as backend and very easy to setup. Only database configuration via config file and mysql databasae creation is required. MySQL database tables. Installation instructions are provided inside the download file.


This library is capable of quering game servers and returns various things like <ul> <li>current map <li>players (with score, ping etc) <li>and many other things. </ul> Games that are known to work with gsQuery:<br> <ul> <li>Unreal Tournamnet and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Unreal Tournamnet 200x and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Battlefield 1942 and most mods (gameSpy)</li> <li>Halflife and most Mods (hlife)</li> <li>America's Army (armyGame)</li> <li>Quake 3 and some Mods (q3a)</li> <li>Star Trek: Elite Force (q3a)</li> <li>Medal of Honor Allied Assault (q3a)</li> <li>Return to Castle Wolfenstein (q3a)</li> <li>Vietkong (vietkong)</li> <li>Rainbow Six: Raven Shield (rvnshld)</li> <li>Call of Duty (q3a)</li> <li>Solider of Fortune 2 (sof2)</li> <li>Battlefield Vietnam (armyGame)</li> <li>And probably more</li> </ul>

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