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Title GTChat
Platform Unix
Price Freeware
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - GTChat
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » Chat Scripts
Hits 781
Description GTChat is a fast, user-friendly Web-chat application that works in both server-push and client-pull mode. The configuration possibilities are enormous. Feature list includes emoticons, private rooms and advanced administrator functions like kicking oder even banning forever disturbing visitors. Nevertheless the resource usage is very low. English, French, Swedish and other language packs available. No database is needed, Perl 5 (or higher) is enough.


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Scripts Related to - GTChat

Script Name

Easy Chat Page Generator

EZCHATPG allows your visitors to build their own chat page (aka chat room) on your site by simply filling in a few fields and selecting a color scheme. The html-based chat room created is immediately available for chatting. Each chat page is powered by a special version of Matt Hahnfeld's everychat script (modified to serve multiple users and chat rooms).

Chat Community

ScriptDesigners Chat is an ideal solution to build interactivity in a website while promoting loyalty and repeat visits. Allow members and visitors to interact in real-time thru a variety of channels (public rooms, private rooms, directed private chat, instant messages, instant posposts, and more). And for fun, Chat has been designed with three types of emoticons easily accessed by the user thru dropdown menus. With a professionally designed template-based user interface, you can put it to work immediately.


VChat is a real-time chat system that features: Private instant messages (like AOL), Private rooms, Unlimited rooms, User rooms, Users can kick others out of their own rooms, Users can give their room a topic, Users can send others instant sounds, Users can send instant pictures to each other, Send instant files to anyone, Send an instant page to anyone, Send auto invite-to-room window to anyone, Global profile database, Banner system, An automated buddylist, Real-time userslist for each room, Automated network chat bot, Network bot can auto-kick any user off the network after a number of offences, Network bot supports automated chat censor, Automated news broadcasting system, Users can chat with differnt colors and different fonts, Network supports automated file clean-up, Admin can ban anyone instantly, Admin can create public rooms instantly and much more.

Advance Guardian IRC Bot

This CGI script can be used as a web-based IRC Bot, which means you can run a IRC Bot from your web browser and control it using a list of commands. This bot will take care your IRC channels 24 hours a day when you are not around. Supported features includes multiple level user login, op protection, flood ban, color ban, bad words ban, repeated message ban. The bot can also join multiple channels at once.


Simply put, JabberChat is a Perl CGI ˘web-based÷ product which you can download and install on your web site (like a hit counter or guest book) to provide live chat to your vistors. JabberChat features millions of channels (for public or private chat), whispering ˘private÷ messages, directing public messages, fun and interesting teleconference ˘actions÷, color codes (for colorful names or chat text), and plain old fun chatting.

Simply NT chat

Simply NT chat is a nice and simple chat program for Windows NT folks with only one file to configure. At this moment includes single room, HTML tag filter and a DHTML clock. Show only the last 20 user inputs and optionally log conversations. Reserved space for banners at the top. Runs great in Netscape and IE. It's free to use and modify.


BlueChat is a Free, Fast, Professional, Web based chat program. Some of its main features include: Completely web based, no extra software needed, Nice looking - Compatible with most browsers, Color Codes - Users can have Colored names and messages, Multiple Channels - Can add and delete as necessary, Actions - A generic action just a button click away, Smiles. Small images replace :) :( and ;) with , and Optional chat logging.


ChatPro is an innovative chatting solution for your Web site. ChatPro is compatible with virtually all browsers,, and is extremely flexible and expandable. It includes emotions for users to express how they feel.

Web Chat

It's completely web-based, and runs with no java. Its features are: User can adjust refresh rate to his or her comfort, View the names of all users in chat room, Send and receive private messages, Script only shows 15 chat entries at a time, making for fast reloads and updates, and User can view entire chat transcript by clicking on a link.

Gannon Chat

Gannon Chat is a Web-based chat program written in Perl. It uses a MySQL database on backend for data handling, and requires MySQL's Perl modules (DBI). It features: Private messages, kick users out, User registration system, Cookie-based login, Admin panel, and more.

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