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Title GIMPclean
Platform Unix, Linux
Price Free (GPL)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - GIMPclean
Category Perl & CGI » Scripts and Programs » File Manipulation » Utilities
Hits 329
Description This is a GPL script to cleanup space hogging cache files created by The GIMP. GIMP uses these files for picture previews. They are not used for anything else and are left on your hard drive after exiting The GIMP. If you value your privacy, or use The GIMP a lot and have lots of these cache files cluttering up Inodes, save yourself some diskspace with this script. The script also allows for pre-testing for the files, so you can see how many of these cache files you have and how much disk space you'd save, without deleting anything.


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textconverter.cgi is a small cgi script which allows you to easily convert text files to html templates, whether they are stored on your desktop or your website. Every text file will be stored in its own html template. It will also create a index html file from which all templates are linked. so you just have to link to this index html from within your website. Ability to customize head code and title, also link, background, and font color for every generated html template.


FleXchange is a Perl script to recursively change permissions (and owning) of a file system's sub-tree. Using FleXchange you can, with only one command, set permission of all directories contained in the sub tree to 0755 and permission of files contained in each directory to 0644. Optionally you can also change owner and group of entire sub-tree.

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Copy files from one directory and place them in another directory. Upon execution (from a browser), a form will be presented. Just key in the path of the source directory (you may use * for all files or *.txt for certain files) and the path of the destination directory.

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