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Title FuseLogic
Platform PHP
Price Free (BSD)
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - FuseLogic
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Development Tools » Application Framework
Hits 609
Description FuseLogic is a PHP application frameworks for building and mantaining website as easily as possible. Anybody who can understand the "PHP switch" function can create circuit as a Module for FuseLogic. The FuseLogic API is very simple and very easy to be understand even for newbies.


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Scripts Related to - FuseLogic

Script Name

PHITE PHP Site Framework

PHITE is a simple yet powerful site framework written in PHP. Features include: No coding necessary, a site can be built from plaintext files if desired; Whole site generated from single HTML template file; Supports very simple 'skins', just give multiple template files; Site structure and contents derived from directory structure; Build whole site from small text, HTML or PHP 'snippets'; No database necessary; Very easy maintenence; Single PHP main script with only two variables to set to start out; Very flexible and simply extendible; Multiple 'sub-sites' with different look, feel and content can be driven by the same script.

Websprockets Runtime Environment

WebSprockets Runtime is an SQL database driven Website framework for PHP that provides a runtime environment for rapid prototyping of complex relational database driven dynamic Websites with user security. Each table in the database is a class, and several classtypes are supported including news posting, a navigation bar, a message board, a chat room, Webmail, and generic text. Each field in the table is a property, and many field types are provided, including text, email addresses, dates, currency, barcodes, passwords, upload files, and table relationships.

Copix application framework

a multi layer framework using templates for presentation, multi DB Access, and so on... It has a very strong modular architecture and allows multi-channel application very easily.

PHP Application Structure

Tells you the basics of dividing logic and graphic and how to use session management with a restricted area and a dynamic menu; and with some hints and tips. Be sure 'register_globals' are on.

BlueShoes PHP Application Framework

BlueShoes is a comprehensive Application Framework and Content Management System written in PHP 4. - 276 classes, 149'772 lines of documented code, - Object-oriented, - Well documented using PhpDoc (like JavaDoc), Manuals and HOWTOs, - Stable code using an automated testing environment (PhpUnit), - Available with opensource and commercial license, Give your web projects a kickstart using BlueShoes.

InterJinn Application and Templating Framework

An application and templating framework for PHP. Boasting a powerful, scalable system for accessing system services such as forms, properties, sessions, and caches. InterJinn also provides an extremely flexible architecture for creating re-usable components quickly and easily.


PhpLens is a PHP Application Server for rapidly creating database driven Web applications. With phpLens, data can be presented as html tables with facilities to create, edit, paginate, search and delete records. Over 150 properties for modifying phpLens behaviour are provided. Developers can use phpLens in two ways, as a PHP class that is called from PHP code; or they can build their Web application directly from a browser based wizard interface called the Grid Builder and then generate the PHP code. PhpLens works with many databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, FoxPro, Interbase, Sybase, and many others (including DB2 and Progress through ODBC). Also integrated with Smarty template engine. <b>New in 2.0:</b> Inline editing of multiple rows in the data grid, and popup hot updates which dynamicly change based on your selection.

PHPortal Application Builder

A web framework to build and manage an unlimited number of websites. Looks very similar to Zope, PHPortal presents a very simple manner to exercise a highly sought after result; Highly portable, secure, re-usable programming to manage under one umbrella an unlimited number of websites. Writing to directories that are not left or preset as writable directories which allows for true "free hand" web-run software. 100% separation of code and design dynamic as well as static templates. Offers over 20 standard content-type formats that can be used to dynamically transform one content type to another. Built in with a XML-RPC server makes all PHPortal objects XML-RPC aware.

Doulos Web Application Framework

Doulos is a framework for rapidly developing object-oriented web applications in PHP using the Model View Controller (MVC) paradigm. It elegantly reduces the total code to be written, manages and validates form data, encapsulates SQL databases, and more! Doulos allows web applications to be written by providing a set of class definitions for each of the object types in MVC (Model, View, and Controller). These class definitions can then be inherited by the classes that are actually used to drive the application. Doulos seeks to make the programmer more efficient by designing the class definitions to abstract the code common to each object type, and at the same time leaves the programmer the power to fulfill all of his program requirements.

Merlin Web Application Framework

"Merlin Web Application Framework" is a framework for stateful web-based events driven applications written in php. "Merlin Web Application Framework" uses PEAR for the data layer and SMARTY template engine for the presentation layer. Changelog: - Add: media type for css: screen-print - Fix: Microsoft Windows uploads (always upload also if file field is empy) - Fix: check installation script returns ok also if database connection fails - Add: Server O.S. Autodetection: fewer number of configuration constants in the application index.php - Add: new "alert" mask template, used for alert communications or login masks etc... it does not have menu and toolbar. - Change: new way of using php include_path to allow cleaner PEAR inclusion - Add: system wide and project wide libraries directory where programmer can add all desidered libraries, these are pushed is the php include path - Add: set_default_label is called in BUTTON constructor - Add: set_label wrapper for set_value in BUTTON widget - Add: get_name in MERLIN_OBJECT - Fix: default template z-index fix - Change: fixed value of MERLIN_UPLOADS_TMP_PATH and DIR etc.., now it's MERLIN_UPLOADS_PATH . '/tmp' - Fix: sheets groups gray theme is now completed - Add: password field with md5 ecryption - Change: default smarty cache compile directory set to php.ini session.save_path - Fix: html chars bug in fields - Fix: $merlin session reference bugfix - Add: ABORT or PROCEDE statements on ovent handlers - Fix: various bugfixes

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