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Title Fully Developed Book Portal
Platform linux
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Website Visit Website of - Fully Developed Book Portal
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Portal Systems
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Description This website will allow you to set up your own book portal! Visitors interested in books can read and post reviews on selected books as well as inform others of book signings in their area. The portal comes with many features such as prominent banner spots in several banner sizes throughout the website and purchase links for books being reviewed. Link banners and purchase links to popular affiliates such as to create a great source of revenue!


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Scripts Related to - Fully Developed Book Portal

Script Name

In-Link Portal Engine

In-link is a powerful SQL portal solution that allows you to run a complex Yahoo-style directory on your web site. The engine is entirely template-driven, it features dynamic presentation of data and includes multiple customizable features. Features include: language sets, themes, user registration, link reviews and votes, modular support, custom database fields, configurable search, advanced reporting, validation checks, dead link reporting, a site map, data backup and imports, and more. The latest version of In-link runs on MySQL and Microsoft SQL databases.

PhpMini Anon Emailer

This is a very simple php anon emailer which allows everyone who visits your site the chance to send as many fake emails as they please. You can also edit all the fonts/backgrounds on a config.php file instead of looking through our source!

Social MPN

Social MPN is a multi-site Web portal and CMS built upon myPHPNuke. It allows you to create hundreds of Websites with only one server installation. It handles multiple domains and sub-domains, and each site can be kept completely separate from the others or integrated to any degree, including the sharing or article, reviews, and forums. It is perfect for schools and large corporations. The system is fully integrated, with two choices of forum systems, a journaling system, and live help.


GuppY is a small web portal, meant to be easy to use for the end user and does not require a database to run. GuppY offers a full and secured administration interface to manage the look & feel of your web site as well as the content of the different headings of your site. GuppY offers the standard functionalities of a web portal: news, papers, links, downloads, photos displaying, guestbook, forum, FAQ, poll, visits counter, etc... GuppY has been ported to almost all existing languages. Version 3.0 update - major new features: - Possibility to "skin" your GuppY, i.e. to apply a graphic theme - A newsletter is from now on available, with the management of the registered people - Possibility to publish on your site, in the "RSS" standard format, the news coming from other sites - Two new more ergonomic dynamic menus have been added - The forum comes with an anti-flood system, to prevent the repeated posting of the same message. In addition, you have an option to batch-archive your forum, in order to improve the performances of this last one when it begins to be consistent - A new monitoring module enables you to control the accesses to your site, by consulting the logbook - A plug-ins management has been added, which will make it possible for the voluntary and interested developers to code more easily modules for GuppY Read the details of all improvements on the GuppY website!

Lithium 4

Script for creation of a site of portal type. Does not requires any SQL database (all data are stored in text files). Features - viewing and post news on categories, comments, skins (fast change of design), modules, addons for modules, clean (friendly)URLs without Apache's mod_rewrite. Programming language is PHP (Object Oriented style). Requires at least PHP 4.1 and disabled safe mode.


miniPortail is a small web portal, meant to be easy to use for the end user and does not require a database to run. miniPortail offers a full and secured administration interface to manage the look & feel of your web site as well as the content of the different headings of your site. miniPortail offers the standard functionalities of a web portal: news, papers, links, downloads, photos displaying, guestbook, forum, FAQ, poll, visits counter, etc... miniPortail has been ported to many languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech, Polish...

Web Page Manager

A way to manage your webpages without editing any html and does not need a MySQL Database. Its good for people who do not have time to edit the html file of there web page every time. This program makes it simple for users to make pages, delete pages, upload files, and more. This program is also not the only one to be released. v2.0 is being worked on now!

Zeta Portal

Zeta Portal is a light-weight, PHP portal script. It maintains your links in categories, and also maintains your web-based forms. It does NOT require a database, as all information is stored in text files. It has password protection of the data.

Agora Sunrise

AGORA allows you to publish an complete and complex web portal (PHP/MYSQL). <br> It allow you a great control of what you publish and how to publish. We build an original sub-theme control that can offer you the possibility to change quickly and without programming the appearance of your website. You can also build a complex website navigation with deep level of page. Visitors can build their own portal inside yours with security and have the ability to edit their own profile in a enhanced member area.<br> For each page you can specify a different model, language and more than 20 parameters, customize header, footer and system block. <br> You can import from any WYSWYG like dreamweaver your HTML file to create your own theme quickly and easily.<br> The CMS have also a powerfull management right : you can manage this website with a lot of people and master it allowing right or not to user's group. <br> You can customize all the rights allowed in the admin section and build an infinity of admin level.<br><br> <b>Agora v8.0 offers you</b>:<br><br> <li> <b>M</b>ulti Mailing List Manager <li> <b>M</b>ulti Project Manager (Control Project <li> <b>E</b>nhanced Statistic whith an unique IP by countries tracking <li> <b>M</b>ulti Level, <b>M</b>ulti Language and <b>M</b>ulti group content(s) <li> <b>A</b>dvanced Statistic features. <li> <b>M</b>ultilanguage support (infinity) <li> <b>F</b>orum <li> <b>E</b>nhanced Users management : they can build their website inside yours, have their stats...<br> <li> <b>F</b>eatures to match people <li> <b>P</b>rivate messaging. <li> <b>F</b>eedback System with ticket system to improve interactive feeling between you and your visitors. <br><br> Agora's security is very high : all is highly secured. <br> Notice that AGORA is fully compatible with all apache settings like REGISTER GLOBAL OFF ect..and have 4 language package : English, Franşais, Polski, and Espanol. <br> For polish and spanish language you have a full version here : <br> id=35

The Bible Portal Project - For Church Websites

The Bible Portal offers full featured community, membership management, staff, search, content publishing and syndication, and research capabilities. Bible Portal is a powerful tool targeted at churches, minitries, schools, clubs, and other organizatoins with small to medium sized audiences and staff. Designed to be a turn-key inreach and outreach for Churches. Manage your entire site without programming, all pages are dynamic (update themselves when you add or modify content). BPP software is easy to use so you can concentrate on Ministry not on your websites.

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