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Title FotolioUSER
Platform Unix, Windows
Price Free
Author Visit Author Website
Website Visit Website of - FotolioUSER
Category PHP » Scripts and Programs » Image Galleries
Hits 554
Description Easy to install and use photo sharing package. Image rescaling and thumbnail generation using the PHP GDLib functions. Template system and language packs for full customisation, along with advanced features including a user mailing list, comment posting and moderation.


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Scripts Related to - FotolioUSER

Script Name


PhotoGallery is a simple photo gallery script written in PHP. It is very easy to use for both single and multiple image galleries, and is very customizable. PhotoGallery lists images based on files it finds in directories so there is no need to do anything more than upload images. PhotoGallery also supports two very important features. To add captions to your images, simply upload a text file with the names of a images followed by the caption. There is also no need to upload thumbnails with PhotoGallery. The script will generate thumbnails on the fly and optionally store them for quicker access later.


hwdeGALLERY is a small script that displays various picture series. With a given filename the script knows how many pictures in your gallery are and displays them in a Overview. Then you can click on each picture to enlarge it or browse through the pictures by using 'Back' and 'Forward' Buttons. The layout is completely adjustable because the script works with template files. Use this script in almost any design.

Template Membership System

Run your own Template Membership site! Features: User Interface: [Registering] Register for an Account, PayPal Integrated, Immediate Account Activation. [Member's Area] Web Based Login, Edit Account Details, Change Account Password, Log Out. [Templates] Detailed Display, Paging (PREV 1,2,3,4 NEXT), Zoom View, Download Template, Secure, Members Only, Random Template Selection. [Categories] Main Page Top Level Display, Top Level Browsing, Displays Sub Levels. Administration Interface: Web Based Login, Secure, Log Out. [Member Management] View, Edit, Suspend/Unsuspend, Delete, Add New, Paging (PREV 1,2,3,4 NEXT), Color Coded Status Indicator. [Category Management] Add/Delete Top and Sub Categories. [Template Management] Add Templates, Extension Seletor, We Based File Uploader, Delete Template.

UGOPHP: EasyGallery

EasyGallery fully automates the process of publishing, viewing, and maintaining your Web-based multimedia gallery or your online store. EasyGallery fully supports all media types, including images, video, and sound. EasyGallery handles unlimited number of categories, subcategories, and images. EasyGallery is using MySQL on backend. It's very easy to install and use.


Drop your pictures and thumbnails (if any) in a directory and let the programm generates indexes and navigations tools... Features include: Browse your directories to find out where are your pictures and from there generates an index, easy navigation through your albums, default stylesheet and configuration but you can override them easily for each album, legends to albums and pictures can be added through simple text file inserted in your directory (an admin web interface is under development), language support for the navigation menus and for the legends as well.


PhotoDir is a free PHP script with associated files, that let you easily make your photos and digital images available on your website in an organised fashion. It intelligently caches thumbnails, and will leave you with an easy to administer website. No database is required, and PhotoDir is extremely good looking and fast.

Photos GalleryHP Home Edition

Photos GaleryHP PRO is a platform to remotely publish photos on your Web site using the PHP technology. It automatically creates thumbnails, resizes pictures, and paginates output where appropriate. It can be set up and used without knowing HTML and can be integration in your website


SZPhotoGallery is a photogallery application that helps you create an online photogallery with ease. SZPhotoGallery automatically creates thumbnails from the original photo and stores it in the database as blob along with the original photo. Categories Thumbnail generation Template system Complete Administration System E-Card Support


aqueousGallery outputs completly liquid (hence the name) thumbnail picture pages that flow as you resize your browser window. Simply drop the gallery script into your site, minimal installation required Thumbnails automatically generated by the script Images can be viewed in any size. Dynamic Images are cached to improve speed. Easily customisable

Basic Photo Album

Handles numerous photo albums with one instance of the script. Uses a user-defined template to match your site with an easy, online interface for customization. Many adjustable settings including font color, caption color, font size, thumbnail size, etc. Simply upload the script, upload your photos, and run the configuration editor in your web browser. This is an upgrade of the previous version of BPA. This is not a fancy image gallery, it is meant to show your pictures while attempting to match your site. This is for people who don't want all the extra "stuff". 2.1 Fixes: Allows non-image files to be in the album directories.

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