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  • Form Change Event (Dynamicaly change one form value while other is changed) - Free
    Let us say that we have a form with two select options. We want one to change when we change the value of other. Follow the steps to do it yourself
  • JavaScript Form object explanation
    Complete listing of the Form object of JavaScript and its properties/methods. Also includes additional pages describing objects beneath Form, such as TEXTAREA, SELECT etc.
  • Enabling/ disabling form elements using JavaScript - free
    This tutorial shows you how to use JavaScript to dynamically enable and disable form elements, making the process of filling out forms more intuitive.
  • Address Auto-Fill Ckeck Box - Free
    Javascript code that automatically fills in the address in all places needed on the page after just once entering it and selecting the check box.
  • Submit1ce - Freeware
    Got a submissions form that you keep getting multiple submissions from? I've found that in most cases its because people are impatient and click the submit button repeatedly until they get a response. The unfortunate result is that you receive multiple copies of the same form. This little bit of JavaScript disables the submit button as soon as it is clicked for the first time and prevents the user sending their form multiple times.
  • Limit characters in a text box with alarm
    Sometimes you want to limit characters in a text box. If that is the case, try this script. This version limits the characters and tells you that you're off the limit with a sound of your choice.
  • The target attribute
    For various web scripts it is more convenient that user will see form executed in new window when he is pressing the submit button. Using JavaScript you can control the appearance of that window. change size, turn off navigation panel, hide manubar and so on. This technique is very helpful for poll and guestbook applications.
  • Resetting forms using an Image Button (IE4+ / NS4+)
    In forms when using text boxes or text areas and check boxes you might need a reset button that is not the usual gray HTML button. For this you can use a small JavaScript function as given below. Note: This button will reset only text boxes,text areas and check boxes as list boxes and option buttons don't usually require resetting. After resetting the form the cursor will set the focus to the first field in the form.
  • Text Box Characters Counter - Free
    In forms when using text boxes or text areas with limited character length (usually needed for forms that submit data to a database) it is always a good idea to tell the user how many characters they have remaining. The following example shows how you can do this. This is a very simple and cute idea to help the user know exactly how many characters he can type further. Do these small add-ons to your forms and they will look really professional.
  • HTML Elements in Forms
    A tutorial on how to script forms with JavaScript. Covers different event handlers for common form elements. This is an excerpt of "Beginning JavaScript" from Wrox Press.
  • Confirming Forms with JavaScript
    This tutorial shows you how to perform form-field validation and user interaction with a few lines of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Forms and Frames
    This articles discusses two aspects of JavaScript: working with HTML forms and manipulating frames. It also present a simple but effective personalized greeting script and a script used for submitting and HTML form. Main topics covered: Personalized greetings, Submitting an HTML form using JavaScript, Input Validation, and Frames and JavaScript.
  • Select Menu List - Free
    You can use two multiple-select menus to make it easy for someone to create a list, by moving items from one menu to the other. This can be down with three line of JavaScript. Find out how.
  • Accessing and validating forms using Javascript - Free
    If you're new to using JavaScript to access forms, this is the tutorial to read. You'll not only learn how to access forms, but validate them as well.
  • Working with Forms - Free
    A Form is an HTML construct used to get input from the user, which is usually processed using CGI Scripts or similar mechanisms. Here, you will be presented with several examples of form validation using JavaScript.

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