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  • User Ordered Lists - Free
    How to implement a user ordered list, allowing your users to change the order of items (i.e. move an item up and down) in a list in a userfriendly manner.
  • Retrieving Values from a CheckBox - Free
    When you need to retrieve values from a checkbox that come in a array. This tutorials demonstrates how to retrieve those values as individual values.
  • Basic Form Handling
    A quick tutorial to show you the basics of form submission and handling.
  • Send email via ASP 3.0 and CDONTS
    This script shows how to send an email via the CDONTS objects available to ASP 3.0. It will take a selection of form input, create the required e-mail objects, send the e-mail to the specified recipient and then redirect the user to a confirmation page, thanking them for their input.
  • Basic Forms
    Handling forms and processing the data you get from them is one of the fundamentals that need to be mastered if you are to develop a dynamic site. This is a very simple introductory tutorial on form handling.
  • An easy way to CDONTS forms
    Use this quick wizard-like form to build a form that sends email using CDONTS. In a couple of minutes you will be able to recieve feedback.
  • An easy way to JMail forms
    Use this quick wizard-like form to actually build a form that sends email using JMail. In a couple of minutes you will be able to recieve feedback.
  • Request.Form and Stack Overflow
    Full VBS code, which lets you accept x-www-form-urlencoded forms in ASP without limit of size using BinaryRead (Request.Form has 100kB limit), recomended solution from MS KB (Q273482). Source of URLDecode function included.
  • Submitting data to forms with IP*Works! WebForm
    ASPRSS has a subscription service that automatically submits articles to all the ASP directories out there. This article shows how the data is submitted to their forms using the IP*Works! WebForm component.
  • Checkbox Sample
    This article discusses how to deal with various checkboxes in form via ASP. Covers: The Default No-Frills Checkbox, Checkbox With An Associated Value, Multiple Checkboxs With The Same Name, and Checkbox Which Maintains It's State.
  • Writing Smart Web-based Forms
    This is an extensive article that describes form validation technique to help the user submit correct information.
  • How to Build a Forms Validation Library
    This article shows how to build a forms validation library using JavaScript and ASP. Its FormLib simplifies form creation and eliminates common forms-maintenance tasks.
  • Implementing forms with ASP
    Generic framework showing in detail how to implement forms with ASP, with validation and field persistence.
  • Creating Dependent Select Objects With ASP
    Select boxes must often communicate with one another (i.e., a Child select object's option values depend on the value selected in the Parent object). This tutorial details how to create a hierarchy of select objects using ASP, SQL, ADO, and JavaScript.
  • Filling the Gaps
    In this final part of ASP Form Handling series, the author discusses such topics as handling radio buttons and check boxes, emailing attachments with CDONTS, and some ways of using the data stored in the registration database covered in Part 3.
  • Self-Referencing Forms
    This tutorial will show you how to give your forms a little bit more power. By making your forms self-referencing, you can open up whole new areas of functionality with your web applications.
  • Forms - Check Boxes
    The checkbox object is coded along the same lines as radio buttons, however each checkbox must get its own unique name since the state of "checked" or "not checked" will be passed to ASP for each box. Remember that you can set more than one option to be checked. Complete source code provided for the example.
  • Self Submitting Pages
    A very important coding method to understand when developing ASP pages is the page that submits to itself. This technique is very powerful and can drastically reduce the number of files you have to maintain and the number of places in which you need to make changes when maintaining code. The concept is simple. Using forms, set the action value to the URL of the page in which the form resides. Then use ASP code to determine what the current state of the page, and present the proper output to the user.
  • Censoring User Comments in a Guestbook/Forum Setting - Free
    This tutorial shows you how to automatically censor specific words on posts for message boards or guestbooks when posted. It provides a function called CensorStr to do the job.
  • Adding Form Content into Database - Free
    An article on inserting Form content into database. We'll also create an ASP page to show all the records and to delete specific records if wanted.

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