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  • ASP.NET Auto Email 3.0 - Incredible email & DB forms without programming! - Free Demo/ $132
    ASP.NET Auto Email 3.0 allows you to create incredible ASP.NET email and database forms the easy way with over 40 features and no programming required! Automatic form-to-email, simple form-to-db, dynamic file uploading, personalized auto responses, import form data into MS Excel or Access, attachment compression, and much more. No SMTP components, no messing around with complicated ‘«£configuration files‘«ō, and no installing email ‘«£delivery services.‘«ō Customers in 9 countries depend on Auto Email!
  • ASP.NET Form Validation Processor - Free Trial/$65
    The Validation Processor control is the only advanced validation summary that supports every built-in ASP.NET validator and most third party-validators. It highlights invalid form fields, auto focuses the cursor on the first error, provides links from each error message to invalid fields, allows multiple form validation, works with user controls, integrates with Visual Studio.NET and ASP.NET Web Matrix, and recognizes non-standard controls. No programming required, and documentation provided.
  • TemplateMailer - 50.00
    The TemplateMailer is an easy to use server control allowing you to parse all of your .NET form fields and email the results using simple to install templates. Supports TEXT and HTML email, autoresponses and multiple log formats including XML and comma delimited formats. No Programming Required. The TemplateMailer also includes the TemplateMailer WebDelivery service allowing you to securely extend the capabilities of the TemplateMailer to virtually all programming languages including ASP, Flash, PHP, Cold Fusion, iHTML PERL and others.
  • AspLib - MaskedTextBox
    This component is AspLib component library part. Masked TextBox is used to display a single text box that allows your client to enter valid data according to a mask that you define.
  • AspLib - DualSelectBox
    This component is AspLib component library part. Two ListBoxs with available items filter for checking items. Provides a simply and intuitive way for a user to make multiple item selections. Available items are displayed in one list, selected items displayed in another. This control works without postback between the movement of the Lists and has AutoSorting and PreSelect properties.
  • AspLib - InputTime
    This component is AspLib component library part. This field with user friendly interface is for a time to be entered.
  • AspLib - WebTimer
    This component is AspLib component library part. Use the WebTimer control to update/refresh any page that relies on changing data. WebTimer will automatically post back a webform (aspx page) at specified intervals. WebTimer raises an Elapsed event back at the server after the post-back occurs. WebTimer renders HTML for all common web browsers including Netscape, Opera, Internet Explorer and all Gecko based browsers including Netscape 6.0+
  • AspLib - Checkbox
    The advanced checkbox that sets pictures or (and) text to display mode information.
  • AspLib - InputNumber
    This component is AspLib component library part. A number input field. Allows to enter numbers with options of fractions and negatives. Also allows to define a range of valid numbers.
  • AspLib - HiddenField
    This component is AspLib component library part. This is a hidden field, more elegant than one built-in in Visual Studio.
  • ASP.NET Group Validator - Free Trial / $30
    The Group Validator control allows you to treat groups of fields as a single unit, and does the group validation programming for you. It works with the validation summary that ships with ASP.NET. Simply group your form fields, and select the validation method‘«™no programming required!

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