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  • - Remotely Hosted Form Processing is based on the popular FormMail script that has been downloaded more than 2 million times since 1997. Now, for less than $1 per month, you can utilize the power of this script without the need to install or configure it! Includes the ability to block duplicate submissions, send results to multiple recipients, hide your address from spammers, and is 100% ad free to your visitors. They won't even know they've left your site!
  • Form Builder Pro ?web forms creator with form processing service - $8.95/month
    With Form Builder Pro you can easily create web forms of any complexity and in any language from the scratch. It includes a visual tool that generates any forms you like, and a hosted form processor, which makes your web forms working in a few seconds. Contact forms, order forms, feedback forms, forms with calculations, simple shopping carts, online polls, online forms with attachments, dependency forms, multiple pages forms ┐C this is just a short list of what you can create with Form Builder Pro without any programming needed. In addition your web forms can be featured with auto responder, forms data can be sent to any amount of email as a common CC or BCC copy, stored to CSV file or to the MySQL database. Both HTML and text email format is available. Check it now!
  • Free Form to E-mail... Unlimited
    Free Form to E-mail Solution with no obligations or restrictions. No Advertisments. Unlimited and with many features such as Autoresponder etc. Very simple setup.
  • xForm 2 Mail
    Use our site to generate your form, copy-paste the code to your site and start receiving your visitor's feedback directly on your e-mail.
  • Secure form processing, Easy form Builder - Free / $7 p/m
    Security is an important word when processing forms on the Web today, Mailaform will let you process normal or Secure SSL 128 Bit forms, but not only that, we make it so easy for you to create any HTML form, We have a step by step wizard to create each and every field, with your own error pages.. You can Create upto 99 fields, Including Drop down Boxes, Radio Buttons, Text area's, Text Boxes, Selection Boxes, and you have the ability to allow your forms to send you attachments, such as images or text files... This Service is totally free.. and anyone can create a form in seconds.. NO HTML needed at all.. (WHAT so ever) So if you want to process feed back forms, Login forms, or collect secure data, or even collect any type of data and have the form information sent to your email address 'Mailaform' form processing service is great for you!!
  • Whiz-Mail
    Whiz-Mail is a remotely hosted form-submission service to process and validate form submissions. We host your forms on our SSL server to provide maximum security. Keep forms on your server and process them through Whiz-Mail. Create Forms online using an intuitive Form Wizard. Powerup any Form using Autoresponders (plus Followup Sequences), Trigger E-Mails, Military-strength Encryption, Online Database Browser, Export Functionality, Newsletter Tool, Online Graphs and many more features. Manage your submission database and assign read/write/approve/decline rights to colleagues. Allow your visitors to manage their records online. Receive attachments of up to 8MB in size. All features are well documented using flash animations and an intuitive Help Center.
  • - Free Instant Web Form Generator - Free is a simple and adaptable solution for creating and securely hosting a whole range of versatile professional online forms for any initiative and it's FREE! Customize your forms with logos, photos, color, password protection and more. Your forms are securely hosted with SSL and your form results are securely encrypted on our servers.
  • Form Handler and Processing. - Free/Commercial
    A form handling service which is very easy to use. It includes email notifications, online-database, tab-delimited download files, autoresponder, data encryption, a secure admin area and incremental backup. The commercial service features SSL form handling and unlimited bandwidth. You can use our free forms to create surveys, formmail, create membership databases and a lot more!
  • BFN Feedback forms
    Custom feedback forms support data validation, custom confirmation message to the submitting user, up to 4 recipients of the form data, anti-SPAM-bot image security code verification, waiting period between submissions, required and optional fields, and custom success URL. No ads.
  • FormBreeze - Advanced Remote Form Processing - free/monthy subscription
    FormBreeze offers two professional-quality services: (1) A completely free field validation tool that will add powerful Javascript-powered field checking to any form with absolutely no programming. (2) An advanced remote form processing solution that offers emailing submission results, saving the data for later download, personalized autoresponders, mailing list integration, and much more. FormBreeze offers a completely professional appearance and an easy-to-use Control Panel. There is never any advertising. FormBreeze works with any form, is completely transparent to your visitors, and there are no limitations. 30 day free trial.
  • FormSaver.Net
    Easy form creation using customizable wizards. Advanced webmasters can create forms from scratch. Customizable form actions when forms are submitted, including multi-user e-mail notification, confirmations, customized messages, and redirections. Customizable form appearance which allows you to match the theme of your web site. Export form submissions in a variety of formats including Excel, text, and web formatted. Advanced form editing capabilities. Various field types, some of which include data validation. Secure forms (SSL).
  • Form Hosts - Secure Form Hosting - $3.50 per month
    Remote Form Hosting At the site we enable the collection your client's information with the use of HTML forms. Our user friendly form generator can help you create HTML forms without any programming knowledge whatsoever. Designing forms customized to your needs, keeps your client's answers specific and to the point; as well as giving your site an extra dimension of professionalism.
  • FormStep - 0.10/transaction
    Create dynamic, data driven HTML forms with the click of your mouse. Add workflow to enable collaborative processes. Download collected data for further analysis. No programming required.
  • eyucca Contact Form - $3.99 per month
    You can fully customize it and the application integrates into any design or website layout. No programming needed and everything is ad-free, logo-free. Many options to choose from. Use commercially, personal or on your clients websites. The contact form serves many purposes (contact, feedback, application). Try it out to see the full scale of this app!
  • Magic Form - 12ă/month
    Ce module permet Ë vos visiteurs de vous contacter par l'interm┌diaire d'un formulaire que vous aurez pr┌alablement d┌fini (type de champs, description, obligatoire...) Vous pouvez d┌finir une ou plusieurs personnes de contact Ë qui seront envoy┌es les informations. Votre visiteur recevra pour sa part un mail pour confirmer que les informations introduites ont bien ┌t┌ envoy┌es et pour le remercier pour celles-ci. Ce module est multilangue.
  • Functional forms
    Functional forms processes any data a webform can hold (surveys, orders and so on). The webform data are collected and provided for download for you: in several formats which can be processed in usual programms like Excel, Access, Word... So you can take over the form-data and work them on instantly. You can use functional forms for private usage for free and unlimited!
  • Form2Email - Free
    Form2Email is a simple and convenient way to receive feedback from your users and visitors. It come with 3 option:you can choose Hosted-template or Hosted-Popup which is the most approriate for you site by color and design. Or Simply Copy and Past To use it with your own Template.
  • Auto Respond Mailer - Free
    The Auto Respond Mailer is an easy remotely hosted script to receive email from your customers via form, and send them an automatic reply email.
  • Web FormSafe - 69.99/month hosted
    Web FormSafe will allow you to stop worrying about PGP or other complex email encryption systems when it comes to collecting sensitive form data from your website. FormSafe works by taking form submissions right from a website, and immediately encrypting the information collected and then storing that encrypted data in a database. You are sent a regular email alerting you to the new form submission for your account, with a link to take you to the login area to retrieve the information.
    Create surveys, order forms, registration forms, reservation forms, sweepstakes, etc., using only Nothing to download, nothing to install, all you need is your browser. Results can be emailed, graphed, and downloaded.

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