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Title Flooble Hierarchical Select Menu
Platform Web: IE/Mozilla/Safari
Price Free!
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Category JavaScript » Scripts and Programs » Forms
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Description Traditional HTML Select Menus aren't very good for presenting Hierarchical data, and this script was made to address that need. It allows you to build a Select-like Menu, which can contain any number of Sub-Menus, of infinite depth, so you can let your visitor drill down to the item they want instead of scrolling for it. The new control ties to a Hidden form field, so the selected value is submitted as normal. Works with all major browsers.


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If you have a very large HTML SELECT list, finding the correct item can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. For example, if you have a list of a couple hundred names, finding a single one can be difficult. This article provides a JavaScript technique for filtering the items in a select list so that only the matching items are shown, making it much easier to locate the desired item.

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This simple script set shows how to highlight (select) the text in a form's textarea by clicking on a link. Useful for code listings, order form information, or other material the visitor may wish to copy to the clipboard with Control+C.


A cool JavaScript/DHTML and cookies driven address book.

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This useful script prevents a form from being inadvertantly submitted more than once, which often occurs if the user clicks on the "submit" button multiple times before the process is complete. The result is partial or multiple submissions. With this script, the submit button is disabled once it's been pressed the first time.

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Is the user pressing the "Enter" key in the middle of your form causing inadvertent and incomplete form submissions? This script disable the "Enter" key when pressed inside chosen fields of your choice. Moreover, it then advances the cursor to the next field within the form.

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